All My Children Update Monday 10/01/01


All My Children Update Monday 10/01/01

By Lori

Erica calls home looking for Bianca and wonders out loud where she is. Chris walks into her office with a copy of the tabloid newspaper, The Exposer. The cover features a big photo of Frankie with the screaming headline "How Erica Kane mowed me down." Erica fumes, concluding that Frankie must have called Exposer reporter Donald Steele from the emergency room. Reading through the article, she says it is full of inaccuracies. She tells Chris that Frankie had a cold and calculating look on her face just before she jumped on her car. Frankie likely will try to sue her but won't get a dime from her, Erica says. She asks Chris to investigate Frankie as a personal favor to her. She says Bianca is her main concern because she could be an easy target for a con artist like Frankie. Chris agrees, saying he feels honored to be asked to do a personal favor for her. Erica admits to Chris that somewhere along the line, she grew to trust him. Chris tells Erica not to worry about the article in the Exposer because those "rags" don't know the truth about her. "The woman I've gotten to know is pretty special," he says. Even though she has a huge ego and temper, when she cares about something or someone she doesn't hold back, he says.  "I was thinking it would be nice if you felt the same way for me," he says. Erica, obviously touched, says she doesn't know what to say. Chris tells her to forget what he says. But Erica will not. "You want me to care about you," she says. Chris admits he meant what he said. Erica says he knows a lot about her but she does not know much about him. She invites him to sit down and tell her more about himself.

Frankie is searching the roadside where she was hit by Erica's car. Bianca shows up with Frankie's backpack and asks if she was looking for it. She says she found it after being told at the hospital that Frankie did not enter the hospital with any possessions. Bianca tells Frankie she wanted to make sure she was all right and wondered where she went after running out of the hospital. Frankie admits she sleeps outside a lot. Bianca tells Frankie she should not have talked to The Exposer. Frankie say she did not call Donald Steele, rather he called her. Plus, she says people like Erica need to be exposed. Frankie says it is obvious that both Erica's lawyer (Jack) and driver (Chris) "totally want her." As Frankie starts walking away, she feels faint. Bianca rushes to help her and tells her to come with her.

Mateo, worried about Rosa's safety, tells her he is sending her to El Paso, Texas. She does not want to go and accuses Mateo of not believing her when she said the marijuana found in her purse was not hers. She leaves and Edmund enters SOS with an express letter containing a newspaper article about an honor student being kidnapped by a drug ring in El Paso. Mateo wonders how Proteus, the drug kingpin who is harassing him, knew his plans to send Rosa to El Paso, especially since he just made the plane reservation an hour before. Rosa returns and asks Mateo when Chris will be there. He asks her why she wants to know. She urges Mateo to ask Chris about her because he will tell him that she does not smoke marijuana. Mateo questions why Chris knows anything about her, then begins suspecting he may be Proteus. "It's Stamp," he tells Edmund. Mateo thinks back about his interactions with Chris. Chris was around when the fire at SOS started. Chris clams up when Mateo tries talking to him. Mateo worries because Chris knows everything about his family. He even held his newborn son. He prepares to leave, saying: "I'm going to find Stamp and I'm going to get the truth out of him." Edmund stops him, saying he doesn't think Chris is Proteus. Edmund urges Mateo to comply with Proteus's requests, because if he does not, "there will not be a member of your family left standing." Mateo gets another call from the man with the distorted voice, who asks: "are you ready to do business with us, Mr. Santos." Mateo, after seeing Edmund nod his head, says: "yeah. I'm ready. What do you want me to do?"

Leo tells David at the hospital that he needed help with Laura. "Is it possible for someone to go crazy after a heart transplant?" he asks. Leo tells David about Laura's wish to have a big wedding to renew the vows they made in her hospital room. Leo says Laura can't handle such a stressful event. David asks Leo whether he is the one who can't handle it. Laura arrives at the hospital and listens to the conversation between David and Leo through the closed door. She hears David ask Leo if he still wants to be married to Laura. "I'm committed to her and that's not going to change," Leo says. David asks him then why not show that to the world. Leo says Laura is irrational about Greenlee so he doesn't want a spectacle involving a lot of people. After Laura walks away, David tells Leo that he has changed since he married Laura. "You used to be such a happy guy and now you're miserable and I think it started when you married Laura," David says. Leo says he feels obligated to help Laura through her health problems. "This responsibility has been the best thing that's happened to me, even if I'm not happy. My happiness doesn't matter." David asks Leo what will happen when the old Leo gets tired of the new "St. Leo." Leo says all that matters is that he's making Laura's life better. David reaches out to his brother and pulls him into a hug. As Laura returns to listen at the door, David tells Leo that he will try to convince Laura that a big splashy wedding would not be good for her health. Laura walks into the room and after David excuses himself, she gleefully tells Leo that she has rented the Valley Inn for their wedding.

Chris and Erica have a bonding conversation. Chris tells Erica that he has been married to his badge for too long but he has no regrets. However, he says he sometimes wishes he had had family to go home to, particularly to a woman who liked a particular pear dessert. Erica says she never told him she liked that dessert and asks him how he knew that. A phone call interrupts the conversation, and Erica runs out of the room without explanation. Chris's cell phone rings and he tells the caller: "Everything is right on schedule." Erica arrives home and enters her daughter's bedroom to find Frankie walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Chris searches through Ryan's room at the Pine Cone Motel and Ryan walks in and asks him why he's there.


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