All My Children Update Tuesday 9/4/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By Glynis

Liza and Adam wake and Adam is living by the rules and not forcing himself on her for now. Liza made it very clear to him that he was not to have anything to do with her personally. They would only be sharing the house. He is to give up all his rights to his daughter and he is not to try to sleep with Liza while they are living there. Adam agreed to Lizaís terms but very reluctantly. He wants to be with his wife more than anything but she knows that she canít trust him and so she will not risk it. She had one foot on an airplane and the other on the ground and she had to force herself to stay. She didnít want to be controlled by his whims anymore. She didnít want to be reacting to his dealings anymore and that was why she came back. Colby is not there and Adam is having a hard time with that. Liza assures him that she has Colby in a place where she will be safe, so Adam need not worry about that. Adam needs to be with Colby. He begs her for. He has paid dearly. He wants to love and raise a child without hurting her. He didnít mean to hurt Liza. Liza doesnít want him to do this for her. He has to do this for himself. Whether or not they stay together. She wants him to be happy. She is what makes him happy. He wants Colby to come home again. He wants to be a family again. Liza gets a call and she agrees to pass a message. She hangs up and turns to Adam again. She tells Adam that the pediatrician has arrived from Switzerland. She immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. He explains to her that he brought that physician in to see to Hayleyís baby. That quietens her and she wants to know if something is wrong with Hayleyís baby.

Hayley and Mateo are looking at their little baby and they canít help staring at him. He is the most beautiful, most perfect little angel that they have ever seen. They canít take their eyes away from his precious little face. What Hayley feels for this baby is so profound. When the nurse takes him for a bath, they miss him. He was worth every bit of pain that she had to go through to have him. He can sense that there is something wrong and that Hayley is worried. Hayley tells him that she hasnít been totally honest with him. Mateo demands to know what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to make sure that everything is 100% okay. She tells him that her Uncle Stuart didnít get enough oxygen when he was born either. Mateo offers to get a specialist. Hayley tells him that Adam has called in a specialist to look at the baby. She didnít want to worry him. Mateo reminds her that the baby is their son and not her fatherís son. Adam on the other hand understands how Stuart grew up. Children were cruel and vicious to him. Stuart puts his head in the door and says hi. He is there to see the new baby. He comes in and plays with the baby when the specialist comes in to see the baby. Liza arrives and hears them all talking. Liza introduces herself and she turns to the baby and holds him. He is handsome. Stuart wants to know what is going on. Mateo and Hayley ask Stuart if he would like to go with the doctor to see about the baby. Stuart takes the baby and follows the doctor out. Mateo goes after them. The ladies sit and start to talk. Liza brings up that Hayley had some concerns. Liza remembers counting her babyís toes and everything was fine after that. They will get their opinion and later they wonít even know what they were concerned about in the first place. Hayley thinks that Liza is putting on a brave face but she doesnít have to. Hayley knows that whole story. Hayley tells her that she is not alone.

Dixie and Tad are in the hospital when Opal sees them. She is relieved to hear that all the charges against Tad have been dropped. Dixie tells the story about what happened to them in the islands. Sweeney came after Tad with a gun. Vanessa and Palmer enter and canít believe that Tad and Dixie are standing before them laughing. David arrives and overhears that Dixie and Tad could have been killed. Palmer is upset hearing that his niece almost was killed. Dixie laughs in the face of danger. Joe comes up and learns that Dixie was almost killed. Joe is tired of Palmer picking on his son. Palmer tells Joe to watch it, there is a board meeting that day and Joe needs to be on Palmerís good side. Joe wants to know what David is doing there. David assures him that the board of the hospital cares nothing about his skills in the OR. They are more interested in his skills in the bedroom. With that, Tad grabs David by the neck and they start fighting. The fighting is stopped and Palmer still goes on about Tad and how he endangers Dixieís life at every turn. Opal begs him to do the right thing and not side with David at the board meeting. Palmer agrees and walks into his meeting.

Dixie has walked off from David and Tad and David follows her and tells her that he wants to apologize for involving JR in his blackmail scheme. David was facing years in prison. Tad is nearby and hears David telling Dixie that he was going to lose his license to practice medicine. He comes out and Dixie gets between them. She tells Tad to stand back because now it is her turn. She hauls back and slugs David dead in the jaw. Tad likes that and smiles to himself. She is glad that at least her son is not evil like David.

Adam is at home pacing back and forth. He picks up the phone and then drops it quickly. He remembers Liza being the one that causes his family pain. She doesnít want him anywhere near her daughter. He hears a voice and looks up to see a young girl who is supposed to be Colby grown up. She tells him that she grew up without him because he wouldnít changed. She asks him if she wasnít worth him changing or what. He tells his daughter that he loved her ever since she was born. She wanted him to be there to love her and be proud of her. It is too late now. She turns from him and he tries to stop her. She says goodbye to him and she disappears. Marian has walked in behind him and she has Colby with her. She calls to him. He rushes to her and holds her in his arms. He realizes that he almost lost his daughter because of the way that he has acted. Marian understands what happened. She almost lost everything too. The point of the story is that Adam is going to get one more chance. If he truly loves his wife and his daughter, he will not mess things up this time.

Chris is at the hospital and he congratulates Mateo on his child. He has been taking care of the bar for Mateo since he has been gone. Mateo shows Chris a picture of his son and Chris loves it. Mateo wants him to give the picture to someone for him. He canít do it himself. His sister Julia is in the Witness Protection Program and she would like to have the picture. Chris offers to deliver the picture for him. After Mateo leaves, Chris has another look at the picture. He remembers what Chris said. Mateo is more important to him than anything else.

Liza goes home and sees Adam with his daughter. She tells him that she loves him and her daughter more than anything else does.

Mateo comes back to see his wife and he tells her that the doctor said that the baby is 100% perfect. Hayley is glad to hear that. The baby has been put back in the nursery. Hayley spends some time alone with her man in her room.

As the baby sleeps in the nursery, a woman comes into the baby area and slowly walks over to the babyÖ The woman reaches for the baby and as she is about to touch him a nurse walks in and asks, "What are you doing here? Who are you?" The woman is Arlene!


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