All My Children Update Wednesday 9/19/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 9/19/01

By Glynis

Bianca comes to see her mother as she is yelling at Greenlee about something. Greenlee hears Erica talking to her daughter about being in a sleazy bar. She lets the cat out of the bag about 2 boys fighting over her daughter the night before. Greenlee leaves and Bianca tells her that the fight was not what Erica thinks. The guy was bugging her because he knew that she was gay. After that Bianca went to the Blue Angel. That is the lesbian bar. Erica tells her that she is underage and shouldnít go to a bar by herself. Bianca wanted to be herself for a while and not a freak. Her mother canít even say the word lesbian. Bianca only had a soda and listened to some music. The guy that called Bianca names could have followed her and hurt her. The phone rings and Bianca answers to Laura. Erica hears the name and her interest is peaked. Laura invites her over and Bianca is up for it. Erica wants to talk some more. Chris comes in and waits for Erica to stop talking. Bianca leaves and Chris greets her. He asks if there is a problem with her kid and Erica denies that there is. She tells Chris to leave her office with whatever he has behind his back. He brings in his tension-buster, which happens to be a bouquet of flowers. Erica is beside herself. She is sure that something else is up with Chris. He admits that he could have handled things better before. He shouldnít have spied on her. He had to do it because of his job. She was a suspect in the beginning. When he has to lie he is supposed to use as much of the truth as possible and he didnít do that. She is beautiful, but that is not his fault. She has found a file in the compute that day that they canít access. She called a computer guy to delete the virus. Chris tells her that she canít delete the virus. She hasnít learned anything from what he said the day before. She knows now that the flowers were a ploy. HE was just trying to control her some more. She takes the flowers and throws them at Chris but misses him and Jack who has just walked in catches them instead. Chris walks out and now Jack is sure that Erica has met the man of her dreams. Jack found out that Chris was from the FBI but he doesnít get to tell Erica before she tells him. Jack knows that Chris is not married. He has no criminal record but there is a rumor about him dating back 10 years. Jack doesnít understand why Chris is involved with Enchantment. He can tell that Erica knows why he is there. She says that she canít tell him because she promised him. Jack is a little offended. He tells her that he is not going to be around for much longer. She is going to need another fall guy soon. He is still going to be working but he wants to go back to being DA. He will be going back in the public eye. He is thinking of running for governor and now Erica understands. He would be wonderful. What is Erica going to do without him? She is going to be lost. She depends on him so much. He laughs because she is doing a Chris Stamp on him. Maybe Erica is perfect for Chris after all. Erica doesnít believe what he is saying. Jack leaves and Chris enters. She tells him that she didnít tell Jack anything about their secret. They start arguing and then he does it. He grabs her and holds her down and plants a hot wet one on her.

Liza comes in to see her daughter after spending the night in a motel room with Ryan. Colby goes to tell Winifred that mommy is here for breakfast. Liza tells Adam that she would like to speak about this later. Adam insists on talking about it right now. He will not let her blame Mia. She tells him that she got Ryan out of jail and got him a room. She sat in a chair fully dressed all night because she didnít want to come home to him. Adam believes her and is not happy with that. He lied to her again with Mia. He knew her and he lied about it. He tells her that he lost a poker bet to Mia and he got her to go after David. Adam thinks that it is funny that she can keep all the secrets that she wants but he is supposed to be a schoolboy. If that is the kind of relationship that she wants, she should end it with him right now.

Laura is telling her mother how wonderful it is to wake up to find Leo there. She used to be uptight being with Leo and now she thinks that she is closer to Leo than ever.

Edmund comes to see Leo and Greenlee bursts in to speak to Leo and wants Edmund there to tell him that Leo is screwing up Ericaís campaign. Leo says that the only reason that Greenlee is there is because she would like to trash Leoís marriage. Greenlee shows Edmund the poster that shows that model with shiny lips. Edmund sees that she is right. He runs out to fix the poster. He really messed up. She is going to win her bet after all. She is confusing him terribly because she knows that he wants her. Brooke walks in and learns that Greenlee is there because of a screw up. Edmund manages to stop the presses in time but not before a quarter of the issues were printed. Leo is glad that they were able to stop the presses, but Edmund thinks that a lot of money was wasted. Brooke promises that nothing like that would ever happen again. Leo says that if he does something like that again they have a right to fire him. Brooke tries to lighten things up and Leo doesnít let her get away with it. He wants to accept the responsibility for what he has just did. There might be hope for Leo yet. They have to apologize to Erica and Leo offers to do it for them. Leo and Brooke leave the office and Greenlee walks in. He tells Greenlee that he will take care of the ad getting screwed up. He wants to make up the problem by giving Erica the same ad for free in the magazine. Greenlee wonders how he is going to prevent this from happening again. Leo thinks that he has the answer to their problems. Greenlee tells him again that they were meant for each other. HE feels that they should stop seeing each other. They shouldnít see each other in private or personally. They are going to self-destruct. Greenlee doesnít think that they will make it to the end of the week without being together.

Bianca goes over to see Laura who tells her play by play about Leo making mad passionate love to her. Bianca tells how Ryan saved her from a guy that was hassling her. Laura can see why it is so hard for Greenlee to give up on Leo. Laura wonders if Bianca would mind passing it on to Greenlee about how wonderful her love life is with Leo. Laura clearly wants Bianca to gossip about Leo making love to Laura. She wants to use Bianca to do her dirty work. Laura is doing this because she has doubts about Leo. Bianca denies that. Laura calls her jealous. Laura is never going to play for Biancaís side and Bianca isnít over her. Bianca can see that Laura wanted her to want her. Laura is being nothing but selfish. She didnít even care about Bianca getting attacked the night before. Bianca tells her that she has moved on.

Liza goes to change and returns to the living room to have tea with Adam. She is not backing down. She is going to keep up her conditions for being with her. Adam has a confession to make. Before she came home, he was lying and manipulating. He is putting everything on the table for her to decide if she wants to stay in the marriage or not. He lied to Colby about where her mother was. He told her that Liza had work to do. She thanks him for protecting Colby. Liza doesnít remember her life turning upside down like this. She has to start putting the pieces back together. She has been going through a rough time. Adam wants her to be strong for Colbyís sake. Adam could keep lying to her but Liza knows what it is like to have a mother with a reputation. Adam has done things as well that has been hard to live down but he has always put his family first. He just wants to start over. No ultimatums, just the family like it was meant to be. He is trying to be the man that she wants him to be but she has to trust him and let him breathe. She canít make any decisions right now. She needs to get away from all this. He offers to take her on a jet and get out of town. Liza only wants to be with Colby right now. He suggests that she take a vacation with their daughter. Liza leaves to pack some things. Adam is angry at the turn out of things. He goes to the phone and makes a call to Mia. He tells her that he needs to see her about Ryan Lavery.

Laura calls Leo and tells him that she needs him to come home right away. He tells her that he will be right there. He hangs up and Greenlee asks, "Is it the little woman?" Leo shouts at her to give it up and he walks out.

Edmund and Brooke go to her office and discuss Leo screwing up. Edmund hasnít heard from Anna since she left. Brooke is sure that Anna will be back soon.

Greenlee goes to the park and sits on a bench feeling sorry for herself. She starts crying and her father reaches for her. She is surprised to see him standing there.

Leo gets home thinking that something was wrong with Laura. She only called him because Bianca was there and they had a fight. Now he is pissed. He left work for nothing. She offers to clear things up with her mother so that he doesnít get in trouble at work. He tells her in no uncertain terms that he is not a kept boy. He doesnít need her to square things with her mother all the time.


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