All My Children Update Friday 9/21/01


All My Children Update Friday 9/21/01

By Lori

Haley and Mateo, having just returned from Texas, brought their baby to Adam's house. While Haley left the room, Mateo asked Adam if he knew anything about Arlene. Mateo told Adam that he got a strange phone call in which the caller punched the buttons to play the song "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You." He said he suspected it was Arlene calling. Haley walked in the room and overheard part of the conversation. She asked Mateo why she wasn't told her mother had called. Mateo downplayed the call, telling Haley he just got a couple of hang-ups. Later Stuart arrives and he and Haley talked. Haley began crying, telling Stuart she was afraid she won't be a good mother and was worried she may start drinking again. Stuart reassured her, and she asked him to be her baby's godfather.

 At Enchantment, Chris asked Erica what she thought of their kiss. She said "frankly, Mr. Stamp, it wasn't that good." After some bickering, Chris asked Erica out to dinner that night. After she accepted, he told her he couldn't go because he had to work. They bickered some more and Chris left her office. Erica started thinking about Chris when Opal walked in, lamenting about her failed relationship with Palmer. She said she saw Vanessa wearing huge, expensive jewelry and said she was turning Palmer into a laughing stock. Opal sulked, saying that maybe her love for Palmer wasn't meant to be and that love was over for her and Erica. Erica retorted that love was definitely not in the past for her. Erica said she was moving on, and mentioned Chris's name. Opal told her that Chris was definitely not her type, although Erica continued to think about him.

 Jake met David at SOS and accepted his job offer. Anna walked into the club and greeted David and the two flirted. Gabriel approached, acknowledging to David that he borrowed his medical book because he wanted to read about stem sell research. Anna saw Chris entered the club and remembered how she had known him. She confronted him but he interrupted, saying she must have been a bad secret agent for compromising their secrecy in a public place. 

Gabriel then talked with Rosa and asked her why she had not returned his phone calls. In the background was a group of laughing classmates, and a sullen Rosa said they been calling her "whore" because of the attempted rape by Marcus. Rosa told Mateo that Marcus was not the kind of boy she thought he was. Mateo asked Rosa to be the godmother to his son. Later, Mateo got another strange phone call by a person electronically disguising his or her voice. The voice congratulated Mateo on opening a successful club. 

Laura, after being told by an employee at Tempo that Leo left with Greenlee, remembered the bet Greenlee made with Leo. Laura thought about their lovemaking in the car and wondered if Leo was thinking about Greenlee at the time. Meanwhile, Leo and Greenlee kissed passionately in his car when he pulled away. Greenlee told Leo she loved him, but Leo said the kiss meant nothing and she needed to move on. Greenlee told Leo he felt trapped in his marriage but he told her he made a commitment to Laura. He told Greenlee that he and Laura had made love in his car the night before and that "everything about it was good." Greenlee was shocked and accused Leo of lying to her. Greenlee asked why he wanted to hurt her like that and he told her that his relationship with her was over. Leo told Greenlee that she is beautiful but that is not enough. She is empty inside. Greenlee started to cry and Leo pulled her into a hug. Just then Laura approached the car and saw them in an embrace. She imagined confronting them, calling Leo a liar and Greenlee a slut. In her mind she pulled Greenlee's hair. In reality, she sulked way and returned home. Greenlee pulled out of the embrace and angrily told Leo to take her home. Greenlee, now cheerful, went to SOS and found Jake. She told him that she had had a run-in with Leo but she was happy now because she knew she had Jake waiting for her. She asked Jake to take her home so they can go to bed, but Jake resisted. Greenlee insisted that it was over with Leo but Jake said he now had a problem with going to bed with her. An angry Greenlee walked out of the club. Laura, now at home, grabbed her pill bottles and started dumping them out the window. Just then, Leo arrived home and called out to her.


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