All My Children Update Thursday 9/20/01


All My Children Update Thursday 9/20/01

By Glynis

Leo is angry with Laura for her calling him and making him come home to see her for nothing. She made it sound serious so he ran home thinking that she was ill. Leo would be there right away for her. He has a job and he canít just run off every time that she says that she needs him. He doesnít want to have to depend on Brooke for everything. He doesnít believe that she and her mother think that he is really worth his salt at his job. Laura denies that he was hired to get a cushy job. Brooke doesnít think that Leo is a follower and him being her son-in-law has nothing to do with anything. He is going to prove himself at his job. He doesnít want her acting like a baby all the time. She has to grow up. Leo thinks that there are some things that she can solve herself. She didnít need him. She used to be the iron woman. The woman that called the 911 was weak and miserable. She needs to get used to this and grow up. He is trying to make a life for them. He canít be holding her hand every 5 minutes. She gets lonely sometimes. Leo will call Zora then. Laura doesnít want Zora. She wants Leo. She loves him and she wants to spend all her time with him. He canít live up to her expectations. She will do anything. He tells her to stop acting like a spoiled child or she is going to ruin everything. Why is she wasting her life? She spends her time stressing him out. What does she wants? She has to make a life for herself away from him. A couple of months before she just got her heart. Did she get it? She got a gift from Gillian and she is wasting it. The way that she is living her life, she might as well be dead. Why doesnít she go to college? What about photography? She doesnít even take pictures anymore. He takes out a book she was starting. They can fill the book up and get another one. She is too tired to work on that. She gets wiped out very easily. He tells her to go back to the hospital. She can volunteer there. She can help people not to be afraid of heart surgery. She has to do something more or she will be just a waste of skin. Her heart is beating but she is just a waste of skin. Leo leaves.

Brooke is with Edmund at the office after a call that he has made. Anna is gone. She came back and got Gabriel and left again. She didnít leave any word as to where she was gone. She is making it clear that she doesnít want to be with Edmund. Brooke gets angry because Edmund deserves better. Edmund knows that Anna had to move out of Wildwind. They get back to work. Edmund has an idea to work on the drug trade. Brooke thinks that has been done to death. Edmund wants to do something hardcore. Informants, undercoverÖ This is going to be local. Her gut isnít going to let her go for it. It is not because of Laura. She doesnít feel that is a good thing right now. Edmund looks at his fortune cookie and it say, "Edmund wins, Brooke looses." Edmund has a name to start with and the name is Proteus. They run off to start their investigation.

Anna is Davidís suite returning a book. She decides to look through his things in the dark. She finds his shirt and smells it. Someone is coming. She hides and David enters all sweaty from being at the gym. He goes into the bathroom and Anna comes out of the closet to leave the house. She gets to the door and David comes out telling her that he prefers his shirts on a hanger. She turns shocked at getting busted at leaving with his shirt. He is standing there naked in front of her. He walks over to her and canít believe that she is as cool as silk. She has seen naked men before. She throws him the shirt and tells him to put it on. She was only returning a medical book and she didnít want David to think that Gabriel stole it. David wants to know why Gabriel would take a book from David. She could have left the book at the front desk, so why did she come into his room. She was also rummaging through his underwear drawer. He thinks that she is too good at this thing to get caught unless she wanted to be caught by him. Is that her game? David puts on a robe and they talk. She denies that she is there for any particular reason. He is suspicious that someone sent Anna to David. It might be Alex or Tad. She isnít working for anyone. What is she looking for in his room? She finds him to have a huge ego. She canít satisfy his spy fantasies. She wants to go back to her room. She is staying at the Valley Inn as well. He wants to know if she found what she was looking for there. She is stuck for words. He stops her and wants to know about her daughter in New York. He is concerned about Robin he says. He has no children that he is aware of. He is concerned because he face lit up when she talked about her daughter before. Robert and Anna loved their daughter. Robert is dead now and Robin is amazingly strong. She is flushed. He notices. He takes her wrist to take her pulse. She is not afraid of him so she lets him check her pulse. Her pulse is racing. She is there because she is bored right out of her skull. She canít concentrate and she feels that the world is going on without her. He tells her to find out what she wants to do and then do it. She doesnít want a life in the suburbs. She doesnít want a life that is routine. She used to have something else to do. She used to dive into her work. It was her reason for being. She has Robin but Robin has her own life now. The WSB wonít have her anymore because she is too high profile now. She asks him to think about never holding another beating heart in his hand. She likes living on the edge and looking for excitement and danger. He touches her face offering her something forbidden. He holds her face and she lets him, then he kisses her passionatelyÖand she lets him. She isnít offended. He would be doubled over by now. He isnít boring at all. He wants to have a drink with her and he will tell her all about his life. She has to go but she knows that the door is always open. After she is gone, there is a knock at the door.

Roger has found Greenlee in the park and she is crying. He tries to help but he only serves to upset her more. He guesses that this is about Leo. Roger was afraid that Leo was going to break Greenleeís heart. Greenlee knows that Leo still loves her Roger is not making her feel better. Roger saved her. She is too good for him and Roger is not letting anyone take advantage of her daughter. She tells him that she is a good match for Leo. She is just like him. Roger is surprised to hear that. He assures her that she is much better than Leo is. He thinks that Leo is a scoundrel and a user. She wishes that Leo were a dog. Greenlee canít have a relationship that lasts and Roger thinks that she got that from her parents. She understands now. She really wants to be with Leo and nothing is going to change that. Roger has neglected her and he feels like he has betrayed her over and over. What kind of father would do the things that he has to his daughter. When he found out that he was going to have a child, her parents cried tears of joy and when they held her in their arms for the first time, they loved her. If that is true, then why did Roger try to push her away over and over? He feels that he was not good enough for her. When she came to him and looked at him with those eyes, he couldnít bare it because he knew that he was a fake and a nobody. He felt that she was better off without him. He was fixated on finances and appearances. He should have made her the center of his universe. He was trying to spare her from having a nobody for a father. She still looks at him with those big brown eyes and she sees herself and she knows her mistakes. Roger thinks that he can change. Greenlee doesnít think that her father can change. He got her on Ericaís spit list and she wants him to stay away from Enchantment. He wants to talk about something else. He wants them to change their spots together. She doesnít believe him. Where would they start? They should at least try. She agrees to. He wants her to get Leo in the end. She thinks that if Leo sees her really changing that will make a difference.

Greenlee bursts into Leoís office wanting to leave a note for him. Leo grabs her arm and drags her out of the office.

Back in the park, Roger gets a call. He is getting some pressure and he wants to be left alone or this whole thing is going to blow up in his face.

David hears a knock on the door after Anna has gone and he thinks that it is her returning. He opens the door to find Roger standing there. "You are late!" He lets Roger in.

Laura calls the office and the secretary tells her that Leo just took off with Greenlee Smythe. Lauraís heart drops.

Leo has taken Greenlee to his car and he has a wild look in his eye. "Where are we Leo? What are you doing?" She looks into his eyes and he says nothing. She grabs his head and kisses him wildly and passionately. He kisses her back.


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