All My Children Update Monday 9/10/01


All My Children Update Monday 9/10/01

By Glynis

Erica and Bianca show up at the bar and meet with Opal and Myrtle. Opal is being very nonchalant with Erica and Bianca. Myrtle takes Bianca and Erica away from the table and tells them that Opal is upset about Palmer. Erica thinks that she should get over the fact that Palmer is gone. Opal wants Palmer and Myrtle think that Erica should know why because she has been through many men. Bianca doesn’t want to hear this. They all go to the table and find out that Opal is just filling herself up with booze. The waiter is smitten with Erica and Bianca and comes over to seat the ladies. Opal just keeps sipping her drink and Erica thinks that they should do this more often. Myrtle suggests that they talk about something good. Myrtle thinks that for this night they should put men completely off limits. No conversation about love. Myrtle brings up the Phillies. Her playful banter is not working. Erica tells the group stories about work. Finally Erica asks Erica why she is so depressed. Opal cannot fathom that she was stupid enough to have been with Palmer. Myrtle didn’t want to talk about love, but Bianca thinks that since none of them have a love life what does it matter if they talk about love or not. Opal hates how Vanessa has Palmer wrapped around his pinkie. She had him in such a twitter with the hospital board and she even got David reinstated. This is news to the group at the table. Opal asks Erica if she still wants David and Erica denies that. Erica says that men are more trouble than they are worth. Bianca smiles at that. Erica left 13 messages for Jack that night. Opal suddenly gets a bad feeling. She tells everyone to look at what the alley cat just dragged in. They all turn to see Vanessa walking into the restaurant with Palmer… Palmer is angry that they had a breakdown in that neighborhood. The waiter greets them knowing that they are celebrity status… The ladies at the table are looking at Palmer and Vanessa and they are cutting up Vanessa and her jewelry. They think that money doesn’t buy taste. Opal thinks that Vanessa has him brainwashed like he is in a cult… Palmer takes his drink and turns around and finds the ladies staring at him. Vanessa turns next and doesn’t like the sight one bit. Opal gets quickly out of control and Erica settles her down.

Laura walks into Greenlee’s office and how he had a bet with Greenlee. She heard him laughing but he wasn’t laughing at her. Laura is mad that she overheard them talking on the speakerphone outside. She heard Greenlee say that Laura must shout out when Leo tries to make love to her, "Get that thing away from me! My heart! My heart!" Leo tries to deny that this ever happened, but Greenlee tells her that she is right, the marriage that she has is a sham so she should just face it and kindly move on. Leo denies that anything was going on in the room. Greenlee won’t let him get away at this. What Greenlee was suggesting was stupid because she wants to believe what she wants. He wants to hold her in his arms. He holds her and kisses her and Greenlee is having trouble with his words. He takes her hand and tries to lead her out of there, but Greenlee is standing at the door and stops them from leaving. "Not so fast." She tells Leo that he can run but he can’t hide. Leo treats her like she is an idiot. He takes his wife and leaves. Greenlee is frantic. She runs to her phone and dials for Jake. She gets his answering machine and she leaves a message for him to be there because she is coming home. She opens the door to leave and some guy at the office is standing there telling her that she has to deliver a package because Erica Kane wants her to. She has to do it because she is Erica Kane and she owns Greenlee. The man leaves and Greenlee throws the papers screaming.

Joe is being rushed into care after David found Joe having some sort of attack. Dixie is there to comfort Tad and Tad hates that David is looking after Joe. Jake comes up and learns that Joe had a heart attack. He also learns that David is taking care of Joe. They are not sure if Joe lost consciousness or not. That apparently matters. Tad suddenly remembers something. It was he, not David. He is the one that did this to his father. He was angry with Joe for David getting off. Tad remembers that he said some pretty terrible things to his father. What the hell is wrong with him? He just keeps doing things that he shouldn’t do. Dixie tries to get him to stop this. Joe loves Tad and there is nothing that he can’t forgive Tad for. Nobody is going to blame Tad for this. Jake comes out of the examination room and he looks really grim. Jake is not talking. He tells them that they have to wait a couple of minutes for more information. Jake comes back into the examination room and he manages to be civil to Joe. Joe is awake and greets his son. Ruth is on her way up and Tad is just outside and he is a wreck. David leaves the room and sees Dixie and Tad there. Dixie did a good job for Joe to be alive. If she wasn’t there they could have lost him.

Leo is angry and he is driving like a maniac. Laura warns him to slow down, but he doesn’t. He is taking her somewhere…anywhere. He stops the car and turns to Laura. He acts like he really wants her but the truth is that he really wants to forget Greenlee. Laura likes what is happening and welcomes it gratefully. He wants her and tries to be gentle in spite of wanting to tear her clothes off. She gives him the okay to take her in the car and he comes to her. They make love and they sit together in the car. She found him unbelievable. She rests her head on his shoulder and he thinks that he sees Greenlee in the rearview mirror. Greenlee is laughing saying that Laura thinks that he was making love to her when he was really making love to Greenlee

Greenlee shows up at the bar where Erica is with her friends and daughter. She hands her the papers and tries to leave. Erica tells her that she has to wait for her to read it. Greenlee is dying to get out of there. Bianca tells her to settle in because her mother may take a while to read this. Greenlee goes to the bar and sits with Vanessa… Erica tells Opal to move on from Palmer and Opal tells her that she should speak as she is the one that can’t get over the 347 men that she has been with. Since Opal is drunk, Erica lets her comments slide. Myrtle tells her that they are going to back to her house and they are going to have some tea, but Opal has other ideas… Greenlee makes another call to Jake and tells him to get over there and meet her. She needs him and she wants to see him now.

Jake goes to Tad and tells him that he hopes that Tad has learned a lesson. Tad doesn’t intend on mentioning this David thing with Joe again. Tad wants to know why Jake is riding him. Jake should know how he feels, but since David has made him a job offer Tad guesses that he should expect more of the same. Jake tells him that this is about Tad and not Jake. Jake is working on his career and he has dedicated his life to taking care of people even if the offer comes from David. Tad tells him that this is his business. He shouldn’t expect Jake to do the same for him. Tad is sick of talking about David. He is sorry that he blew up on Jake. Jake’s beeper goes off, his mother is on his way up.

Dixie is visiting with Joe and he tells her to let this whole thing with David go. Dixie would like to but Tad is feeling like David won and he can’t accept that. Joe tells her to make Tad see that this doesn’t matter anymore.


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