All My Children Update Tuesday 9/18/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Glynis

Roger has been busted sneaking into Erica’s offices. The security and Chris have caught him and Roger is having trouble explaining himself. He says that he forgot his wallet. The security guard saw Roger drop a CD when he was caught and Erica thinks that she should find out what was on the disc. Roger tells everyone that the disc was for Greenlee.

Greenlee and Jake arrive at his apartment. She is drinking from a bottle of wine and he takes it from her and has a drink too. She thinks that he should take David’s offer of a job. She thinks that she inspires him. He would like to inspire her a little. They start kissing. She rips his shirt off and she pulls her own dress off and climbs on top of him on the couch. The phone starts ringing and she goes for the phone. She gives it to him but it is for her. It is Erica ands she wants Greenlee over to the office right away. Greenlee pretends that she is sleeping. Erica tells her that if she doesn’t get over there, she will come over and get her. Jake helps her get ready again and he puts his shirt on to go with her. He thinks that she shouldn’t’ be going out by herself. She can get used to this. They leave to see Erica.

Mia has done it. She goes into Liza’s house and outs Adam. "Oops! It looks like this marriage has big secrets too." Liza is dumbfounded by the things that she is hearing from Mia. Mia offers to fill in the blanks. She wants the $100,000 so that she can give it to Adam. Liza turns to Adam but he wants to discuss this later. Liza says that she is not going to discuss this. She gets her purse to leave and he stops her. She tells him to take his secrets and lies and shove them. She walks out and Adam turns to Mia. He tells her that she is a piece of work. She wants to leave and tells him to get the money that she owes him from his wife. Adam tells her that she is going to stay there and she is going to see this through. He reminds her that she still owes him. She tells him that he is going to get paid and Adam tells her that he wants more than money from her. She offers to kick his face in. She is incompetent and because of her David has his power post at the hospital. He is going to make her change the fact that he lost. He wants her to tell Liza that she was spying for him. Mia doesn’t need anymore problems with Liza. Liza doesn’t want him going behind her back but he did. He warns her not to cross him. He is very scary to her. His marriage is at stake. Adam provoked Liza but he didn’t’ mean to. He wants to know if Mia is scamming Liza or not. If it is a scam, she isn't very good at it. It must hurt having Liza push her away all the time. What her parents did wasn’t her fault. Adam tells her that she can talk to him about it. She thought that her father was dead for many years, but then she learned that he was alive and living with Liza. She denies that she needs Liza. She goes to the phone and calls the police station. "You brought someone in tonight…Ryan Lavery."

Ryan is fingerprinted at the station. The cop tells him that he can make bail in a few hours if he doesn’t want to go to jail. Ryan is willing to go to jail. He is lead into a room and finds Liza standing there. She hears that he wants to go to jail and feels that maybe she should go with him too. She is there to vouch for him. Liza wants to get the charges dropped. Liza has to talk to the guy with the bandage on his head if she wants to get Ryan out. Liza goes over to the guy that Ryan hit. Liza explains that Ryan’s wife just died and he was having a hard time over it. The guy doesn’t have any compassion but Liza tries to make him see that he has to let Ryan go because she works for a television station and she will make news out of him. She wonders if he has a squeaky clean record. He really should rethink this. Liza will find something on him. The man cooperates and agrees to change his mind. Liza tells Ryan that he will be out of there in a few minutes. A cop comes over and tells Ryan that he is free. Liza tells him that she will take him home. He has been in his car. He wants to take things from her on his own, but she doesn’t want him to be alone. They can be miserable together. They leave the station together.

Chris takes Erica out of the room where Roger and the security guard is. He tells her that she has to hold herself together. Greenlee and Roger are the only leads that they have and Chris tells her that they have to leave Roger and Greenlee alone so that they can get more information. Greenlee and Jake arrive and Erica grabs Greenlee and drags her into the inner office where Greenlee is stunned to see her father. Erica demands an explanation as to why her father has leveled some terrible charges against her. She wants Greenlee to explain. Greenlee demands to know about him being there. Roger tells everyone that Greenlee had a computer problem. Greenlee admits that he has helped her before. Roger thinks that Greenlee was embarrassed to tell Erica that she didn’t know how to fix the computer. Roger tried to talk Greenlee through her problems, but it didn’t work, so he came over and tried to fix the computer problems for her. He corrected the disc and the system but he got caught with the disc. Roger apologizes to Greenlee for getting her into trouble. Erica waits to see what Greenlee has to say for herself. Greenlee covers for her father and accepts the blame for what has gone one. Erica hopes that Greenlee has learned something. Chris wants to cal it a night but Erica warns that this time Greenlee goes on notice. She has no more chances. Erica is going to be watching even closer. Greenlee, Jake and Roger leave together. Roger whispers to Greenlee that he will explain later… Chris and Erica are alone in the office and she wants to know if Chris is pleased with her. Chris is not pleased at all. He is fed up with her. She thinks that she did the right thing by making the whole thing look real. She is a very good judge of character. She knew that there was something off with him. She tells him that she has put her company at risk and he could have shown some courtesy. She is glad that this is over. He tells her that this isn’t over. She still has her driver and they are still stuck with each other. She tells him that he will continue to work for her at her discretion. The government should have cleared this investigation with her. Chris wonders what she is doing except protecting her own space? She slaps his face. She does care. She knows first hand what drugs do to people. She will make the rules herself and she orders him not to bug her office another time. She warns him that if he hurts her company, he will be washing bathrooms for real. Chris tells her that now she is in the big leagues and she better learn that these guys kill first and ask questions later.

Liza takes Ryan to a motel. That is all that he can afford and he didn’t even pay for it. Liza paid. Liza tells him that he can come back to work later on. He doesn’t think that he will be coming back to work. She should find someone with a little ambition and some goals. After that night, he will be gone. Liza tells him that there was a wise person that told her that you shouldn’t be making decisions when your life is falling apart. In the morning he might want to work for her. He agrees to wait then. He tells her that she can go. She goes to the door and stops. She doesn’t want to go. He asks her what is going on. She is just not ready for what is waiting for her when she gets home. She thinks that she will get in her car, but she won’t go home. He tells her that she can crash if she wants. He doesn’t mind. He is going to take a shower and then watch television for hours. She thinks that she can find an 80’s movie to watch. He goes into the bathroom and she goes to the door hearing him start the shower. She turns on the television and tries to find something to watch. She starts crying thinking of her life. Ryan comes out of the bathroom to find Liza sleeping in front of the television. He is wearing nothing but a towel. He gets a blanket and covers her with it. He gets on the bed and watches television.

Greenlee goes home with Jake and he wants her to tell him what she has to say when she is ready. There is knocking at the door and she goes to answer it. It is her father. She asks him what he was doing at Enchantment. Roger tells her that he was trying to rebuild her trust fund. He has been day trading and he has been taking some heavy losses. He thought that he could get a heads up on the stock market. He says that he did it all for her. She wants to believe him but she can’t believe it. He says that he was there to make money for her. She believes him. He is so happy that she trusts him finally. Jake can’t believe what he is hearing. She put herself on the line for him and he would have been lost without her. There is still a chance for the both of them. She wants the bad stuff behind them. She warns him not to do this to her again. He kisses her face. It has been a long night. He tells her that he doesn’t deserve Greenlee and Jake agrees with him. Roger leaves and Greenlee feels sorry for him. She should have written him off. It feels awful to feel so alone. She is an easy mark.

Mia finds out that Liza was the one that got Ryan out of jail. She tells Adam the news and that they left together. Mia finds Liza totally devoted to Ryan. Adam tells her to go. She agrees to go. It is going to be a long night for Adam all alone.


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