All My Children Update Friday 10/05/01


All My Children Update Friday 10/5/01

By Lori

A mysterious man shuffles through the alley outside SOS. Just as he passes, a bulb lighting the area explodes. Inside the back room at SOS, a distracted Mateo asks Haley to do the day's books. Just as she settles in to do the work, the drug dealer calls Mateo and says "it's time to get down to business." Since Haley is sitting in the room, Mateo talks to the dealer like he's a delivery man and hangs up. He asks Haley to take the books home but she questions him, saying this is her one night out. She demands to know why he is so jumpy. He tells her he's worried he's not a good father because he's always at work. Haley is suspicious and is angry that Mateo seems to be keeping something from her. She leaves the back room angrily but runs into Ryan. The two of them sit down and have a chat. Haley tells Ryan she is worried she will be a bad mother to her newborn son and has been thinking about what he said about his mother that a bad mother will haunt you till the day you die. Chris, who is bartending, eavesdrops on their conversation. Later, Ryan asks Haley what she knows about Chris. Ryan says Chris is trying to be his new best friend but he doesn't want anything to do with him. Haley says he shouldn't worry because she suspects Erica will soon be occupying much of his time. Just before he leaves, Ryan tells Chris to stay out of his life.


Inside the back room at SOS, the drug dealer calls Mateo again. Mateo agrees to his demand. When Edmund arrives, Mateo tells him that he agreed to have drugs given to him in the alley and he would put them in his safe and wait for further instructions. In the alley, Mateo tries to turn on the light but notices it is out. He is approached by the mysterious man shuffling up to him. The man puts his arms around Mateo and Mateo pushes him away, assuming he is a homeless man. Mateo then notices a plastic bag of drugs in his pocket. He takes them back into SOS and shows them to Edmund, who says the bag contains a couple hundred hits of Ecstasy. Mateo says he did not see the man who gave them to him because it was dark, but he looked like a homeless person and wore gloves with the fingers cut out of them. Mateo grudgingly puts the drugs in the safe and says he fears getting caught by the police. Edmund says him he will not get caught and warns him that he must comply with the drug dealer's demands. Haley walks into the back room and says she hadn't left yet because she got distracted. She says she needs to call and check on the baby. After Mateo and Edmund leave the room, Haley tries to open the safe, but concludes that Mateo must have changed the combination. Meanwhile, Roger walks into SOS and orders a vodka. He gets a phone call from the drug dealer and tells him that he made the drop and is waiting inside SOS, as the dealer requested. Roger drops a glove with the fingers cut out of them but picks it up before anyone sees it.    


Hiding a pregnancy test behind her back, Liza tells Adam she is not ready for the them to be intimate again. She says she is afraid of resuming their relationship too quickly, plus she is tired and has jet lag. She tells Adam she loves him but asks him to be patient with her. She leaves and goes into a bathroom, where she takes the pregnancy test. Meanwhile Adam's lawyer arrives upon Adam's request. Adam says he wants Ryan gone, noting that he is wallowing in his grief and Liza finds that appealing. Adam tells him to "dig up every piece of dirt you can" on Ryan "from the day that loser was born." While waiting for the pregnancy test results, Adam knocks on the door and asks her if she is all right. She says she is fine and just needs some time alone. The pregnancy test results are positive, and Liza remembers making love with Ryan and with Adam. "What am I going to do?" she asks herself, and sits down and puts her head in her hands.


Brook nearly gives Laura the goodbye letter Leo left for her but she is interrupted by Leo, who walks into Laura's hospital room and gives her a big hug. An excited Laura asks where he has been. He says he had been at the library doing research for an article. Laura is all smiles but Brooke, knowing the contents of the letter, looks upset. Laura notices Leo is not wearing his wedding ring and asks him where it is. He tells her he took it off in the shower and didn't know where he put it. He tells Laura he will go look for it and leaves her room. Brooke follows him and confronts him about the letter. Leo admits that he planned to leave Laura but after getting 15 phone messages from her he concluded something was wrong so he returned. He tells Brooke she should be "damn grateful" that he returned. He asks Brooke for the letter and his ring, and with Laura watching from her hospital room, she pulls them out of her purse and returns them. Leo crumples up the letter and throws it in the trash. Brooke leaves the hospital promising to be back and Leo goes to get Laura some flowers. Laura, who has pulled the IV from her arm, goes to retrieve the letter. She runs back into her bed and pretends like she's asleep and Leo returns with the flowers. He notices her missing IV and asks her about it, but she doesn't know what to say. Laura, wanting to read the letter, tells Leo he should go home but he says he is going to spend the night there to make sure she's OK.


Greenlee approaches Jake at the hospital and tells him she is there to see him. Jake tells Greenlee that Laura is back in the hospital and Leo is missing. He asks Greenlee to help him find Leo. Edmund approaches them and tells them that Leo has shown up, and apologizes to Greenlee for barking at her earlier when he told her Leo was missing. An angry Jake accuses Greenlee of lying about not knowing Laura was in the hospital. He accuses her of being at the hospital just to "get in Laura's face." Greenlee tells Jake Laura is going crazy and "needs a second honeymoon in a padded cell." Jake told Greenlee she is paranoid and she is the one who needs a psychiatrist. Greenlee tells Jake maybe he is right, maybe she needs someone to tell her what she's doing wrong. Jake gives her the name of Dr. McMillen. After he leaves, Greenlee mutters "Laura's the one who needs her head examined." She gets on the phone and places a call to Dr. McMillen.

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