All My Children Update Monday 9/17/01


All My Children Update Monday 9/17/01

By Glynis

Adam is trying to make nice with Liza and he manages to get her comfortable for a short while. He knows that they are working hard to mend things but there is one thing that they always got right from the start. Their bed is where they have always been able to trust each other. She is not ready but he can see something in her face that says that she is ready. Her phone rings and it is Mia telling her that she would like to see Liza. Mia wants her money right now for the DNA test. It will take her two minutes. Mia is outside the door and she threatens to come in the house. Liza gets off the phone and refuses to tell Adam what is going on. She tells Adam that she is going to step outside for a moment. She doesn’t want him to follow her outside. Adam agrees to let her go, but is terribly curious. HE assures her that whatever she is doing is fine with him. She leaves the house and starts writing a check for the greedy Mia. Liza would like to turn Mia into a pile of dust. Mia is going to enjoy seeing Liza’s face when the test proves that she is Liza’s sister. Liza doesn’t believe that Mia will be around for any test. On the check, Liza has written ‘Pest Control’ in the memo section. Liza reenters the house and tells Adam that she wants people to stop trying to take things from her. She hates regretting everything in her life. Adam doesn’t know what she is talking about. This has nothing to do with him, it is she. She thought that she knew who she was and what she wanted. What if she is wrong about who she is? Adam assures her that she is not wrong about what she is. What if she has been holding on to the biggest lie of all?

At Enchantment, Roger is sitting in the dark typing his ass off. Erica arrives at the office and sees that something is up. She walks over to the door and listens. She doesn’t hear anything and gets her keys to open the door, but someone puts their hands over her mouth and drags her off. She is trying to scream and Jack drags her to a closet. He manages to get her to calm down. She tells him that he is finished. She tells him that she was having a delightful time with friends. He thinks that she called him over there. She tells him that she knows who he is now. She thinks that he is an industrial spy. He starts laughing at her. All she has is a formula for lipstick.

Jake tells Greenlee about what has happened to Joe. He has had arrhythmia just like the vice president. Jake is surprised that she knows what that is. She wants to have some fun that night. He tells her that he was offered a job that night. Bianca walks by and Greenlee blows her off so Bianca leaves. Jake goes back to explaining his job offer. The guy that offered him the job is David. Greenlee doesn’t think that is a bad deal.

Bianca goes outside and some guy starts hitting on her. He saw her with her mother and he knows all about her. She tries to walk away and the man grabs her thinking that she is looking for action. She tells him that she is not interested. She tries to walk away but the man won’t let go of her. Suddenly, some guy grabs the guy and throws him up against a dumpster to threaten him and free Bianca. It is Ryan. He hates guys like that. Gillian and Jesse are standing by and watching Ryan. Gillian shouts to him to stop hurting the guy, but Ryan of course can’t hear. Ryan puts a beating on the guy like you wouldn’t believe.


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