All My Children Update Friday 9/28/01


All My Children Update Friday 9/28/01

By Lori

Mateo takes Rosa into a back room at SOS and confronts her about the bag of marijuana he found in her purse. A shocked Rosa says it isn't hers, telling Mateo she's not a "pothead." Mateo apologizes and tells Rosa he believes her. Mateo asks Rosa if she had left her purse unattended anywhere. She said she had it laying unattended on a pew at the church and at the bar at SOS. He orders her not to tell anyone about this incident, especially Haley. Just then, Haley walks in and asks what is going on. Rosa hides the marijuana behind her back. She tells Haley to close her eyes because she has a surprise. Rosa then dashes out of the room. Later, Haley asks Mateo about the surprise but he remains mum. 

Later, Mateo pulls Edmund into the back room at SOS, shows him the box of cash he received and tells him about the mysterious phone calls. Mateo says the mystery caller wants him to funnel drugs through SOS and if he does not comply, he will target Mateo's family. Edmund tells Mateo that he is doing a story about drugs for Tempo magazine and has learned that a drug kingpin using the name Proteus is targeting the East Coast and Pine Valley. Proteus is a character in Greek mythology who can change his appearance at will, Edmund says.

Laura rips up the ad poster of Greenlee and tries to flush it down a toilet at SOS. The toilet gets clogged up and overflows. Greenlee walks into the restroom and sees water spilling on the floor. She calls out to Laura and asks if she's OK. A flustered Laura fishes the ripped up pieces of the poster out of the toilet and puts them in her purse. She leaves the stall and Greenlee asks her why her purse is leaking. "My water bottle exploded," Laura replies, telling Greenlee to "back off bitch." Greenlee tells Laura she simply came looking for her to apologize for spilling the beans to Leo that Laura was at the hospital. She tells Laura that Leo made it perfectly clear that it was over between them and that he told her that he and Laura made love in his car. Greenlee says Leo told her that "real love isn't about sex. He must really love you." Laura slaps Greenlee across the face. Greenlee responds by saying, "wow, I was trying to extend the olive branch and you hit me." Laura tells Greenlee she will not "enchant" Leo back into her bed. Laura leaves the bathroom and she and Leo leave SOS arm in arm.

Erica gets out of her car after hitting a girl with it. She finds the girl laying on the road, gets out her cell phone and calls Jack. She tells Jack that the girl threw herself in front of her car and ordered him to get there right away. The girl objects to Erica's version of the story, telling her that she hit her with her car. The girl soon recognizes Erica, recalls how she had stabbed a husband with a letter opener and calls her a psycho and a lunatic. Jack arrives and immediately goes to check on the girl, asking her what is injured. Erica responds by saying "the hood of my car." Erica accuses the girl of being a con artist and said the incident wasn't her fault. Just then, police sirens can be heard and Jack orders Erica to say nothing to the police. Later, a police officer goes to SOS and asks Chris if Erica had been there. With Bianca right there listening, the officer tells Chris that Erica had been involved in a car accident. A worried Bianca runs out to find her mother.

At SOS, Leo repeatedly asks Jake why Laura was at the hospital. Jake tells him that he cannot tell him because it would violate patient-doctor confidentiality. When Leo returns to him later asking again, Jake tells him that sometimes transplant patients can get depressed. Jake tells him Laura needs stability. When Leo says he has given her stability, Jake disputes him. Jake says Greenlee told him that she and Leo have it out with each other daily. How can that give stability to Laura, Jake asks Leo. Later, Greenlee tells Jake that Laura is "losing it." Jake angrily accuses Greenlee of degrading herself by continually involving herself in Leo and Laura's marriage. An angry Greenlee left and went to the restroom, where she found a piece of the wet poster on the floor.

The unidentified girl is wheeled into the hospital followed by Erica and Jack. Bianca arrives with Chris and police officers, who question Erica about the accident. They say they were told she was involved in a volatile argument with a man, referring to Chris, and was in no condition to drive. They then ask her if she had been drinking. After Erica protests, Chris told officers that he didn't say Erica was drinking but rather was emotional. Erica asks Chris why he said that about her. The police tell Erica she must come to the police station. She seeks help from Jack, who informs her he is no longer her lawyer and is joining the DA's office the next day. Chris then defends Erica to the police, who leave. Erica smiles and thanks Chris.

Dr. Martin tells Bianca that the injured girl appears to be OK but she needed to stay overnight in the hospital because she didn't have family and shouldn't be alone. Bianca went to check on the injured girl, introduces herself and says she does not believe she threw herself in front of her mother's car. The girl says her name is Mary Francis, but she is called Frankie. After she gets up to leave, Bianca tries to stop her. Erica comes to the door and sees Frankie kiss her hand and plant it on Bianca 's face. Just as Erica walks inside, Frankie leaves.

Rosa and Ryan introduce themselves to each other outside SOS. Rosa is a little down but Ryan tries to comfort her, reminding her what a strong family she has. Rosa invites him back inside but Ryan asks for a raincheck and leaves. Arriving back at his room at the Pine Cone motel, he notices the photo of his parents is missing. He remembers Chris's reaction when he threw the photo in the garbage can and concludes that Chris took the photo. He wonders out loud why Chris would want the photo.

Leo is laying in bed staring at the ceiling when Laura gets into bed and tries to get close to him. Leo pulls away and asks her again why she was at the hospital. "If you can't tell me the truth, there's no point in us being married," he says. Laura tells Leo not to talk like that. She says she went to the hospital to get a clean bill of health because she wants the two of them to renew their vows in a big ceremony in front of all their family and friends. As she snuggles close to Leo with a smile on her face, Leo stares into space, looking like a deer caught in headlights. 

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