All My Children Update Wednesday 9/5/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 9/5/01

By Glynis

The board is meeting bout David and Joe really is taking a stand on fighting David. David threatens to sue for 30 million dollars. David had no choice because the dismissal compromises his career. David was exonerated of all charges but that is all he needs. The outcome of David’s criminal case is irrelevant to Joe. He stands by his decision. The termination that David has experienced has come because of the Martin family’s vendetta against him and he will bring that up in court. He tells everyone to turn to item 7 seven where he has a detailed account of his dealings with the Martin family. Everyone has a copy of the dismissal of David Hayward. David can work anywhere in the world, but that is not good enough for David. HE has no choice, but the board can reinstate him. Joe doesn’t’ think that they can afford to keep a man like him on staff. To fight this lawsuit, there is going to be huge legal bills. It may cost 50 million dollars to fight David and that could be the end of the hospital all together. The hospital may not be able to risk fighting David. Tad wants them to show courage. It is personal with him, but it should be personal with everyone. The board shouldn’t ignore that David had drugged people at the party. David walked and everyone knows that he did it. David also put the hospital on the map and he saves lives. That is the key to this thing. He would like to save lives but he is willing to shut down the hospital to get what he wants. Joe or David will have to blink first. Joe wants to do what is best for the patient. David remembers that Joe was willing to sacrifice Laura to get back at David. At the last minute Joe allowed David to have the right to take care of Laura. Joe did it because he knew that David was the only doctor on staff that could save Laura. Joe couldn’t let her die. How many Laura's are going to die if David is not there? David has made his point. The board wants to meet the next day and make a decision. David will give them 5 minutes to decide to tear up the termination papers. Soon time is up and David wants to know what is going to happen. Slowly one by one the board rips up David’s termination papers and the lawyer congratulates David on his win… Dixie goes to Palmer shocked at the way that he went after Joe. Palmer tells her that was not what happens. Tad wants to know if Palmer has been blackmailed. Vanessa comes over to stand up for her husband. Palmer made his decision and Tad wants to know why. Vanessa doesn’t want them to argue. She thinks that if they put their best foot forward, they can all get along. Tad is sure that David would have lost. Palmer didn’t want Dixie’s life in the public eye again. Palmer tells Joe to advise him before he makes momentous decisions. Joe just leaves… Vanessa knew her son would have pulled it off. Vanessa worked on Palmer all the day before to get David rehired… Dixie comes over to David and congratulates him. She tells him that he has lost his last chance to start over where no one knows him. He is alone and he doesn't even know it. He is never going to have what she has with Tad. What love can survive David? Vanessa wants to go for drinks with her son, but he doesn’t think that it is time for a celebration. Dixie didn’t let David get to her. David was trying to provoke Tad and it worked. Tad should have known that David was going to try something like this. This is a joke. What is it going to take? How are they supposed to teach their children that the good guys really do win? It has to stop. Dixie wants this to stop. Tad couldn’t stop what happened that day. Dixie knows that this is making him mad, but he has to accept this and let it go. They will shut him out. He is not important. Tad agrees. Tad still wants him to pay for what he has done. It should be enough that David is alone and that no one likes or trusts him. Dixie calls her son but she doesn’t get through. He is not there.

Anna is having a terrible time at home. Edmund thinks that she should call her daughter. Anna has been waiting for this breakthrough and yet she fights it. She cries and Brooke walks in to see Edmund holding her as she cries. Brooke brought some things from the office. Edmund tells Brooke that Anna had a memory breakthrough. That is supposed to be wonderful but Brooke is not so sure. Some of the memories are hard to handle. She did lose her husband. It was a long time ago. She has to give it some time. Anna will be all right. Ann is trying to meet with her daughter who is at a medical conference. Edmund thinks that Anna should get this out with her family. She doesn’t want people to help her anymore. She doesn’t have to decide anything now. She can’t stand living like this. She was trained to be self-reliant. She used to take care of herself. She tells Edmund that he doesn’t know her. The hard part is seeing what she has become and getting back to her life. Does she want to go back to Port Charles? She is not sure that anything is left of her old life. Edmund has made a wonderful life for himself, but that is not what she wants for herself. She wasn’t strong enough to find something else for herself, but she will. Edmund is a wonderful generous man. Suddenly, Anna grabs her head and falls to the ground.

Hayley is in the hospital and Hayley is worried about the baby. Mateo tells her to relax; she will come up with the perfect name later for the baby. The nurse brings in the baby for Hayley. He has just had a bathe and fell right asleep. The nurse puts him in his bassinette in the room for his parents. Hayley is getting tired. They both watch the poor boy sleep and dream. Mateo puts Hayley back and tries to make her go to sleep. Mateo tells his son to take care of his mom while he is gone. He kisses Hayley’s head and leaves. Arlene sees Mateo leave and she sneaks into Hayley’s room to see her. The lights are off and Hayley is sleeping when her mother sneaks in and watches her sleep with the child in her room. Hayley wakes and finds her mother in the room and she immediately goes to her son to get him. She tells Arlene that she can’t be there. Arlene walks towards her and Hayley backs away with her baby. Arlene couldn’t stay away. Her baby has a baby. Hayley tells her that she should go and Arlene will go. Arlene followed her whole pregnancy and Arlene shouted out that Hayley was her little girl when she discovered the news. Arlene thinks that her place is there with Hayley. Arlene says that she will go but she wants to know one thing. Is Hayley okay? Hayley assures her that she is fine. When Arlene was in labor she was told that her baby didn’t have enough oxygen at birth. Whenever she had a contraction Hayley’s heartbeat slowed down. Arlene says that she told Hayley that before, but Hayley tells her that she is lying. She never heard that before from her mother’s mouth. Hayley thinks that her mother made all that up. Arlene knows now that she should have come. The doctors couldn’t tell her what was up with the oxygen. She had to wait and see if she hurt her daughter. Hayley tells her that things are fine. The baby has been checked out. Adam flew in a specialist and he says that the baby is 100%. Arlene is glad that Hayley has all these people around to help her. Hayley is radiant and beautiful and happy. Arlene doesn’t mind that she has to go. She has everything that she has ever dreamed of. Hayley has never been better in her life. Arlene goes to touch Hayley’s hair but Hayley jumps away. Arlene brought a present for the baby and wants to leave it for the baby. It is from someone that loves him very much. Hayley says nothing. The baby is going to have some much love from everyone. He won’t even notice that the bear is there. Hayley tells her to leave the bear and she hugs Hayley as Mateo walks in and finds them there. He looks very unhappy.

Edmund brings Anna to the hospital and tells Jake that Anna just got her memory back. Anna thinks that this is not necessary. Edmund and Brooke will wait for her to have her tests. Anna leaves with Jake. Brooke wonders if anything is seriously wrong. They are going to find out. Brooke is going to buy him some coffee and they are going to go over the edit for the magazine. Mateo walks by and Brooke hugs him congratulating him on his child being born. Edmund hopes that the baby looks like his mother. Mateo hasn’t been home. Mateo is going to go home and shower and change and then he will be back. He leaves and Edmund returns to Brooke. She thinks that his article is too long, but he thinks that it is the right length. Brooke goes about cutting up Edmund’s article and he tells her that she can’t cut out some of his important stuff. She is not kidding she has to do this. She is trying to get him to relax. He is trying not to poke into her business. Brooke is sure that Anna is going to be okay. Edmund needs more coffee and leaves the room. Brooke follows him.

Anna is examined and she tells Jake that she is going to see her daughter who is a medical student. Jake tells her that she can leave after neurologists look at her tests. She thought that she was only under stress. This is going to take a day or so to look at and Jake is going to have her stay overnight. Anna tells him that she is not staying there a moment longer. Jake thinks that her test results are going to be just fine but he needs her to stay. She should talk to a psychiatrist. She is not afraid, but she has no time. Jake warns her that the headaches will not go away. She will deal with those headaches. She needs to tell her daughter that her father passed away. She is sure that she will be fine. She leaves the examination room and bumps into David.


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