AMC Update Monday 10/8/01


All My Children Update Monday 10/8/01

By Lori

Mac arrives in town and before she knows who he is, Anna tackles him. After she recognizes him, they embrace. Mac tells Anna she must come back to Port Charles with him because it's her home. Anna tells him she cannot return not now, not ever. Mac questions her reasoning and asks if there is a man in her life. She says she hasn't met anyone and that a relationship with Edmund Grey didn't work out. "You're on a case, aren't you?" Mac asks her. Anna doesn't answer his question and thanks him for looking after Robin all these years. Mac agrees to leave without Anna, but suspects she is up to something.

Erica asks Jack at the Valley Inn to help her get rid of Frankie. Jack reminds Erica he's not working for her anymore, he works for the people. "I'm the people," she says. "There's something about this girl we can't trust," Erica says. "We?" Jack replies, telling her again he will not help her. Later, Erica again asks Chris to help her find out what Frankie is after. Chris tells her to let it go, but Erica is relentless. She says Frankie is a threat to Bianca and she must protect her daughter at all costs. Chris agrees to see what he can do.

Bianca and Frankie are at the beach. Bianca asks Frankie if she really came to Pine Valley to go to college and find a job. Yes, Frankie says, but she looked all day yesterday and could not find a job. Everyone wants references, she says, and she has none. Bianca tells Frankie to come with her because she is going to find her a job. They find Opal at the Valley Inn and Bianca asks her to give Frankie a job at the Glamorama in return for free room and board at her boarding house. Opal recognizes Frankie as being the girl Erica hit with her car. Bianca tells Opal that her mother is all wrong about Frankie and that she'll vouch for her. Nevertheless, Opal is hesitant and says she needs references. Just then Erica approaches them and demands to know what Bianca is doing with Frankie. Bianca tells Erica she asked Opal to hire Frankie. "I forbid it," Erica tells Opal. Opal is angry that Erica is trying to tell her how to run her business and agrees to give Frankie the job. "You put a muzzle on it or you're going to be minus one good friend," she tells Erica. Erica shouts back at Opal that she will say "I told you so" when "this thief cleans you out."

Haley and Mateo are at SOS when Mateo gets another call from the drug dealer. The dealer tells Mateo he carried out orders well and not to let Haley in on the operation or he would be making a fatal mistake. Mateo tells Haley he's talking with a problematic liquor distributor and she excuses herself. Mateo angrily tells the dealer to stay away from his family or he will call the police. Haley returns and Mateo hangs up the phone. The two of the leave and go to the beach, where they share a tender moment. Someone takes pictures of them from a distance and without their knowledge.

Jake hands David a letter indicating he's resigning from the research job because David is trying to push Joe out of his job as chief of staff. David notices the letter isn't signed and Jake grabs it away from him. "This is what you were gunning for all along," Jake says. Not only is Jake not resigning, his career is going to "take off like a booster rocket," he says. David tells Jake he will be chief of staff at the hospital and will get the approval of the hospital board, which reinstated him to his job. Jake refers to the multimillion-dollar lawsuit David threatened to file against the hospital if he wasn't reinstated and David agrees that money does talk. Jake leaves the room but returns with Phoebe. She tells David that she plans to donate a large trust fund to the hospital on the condition that it be managed by Joe. She says she can't stand people who threaten other people and try to push them around because they are older. That's called ageism, she says. "How does it feel?" Jake asks David after Phoebe leaves. "You can't be top dog forever." David stands there, looking defeated. Later, David knocks on Anna's hotel room, demanding she answer the door. She does, dressed only in a towel.

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