All My Children Update Monday 9/24/01


All My Children Update Monday 9/24/01

By Lori

 As Mateo tries unsuccessfully to trace who made the strange phone call, Haley walked into SOS carrying their son. Strangers approached and admired the baby, and Haley acknowledged it was embarrassing that they still haven't named their son. The christening was scheduled for the next day, and Mateo vowed they would have a name by then. Ryan entered SOS and met the baby, then Jake entered and asked to hold the baby. A dejected looking Ryan wandered outside into an alley and was followed by Mia, who was sitting alone at a table. Gillian watched Ryan and her spirit told Mia to leave Ryan alone.

Greenlee walked into SOS and Jake suggested they take a drive to the beach. Just then Greenlee's cell phone rang. She answered it very eagerly only to find Erica was the caller. Erica ordered her to come to her office immediately. Greenlee resisted the order, but reluctantly agreed to comply. After hanging up, Erica played a tape recording of Greenlee and Leo making their bet that she would have him in her bed before his three-month anniversary.

Leo arrived home and received a chilly greeting from Laura. He told her he had something to tell her. Laura asked "are you leaving me?" A surprised Leo responded "are you ever going to trust me?" Leo admitted that he had been with Greenlee that night but that he told her it was over between them. He told Laura he drove Greenlee to the place where he and Laura had made love in the car. He said he wanted to prove a point to Greenlee that he loved Laura. He said he wants to build a normal life with Laura but first must get rid of the past garbage in his life. "I'm going to make this marriage right," he said. "I don't want Greenlee, I want you." Laura fretted about throwing her anti-rejection heart medication away, and remembered David telling her that she would die without her medicine. She kissed Leo and told him to wait for her in the bedroom. She then dashed outside and searched through the bushes where she had thrown her pills. She found nothing but the empty bottle. Leo called her, asking her why she left the front door open. He found her outside and asked what she was doing. She said she needed some air, but after Leo asked her why she didn't tell him that inside, Laura said she was feeding a stray cat. She said she was afraid to tell Leo, thinking she would scare him away if he thought she was too domesticated. He said he was sorry if he made her feel that way and apologized for telling her previously that she was wasting her life. They embraced and Laura told him she wanted them to make love all night. They walked to the bedroom.  

Greenlee arrived at Erica's office and told her to make it quick because she was having a bad day. Erica told Greenlee she was worthless and void of passion and fired her. A startled Greenlee begged for her job back and promised to work her tail off. Erica gave Greenlee five minutes to come up with a worthwhile ad campaign for her spring cosmetic line, telling her she wanted "fire." Erica asked Greenlee how she would sell Enchantment cosmetics to the woman who has everything. Greenlee said she would not because no one has everything. Greenlee noted that some women have money but no man, and some have a man but no money. She said there is no such thing as an unavailable man, and that any man could be enchanted. Her idea "enchant the SOB." Erica said she was interested in the idea and ordered Greenlee to have a written proposal by 9 o'clock the next morning. A gleeful Greenlee promised to comply. After she left, a scheming Erica spoke into a tape recorder, saying she wanted Greenlee and Leo to work together on the spring campaign. Erica worried, however, how her idea would affect Bianca.

Greenlee went to SOS, where she excitedly greeted Jake with her news. Jake asked if she was still thinking about Leo, and she said "Leo who." Greenlee asked Jake if he recalled her saying she wanted her job to be her main priority. "Who would have thought Erica Kane would be my savior," she asked.

Chris went to SOS and apologized to Mateo for not showing up for his bartending shift. Mateo told him about the strange calls he had been receiving but Chris wasn't too interested. Mateo questioned him about his attitude, then told him Erica had called there looking for him. She seemed upset he wasn't there, Mateo said.

In the alley, Ryan told Mia that nothing seems worthwhile anymore after losing Gillian. He walked back inside and talked to Haley, who invited him to her baby's christening. Ryan said he thought that was just for family, and she said he was like family to her. Ryan agreed to attend. Mia asked Ryan whether the comment from Haley made him feeling better, calling him "buddy." Ryan bristled, and with Gillian listening, he acknowledged his father called him buddy when he hit him.

Chris went to Enchantment and told Erica that it appeared her company was the most important thing in her life. She said nothing was more important than her daughter, and admitted she was working on a project but was concerned how it would affect Bianca. Chris told her that she should put nothing before her daughter. Erica asked Chris whether he had children. Looking sheepish, he refused to answer and said he would see her tomorrow. With Leo sleeping beside her, Laura tried to call David, but he was unavailable. An answering service connected her with the doctor on call, who happened to be Jake. With Greenlee listening behind him, Jake asked Laura what was wrong. She told him she lost her medication and asked if he could prescribe some more. He agreed to get her a new supply in the morning. Leo woke up and asked if she was on the phone. She told him it was nothing


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