All My Children Update Thursday 9/6/01


All My Children Update Thursday 9/6/01

By Glynis

Greenlee is working when Laura shows up mad as hell. Laura has something for her. Laura has brought Greenlee her earring. She left it behind when she was trying to seduce Leo the night before. Laura wants to lay down some ground rules. Greenlee doesnít own Leo. Greenlee hates rules and she is not going to follow Lauraís. Laura tells Greenlee that she is not to come to her house again and she is to stay away from Leo. Greenlee doesnít think that her movements can be restricted like that. She didnít plan to go and see Leo the night before. She simply went for a drive. Greenlee is a brat. Greenlee likes who she is. Laura knows who she is and what is hers. Greenlee finds her very possessive. Greenlee thinks that Leo doesnít like being possessed. No wonder he was outside in the middle of the night. Laura came there to tell Greenlee to stay away from Leo because she loves him and they are married. Laura will fight Greenlee harder than she thinks. Greenlee tells her that love is not neat and tidy. Laura tells her that she sucks. Laura will not let her get away with this. Laura is ready to fight for Leo. Greenlee doesnít think that Laura has Leo. Greenlee wants to know what it is when Leo and Laura have each other. Laura thinks that Greenlee is a lovesick puppy. When is Greenlee going to grow up? Greenlee is older than Laura but she is stupid and pathetic. Laura is sure that Leo loves someone and it isnít Greenlee. Greenlee tells her that if she wanted Leo he would be hers. Laura warns her again to stay away. Maybe Greenlee needs some proof that Leo loves her. Laura tells her that if she comes near Leo again, she will be sorry. Greenlee remains smug. Her phone rings. She tells whomever it is to, "Send him inÖ" What a coincidence. Leo is there to see Greenlee. Laura suddenly looks pale.

Mateo shows up and finds Arlene with Hayley and the baby. Mateo grabs her and warns her that she needs to be out. Arlene wants to be with her daughter and grandson. Hayley wants her mother there. Arlene just wanted to see the baby and leave him a present. Mateo canít believe that she bought that. Mateo tells her that she has seen the baby and so it is time to go. Arlene feels like she is never going to see her daughter again. She wants to kiss the baby goodbye. Hayley wants to let her and she moves closer to her mother. Arlene tells the baby goodbye. She kisses his little head. Adam enters the room and tells Arlene to get the hell away. Arlene congratulates him on the good job that they have done. Mateo drags Arlene out. Adam sees that Hayley is ready to burst into tears. Oh, no, Arlene got to Hayley. He sees a teddy bear and thinks that Hayley should have it checked because Arlene brought it. Arlene seemed moved and like she wanted to see the baby. Arlene is a grandmother for the first time and that means something to Arlene. Hayley has something to say. Hayley was glad to see her mother. She was giving birth and the whole time she was thinking of her mother and how she wanted her there. Adam wants her to remember that Arlene makes Joan Crawford look like Joan Cleaver. Hayley is very sad and Adam knows what she means. Hayley wants to be able to ask her for advice on things. She just wants to talk to her mother about diapers and high fevers. She just canít do that and she hates that she canít do that. Adam is sorry about that. He reminds her that Arlene is poison. Hayley has to remember what Hayley has done. She tried to get Mateo and now she is around Hayley and her baby. Adam thinks that Arlene is there for something else. She hurts everyone. Adam doesnít believe it. Hayley thought that Mateo was going to kill Arlene. Adam knows that Mateo loves Hayley and he should be the one to send Arlene packing. Hayley knows that Adam is right but sometimes. She wishes that Arlene wasnít so needy and alone. That is how she gets your sympathy and your pity. Adam begs her not to buy into Arleneís crap ever. Hayley knows that he is right. Adam is going to go and help Mateo send Arlene packing. Adam is not going to throw her into the harbor this time. He will take care of everything. Adam blows her a kiss and leaves. Hayley turns to her baby and she starts crying. She is looking at her babyís hair and she realizes that something has happened to it.

Jake tells Anna that she is not to leave town, but David comes in and tells her that she can leave town if she wants. David tells Jake that he has been allowed to practice medicine. The board is allowing him to work again. Joe thought that he was God but he isnít. Anna likes that David can let her go. Dixie and Tad arrive and tell Jake that David is telling the truth and he is back on staff and there is nothing that they can do to get rid of him. A good lawyer got him back on staff. David shouldnít gloat. Edmund arrives with Brooke and learns that Anna wants to leave the hospital. Edmund tells Anna to go with Jakeís feeling on things. Anna really wants to see her daughter and tell her that her father is dead. She doesnít feel that she needs to make her own opinions. David offers Anna help in getting out of the hospital if she needs it. David looks at Dixie before he leaves and Tad wants to know what that was about, but Dixie assures him that was nothing. JR phones his parents and talks to his motherÖ Anna goes about signing herself out. Anna needs to see her daughter and that is important to her. Edmund and Brooke have concerns about Anna leaving before her time. Annaís opinion is that she needs to see her daughter and get some things straightened out. Anna canít make it to New York. She is very comfortable with taking risks. This isnít about Edmund. She canít continue pretending to be someone that she isnít. It isnítí fair to anyone. This is about more than Anna going to New York City and she admits it. Brooke offers to leave so that Edmund and Anna can talk. Anna tells Edmund that all this is not about him. He has been out of touch with whom she has been for so long. Edmund understands. Anna likes herself. She is pretty feisty and she wants to be that person again. Edmund never wanted her to feel that he was going to plug her into a slot in his life. Things between them deepened and she loves his children. She is sorry about the way that things turned out. He wants to remain her friend. He has given her so much and he helped her get back to being herself. Everything is all right. He still wants to be her friend. She will call him from New York and talk to the kids. He tells her that if she needs anything she should call him. She walks away from him and he sits in the waiting room as Brooke comes over to him. HE looks okay. She knows that he was dumped on. He worries that he is a bore. She doesnít think so, but then again she isnít an international crime fighter. Brooke thinks that they should leave. They get up together and walk out.

Mateo drags Arlene out to the waiting room and tells her that she is so disgusting. She only thinks of herself. She feels that she never gets the benefit of the doubt. Mateo doesnítí care what she wants. He knows that she is there to ruin the most important time of her daughterís life. Mateoís kid is off limits to her. Arlene knows that Hayley wants her there. She is the worst person for the job of Hayleyís mother. He is being really cruel. He hates when she plays victim. She really is a witch. He tells her that she and her act is never to come near his wife and his child again. Arlene is still hurting from the baby that she lost. She would have had her own child now, but she doesnít. Mateo thinks that she means that she should have the child that Hayley has. Mateo thinks that she shouldnítí be a mother. She makes him miserable. She is sorry but when she saw the babyís little hand and face and his soft skin, it almost makes not having her own baby bearable for her. Mateo tells her that this is the last time that she is going to see Hayley and the baby again. Adam comes up and seconds Mateoís thoughts. Mateo wants her removed immediately. Adam is not enjoying this. Mateo grabs Arleneís arm and drags her out of the hospital. He knows exactly what to do. He takes Arlene to Adamís jet and tells the staff to take her away. Mateo will decide where she goes. He puts Arlene on the plane and buckles her in. She asks Mateo to tell Hayley that she loves her daughter very much. She finds him vindictive. He warns her again to stay away from them. Arlene is on the plane flying to God knows where. She looks at the babyís picture. She tapes the strands of hair that she managed to get her hands on to the picture. She says, "Donít worry babyÖmommyís going to get to you real soon."

Tad wants to talk to his father and see if there is a way that they can get rid of David after all. Tad leaves and Jake turns to Dixie to talk. Anna returns to talk to Jake and she apologizes for seeming rude before. Jake only wants the best for them. She only wants to get out and she doesnít want David to sign her out. David comes up behind them and tells Jake that he would like to talk to him privately. He would like to offer Jake a job. They will be working very closely.

Tad finds his father and wants to talk about David. Joe has to move on and it is none of Tadís concern. Tad canít believe that Joe walked away from all this and let it happen. Joe has to accept the decision of the board. Tad knows that Joe has been the Chief of Staff of the hospital for many years and he would like his father to do something.


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