All My Children Update Friday 9/7/01


All My Children Update Friday 9/7/01

By Glynis

Hayley talks to the nurse asking if her baby was ever alone. She learns that Arlene was alone with the baby. Mateo comes in and shows Mateo that Arlene cut off the babyís hair. She is freaking out that their mother was alone with her son and she had scissors or a knife. What if she had done something else to their son? Mateo tells her that the baby is fine. He put her on a plane and she is not coming back. The nurse leaves and Hayley knows that it is not going to be over with her mother. Her mother canít even pretend to be a normal human being. She is sneaking around again. She couldnít just see her grandson, but he had to go ahead and lop off his head like a sicko. Part of Hayley hopes that she will change and part of her even wanted her there. She wanted her there to share in the moment with them. Why does she have to be sad and alone? She took more than her share when she took the babyís hair. She is sick and twisted and she is not a nice person. Hayley should realize that. Hayley hasnít forgotten all the horrible things that she has done. She has her own future to look at. Their boy is going to have a wonderful future. Hayley is worried that she is fat. Mateo tells her that they have to get a bigger car. He thinks that they are going to have more than one kid. People who watch her show have been giving ideas on what the baby should be called. They think of some names. They need a name for the baby. The nurse returns with food for Hayley and she agrees to eat. Hayley will be sprung from the hospital soon. She doesn't know when though. She hopes that she makes a good mom. Mateo starts feeding her and he will do the cooking for her. He has been working on the nursery for her while she has been in the hospital. He got a rocking chair and he has been practicing for the four oíclock feedings. She doubts that he will wake up. She thinks about how they are going to work things out. She is going to get help from his mother and sister and they are going to have the biggest Christening party for the baby. Suddenly, Hayley figures out how they are going to name the baby. Hayley thinks that they should fly to Texas so that Max could meet his new brother in person. They canít think of a name for the baby and Hayley thinks that Max could help them come up with a name. They think that they should do it. He is worried about her because she just had a baby. She is scared and she wants to do something to keep busy. She doesnít want to keep secrets from him. HE feels the same. They make a promise to each other that they will not keep secrets. He kisses her and suddenly everything is great again. Hayley feeds the baby and the nurse asks if she is ready to go home. The papers are being signed right now. Hayley is overjoyed. Mateo has the car seat and everything is great. They decide that they are going to go to Texas. Hayley is going to make sure that the baby is going to be the safest and happiest boy in the world. The phones rings and Mateo answers. He hears a song, "Iíve been working on the railroad, all the live long day" Mateo guesses that it is Arlene on the other side of the phone. He says, "ArleneÖ. How did you know?" No one answers and he hangs up. He looks to his wife and new son and they are none the wiser to what has just happened.

Arlene is on the plane getting sent away. She shows the staff on the plane her daughter when she was a little girl. She presents Hayleyís baby as her other little baby. She takes out a little bottle of vodka and has a drink. "Hereís to you baby." It is time for Arlene to put on her seatbelt. Arlene says that the name of the baby is going to be Charlie and his mother loves him very much. One day he is going to know that.

Tad is telling his father that he has to fight for what he believes in. Tad thinks that his father made a fool out of them. Tad thinks that they should get down and dirty and fight David. He thinks that his father doesnít give a damn. Joe takes his son in a private office and tells him that he is being arrogant. He tried everything that he could to have David removed from the hospital and now he has his own son rubbing his face in it. Tad is going to make him know that he did something wrong. Joe wants to know what Tad thinks that he is going to do. Tad has to face it. The good guys lost this time. Tadís father taught him never to give up.

David offers Jake a job and Dixie tells him that Jake is a better doctor than David would ever be. She finds him to be gloating. Jake wants to hear more about Davidís opportunity. Jake seems genuinely interested in the offer. David got some money to work on some research. Dixie tells David that Jake isnít interesting. David wants to work on something groundbreaking. They could maybe work on the Warnerford project. Jake wants to help people. David tells him that they could get everything that they want with this project. They can cure illnesses maybe prevent them. David would hire someone that hates him but then he wouldnít get the qualifications that Jake has. He would like to have him on his team. David gives him some information on the Warnerford team. Dixie thinks that Jake would be crazy to take this offer. David tells him to take a look at the offer and them make his decisions. Jake takes the brochure. His pager goes off and Jake leaves. Dixie doesnít want to hear anything from David.

Laura is in Greenleeís office and she tells Laura that Leo is coming up to see her. Leo enters the office and finds his wife standing there. He asks, "What the hell are you doing her?" Greenlee just smiles to herself. That is exactly what she wanted to see. Now letís see Laura talk her way out of this one. He is there for work. Laura is feeling stupid. She tells Leo that she is going to make him a special dinner that night. Leo is not falling for her excuses. Greenlee offers to leave them alone to talk. She goes and Leo faces his wife. Laura is worried about the look in his eyes. "What is it? What is wrong?" HE knows that she was checking up on him. She denies that and tells him that she had something to clear up with Greenlee. She wasnít expecting him to be there, but he had to come over to bring over the copy for an ad. The phone is on Greenleeís desk and Laura sees it. She moves to her husband and they hold each other. Laura inconspicuously reaches for the phone and turns the speaker so that she can use that later in her plan. Leo holds her and kisses her and makes her understand that he is willing to work out their problems.

Greenlee returns to her office with pizza and Laura is still hanging around. She goes to the reception area where the phone is sitting. Her husband is still in the office waiting to see Greenlee who has just returned. Neither Greenlee nor Leo knows that Laura is outside the office waiting to listen at the reception area. Leo tells her that Laura is gone home. Leo wants to get back to business and Greenlee guesses that he hasnít had anything to eat and she tries to make him take a slice of her pizza. Laura is considering listening. Greenlee implied that Leo must have been finding life boring. Laura looks down at the speaker button. Inside the office, Greenlee is trying to make Leo eat with her. She tells him that his wife came there trying to prove something. Greenlee tells him that he should have sent the copy over to her office. Leo is waiting for her to look at the papers that he brought. She didnít ask for him to come over there. She canít afford any mistakes. She has to prove herself at her job. She didnít marry into it. Greenlee tells him again that he should have some pizza. He knows what she is doing and he tells her that this isnít going to happen. He means it. She thinks that he still does want her. She can read his mind. She can tell that he is breaking into a sweat. He tells her that he is a lot happier than he has ever been. She wants to make him a bet. She thinks that she can get him back into her bed before his 3-year anniversaryÖ Outside, Laura decides that she is going to listen. She hears Leo laughing and she hears him telling Greenlee to count him in. She is sure that he wants her badly. She jokes that Laura wants nothing to do with him. "Keep that thing away from me. My heart! My heart!" He tells her that she did Laura to a tee. Laura bursts into the office offended that he would joke about her illness that way. Leo and Greenlee turn and find her standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes.

Tad is attacking the board members on the phone and telling them that they should rethink their decision. Joe comes up telling Tad that he shouldnítí be calling the board members about their decision. Dixie comes up and tells the men that David has offered Jake a job and that Jake is considering it. That was just what Tad was afraid of. He storms off to do something and there is nothing that Dixie and Joe can do to stop him. Tad goes and finds Jake and tries to talk to him about the offer from David. Why is he considering this? Jake knows the difference between right and wrong. David just landed one of the biggest grants in medicine and this would allow Jake to do something really special. Jake thinks that he can deal with David. Tad is sure that David is doing a scam. Jake thinks that he could have been considered for his credentials. Tad reminds him that this man is someone that hates the Martins. Jakeís pager goes off and he leaves.

Joe goes walking through the halls of the hospital. Suddenly he sees a sight that makes him cringe. It is his father up against the wall, looking like he is going to pass out. David is with him holding him by the throat up against the wall. Tad shouts out, "NO!" He goes running over. Slowly, David lets Joe fall to the wall. Joe seems unconscious.


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