All My Children Update Tuesday 9/25/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 9/25/01

By Glynis

Bianca looks at Greenlee’s proposal and she loves it. Erica is very pleased. The unavailable man in the proposal must be Leo. It seems like things are over with Greenlee and Leo and Bianca is fine with that. Erica is glad that her daughter is taking things so well. Bianca doesn’t want her daughter pining away over Laura. Erica would like to go over some copy with her daughter later. Bianca can’t make it later, she is going to go to the Blue Angel. Erica tells her that she is not going back to that bar again. Erica doesn’t care what they call the bar, it is a bar. Alcohol is being served there. Erica forbids her to go to the bar. Erica tells her that on nights when she hasn’t got very much to do, she is going to go home and do homework. Bianca can’t believe that she is going to be grounded. Bianca questions her own love life. Erica hates that. Bianca makes jokes about her enticing her employees. Bianca is going to take a cab to school and she doesn’t know what she will be doing after school but she doubts that she will be home.

Chris is sitting in Erica’s limo when Anna gets in the car with him. She remembers now why Chris seems so familiar to her. He remembers her too. He almost killed her once. He is a FED and she remembers that. She immobilized him at that time. They could have been a good team but she didn’t have good manners as far as he was concerned. She couldn’t follow orders, but the truth was that she didn’t’ want to follow his orders. He wants to know what she wants. She tells him that he is on her turf. She cares about whatever is going on. She would like to give him a hand. He saw this the second she slithered into the car. Agent Devane wants back in the saddle. He reminds her that she can’t work anymore because her face has been exposed too much. The bureau doesn’t hire free lancers. She wants to be unofficial. She wants to be an extra pair of eyes for him. She needs to show that she is as fit as she ever was. He tells her to hit the road. He is finished. He is even more arrogant than she remembers. Anna gets out of the car and there is Erica. She demands to know what Anna was doing with Chris in her car. Erica demands that she be given an explanation. Erica came to tell Chris that he could have the morning off. Anna explains that she really wasn’t ‘doing it’ in her car. Chris explains that he knows Anna from the past and they were just catching up. Erica tells Chris to meet her in her office and she walks off with Chris following.

Mia comes to see Adam, but she almost thought that the was Stuart. She is there to meet Marian. Marian is not going to be there. Adam wanted to speak to her and he wanted to make sure that she would show up. He offers her $50,000. She refuses to work for him again. She wouldn’t be helping Adam, he says, she would actually be helping Ryan. She wants to know what the plan is. He wants to use the money to get Ryan out of his hair once and for all. Adam will look elsewhere for help. She might just tell Liza what Adam is up to. He tells her that Liza has disappeared. Liza will forgive him but with Ryan around she will keep running to Ryan she finds him and Liza to be sick. She cares for Ryan and so does Mia. Adam can see that Mia cares a great deal for Ryan. Adam thinks that it would be easy to get Ryan’s attention from Liza. Now, Mia gets it. He wants her to seduce Ryan. If she doesn’t want the money, he can offer her something better. He can help her become part of the family. He offers money to her like she is a whore. Outside, Stuart is listening and hears Mia talking to Adam. Mia tells Adam to take his money and his family and stuff it. She turns to leave and she bumps into Stuart. Mia wants nothing to do with him either. Stuart confronts Adam on what has just happened. Adam tells Stuart that he asked Mia to help him get Liza back for him. Stuart thinks that he would have been able to help get Liza back. Adam thinks that maybe Stuart is right, maybe he can help Adam.

Ryan is in the alley on his bike. Gillian and Jesse show up and Gillian was the one that suggested that he go to this alley. They can see that Ryan is confused. Gillian reminds him of the night of the full moon when they danced all night. The band kept playing a song. Jesse thinks that this is pitiful. Gillian loves that she can communicate with Ryan. Jesse thinks that she has been torturing him. Gillian knows that she can’t go anywhere until she completes her task. She is tired of guessing what she is supposed to do so she is going to take action. She tried to communicate with Chris last night and he wasn’t very perceptive. Gillian is going to take another route and "here she is…" Opal comes out into the alley not knowing what she is doing there. she just woke up and there she was. Gillian walks over to Opal and gets inside her body. Suddenly, Opal looks at Ryan with very different eyes. He knows that there has been a transformation. Ryan recognizes Gillian immediately. Gillian pretends that she didn’t get in Opal. "It is just me…Plain old Opal" Jesse almost falls out of his skin. She tells Ryan that she is in trouble and he is the one person that can help her out. Opal thinks that she has trouble with tire pressure and she doesn’t want to be driving dangerously. Gillian is trying to hide that she is in Opal’s body but Ryan sees through it. He offers to check her tire pressure. She gives him the keys and while doing so, he touches her hand and something connects. She tells him that she will be in the SOS having coffee while he works on her car. He leaves and Jesse demands that she get out of there. she tells him that when she is finished she will come out of Opal’s body. She needed to get Ryan’s motorcycle. She is going to set up a meeting that should have happened long ago. She takes off on Ryan’s bike as Jesse watches dumbfounded. Ryan returns and finds his bike missing.

Mia goes to the park and Stuart shows up to talk to her. She is not his business. Ryan told her about Stuart. He said that Stuart was the best. Stuart apologizes for Adam being mean to Mia. He is a bit of a bully. Stuart apologizes for Adam again. Mia appreciates that. Stuart apologizes for Liza too. She should think about what Mia is going through too. She can’t believe that he is taking her side. He does it because she is alone. Everybody should have someone that they can talk with and trust. Stuart would like to be that person for her. She tells him the story of her life. She worked in a boxing club and the government seized it for back taxes and then she managed. She thought that she was pretty bad, but she is better off here. Stuart offers her money, but she won’t take it. He tells her that he wants nothing from her. He is not Adam. Stuart trusts people more than Adam does. Stuart knows that she trusts Ryan. Marian told him that. They have no secrets. She is really good friends with Ryan even though he is messed up. His wife really gets to him at times. Other things have happened to Ryan in his life. He had it bad with his dad and he got roughed up a lot. Then his father left and that scarred him even more. Mia likes Ryan, but she is scared for him. Ryan does a lot of stupid things without meaning to. The littlest things can set him off. ‘Stuart’ sees a strand of hair on Mia’s shoulder and when she is not looking he reaches quietly for it and pulls it from her shoulder. ‘Stuart’ tells her that he was glad that they had this talk. She is comfortable enough to want to come by his house again. She has to get going. She leaves the park and Adam turns to the strand of hair in his hand. He thinks that he should be able to do something with the information that Ryan has issues with his father. Now he can find out if Mia is really Liza’s sister or another gold-digging tramp.

‘Gillian’ stops the bike at her desired location. Jesse has followed her getting really angry because Gillian could have hurt Opal while she was driving the bike. Gillian thinks that Opal has never been more alive in her life. She is determined to organize a meeting that has been long overdue. Gillian thinks that she is completing her task. Jesse hopes that the good lord knows what he is doing. Opal gets in a car and speeds off.

Chris and Erica go to her office and she tells him that she doesn’t care if Chris is having a personal relationship with that woman. Erica knows that she was an agent, so she is not to be trusted. she demands to know if he is working with Chris. She refuses to have Anna working as a spy in her company. Chris doesn’t trust her either and Erica is glad to hear that. Gillian is dead because of Anna’s past. How does a woman become a spy? She had a daughter and then she left him. Chris is sure that she is crazy because she left her kid. Chris tells Erica that she has a big mouth and she judges people that she has no right to judge. He tells her to put a sock in it. He runs outside and finds that the limousine is missing.

Stuart returns to the house after cleaning out the pool and his brother is no where to be found. He sees Adam’s clothes on the chair and he sees that his clothes are missing.

Bianca walks into Erica’s office with Opal. Bianca found her in the street and brought her to Erica. Erica tries to talk to her. Opal can hear music, but that is only in her head. No one else can hear it. The song that Opal thinks that she is hearing is ‘Born to be Wild’. Opal is back to her normal self.

Gillian and Jesse are at the police station and Ryan is there. Gillian is sure that she has completed her task. Ryan is there to report a stolen vehicle. Chris is there to report a stolen car. Ryan turns to him and tells him that he has to wait. Ryan was there first.


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