All My Children Update Thursday 8/30/01


All My Children Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Glynis

Hayley and Mateo look over their newborn son. He is perfect just like his newborn son. The doctor and nurses come in to visit the family. They have to take the baby and run a few tests. They want to examine him for a while Hayley wants to keep him for a few more minutes, but first they have to make sure that he is healthy. They take the baby and Hayley panics. She sends Mateo to find out what they are doing to her son. He follows the doctor out.

Adam is outside with Edmund and Rosa’s family when Stuart and Marian arrive. They heard the baby crying. Joe comes out to tell everyone that a baby boy was born. Adam asks Joe if he is being straight with them. He tells him that everything is fine. Adam has to wait to see his daughter and grandson. Anna brings Edmund’s kids over to join in the fun. Rosa’s mother is overjoyed that she has a grandson. Maria would love to be there with them if she could. Rosa and her mother walk off to get the kids some ice cream to celebrate… Stuart and Adam discuss the baby and if he might have silver hair like them. They wish that Liza could be there… Edmund sees that Anna gets quiet and he knows that she was affected by him talking about Maria. She lives on in his memories and all this is making her think about Robert. Sometimes she sees his face and nothing more comes to her. She wonders if he was there when Robert was born. Edmund wishes that he could help her. It is very crippling being blank. She was going to talk to Robert’s brother. She is worried that she wouldn’t remember anything and she doesn’t’ want that. She is getting sick of trying. She has a letter that she hasn’t’ opened yet. It is a letter to Robin from her father. Her daughter gave her the letter. Edmund thinks that she should open the letter and she does. She knows that she is looking at his handwriting. It starts out, "Let me tell you about the woman that I love…Anna." She reads the letter privately and tells Edmund that Robert was going on about how he loves her. She could almost hear his voice and that has never happened to her before. She remembers his cocky irritating voice. She couldn’t miss him before because she couldn’t remember. Suddenly she hears some sounds of explosions that come from her past.

Joe goes in to see Hayley. She is still very worried and she wants to know about his heartbeat. She is worried because the baby may have lost oxygen to the brain and she knows that is not normal. Joe promises her that everything will be just fine. The baby had a bruise on the side of his head that was from the fetal monitor. Mateo returns to tell her that everything is okay. He is strong and tried to beat up the nurse when she tried to take his footprint. He seems perfect and fine. She is not hungry, but he is starving. He loves her and he is so proud of her for what she has been through. The doctor returns to tell Hayley that everything is okay. The doctor is wet from the baby hosing him down like a pro. He leaves and Mateo decides to follow him. Hayley wants to see her father. She feels up to it. Mateo agrees to go and bring him to her.

Tad and Dixie are kissing on the plane and they don’t know it, but a man who is hiding behind a curtain is watching them. They continue kissing and making love as the man watches them with his gun drawn.

Adam phones and leaves Liza a message to please come down and see his new grandson. Mateo comes out of the room and greets everyone. The kids want to see the baby. Mateo tells Adam that she wants to see her father. The baby is great. Adam congratulates him on the new child. Adam goes into the room and his family runs to him and asks him lots of questions. Mateo sits them all down and tells them about the birth… Adam goes into the room and finds Hayley with her baby. He is a little angel. Mateo comes in and wants the baby for the hospital photographer. She doesn’t want to let him go. Mateo offers to take good care of the baby and they will be right back. Hayley gets a glass of water from her father and she is so thirsty. Adam was pretty worried back there. Seeing his grandson means a lot to him and he is the first one to see him. Hayley tells him that she is scared. He can see that something is wrong. She is afraid that the staff has missed something. She thinks about Uncle Stuart and how he didn’t get enough oxygen when he was born. Adam tells her that they have monitors for all of these things. She thinks that they may be unable to tell that something is wrong right now. She loves her uncle but the kids teased him and they were cruel and she couldn’t handle that. She just wants to know. Adam thinks that he can help her with this problem. He will always be there for her.

Stuart returns to the hospital and talks outside with his wife. Stuart has brought something wonderful for the baby. Adam comes out of the room and Stuart has many questions for him. Adam will talk to him later. He leaves the area and Stuart is wondering where he is going. The family gathers around and Stuart explains how they are a bigger family now.

Hayley is alone when Mateo comes in with their child. He is a natural and all the tests are over. There were lots of good pictures taken. They wish that they could go home right then. They think that it is time to meet the family.

Edmund takes Anna to the cafeteria and gives her some tea. He is always kind. Edmund wants to know what is up with her. Her husband died. She saw him just before the explosion. She couldn’t’ remember that for the longest time and now it just came to her. Everything just came to her. The very first moment that they met came to her mind. She was not as close to the blast and there was nothing left of him. She couldn’t do anything but watch what had happened. She forgot that he died. She can’t believe that she forgot. All these years she didn’t remember. Edmund reminds her that none of what happened was under her control. Now she remembers and she knows. She knows that her husband loved her and he died loving her. She will never see him again. She starts crying. He wants her to come back with him to the waiting room. She is family and they should be together with Hayley. She tells him sharply that the people upstairs are his family and not hers. He tells her that is not true. His whole family loves her. She thinks that people just feel sorry for her. She had a husband and a daughter and now she has no one. She is alone and if he has trouble with that, he has a problem. She walks away from him.

Dixie and Tad are in their room away from everyone. In walks Tad doing a hula dance and playing the ukulele. He turns around and shows her his coconut bra. He got this stuff from the gift shop. She works to get him out of the outfit, when a man breaks out of the other room and points his gun in Tad and Dixie’s direction. They don’t move and just stare at him. The man accuses Tad of killing his kid. It is Sweeney’s father. Tad asks him for a chance to change his clothes. Mr. Sweeney will not give him a chance to do anything. He is going to be dead and soon it doesn’t matter what he looks like. Tad turns around and then swings the ukulele to hit Sweeney in the head. They both struggle for the gun in a huge grotesque embrace and then the gun goes off. Dixie shouts out, "NO!" Suddenly, Sweeney falls to the ground. Dixie thinks that they should call the police, but Tad tells her, "No!" She turns to him horrified. Tad says that they can’t call the police. He wants to hide the body. He will come up with a plan. If the cops come up there, he will be in big trouble and Dixie will be an accessory. This is a mess. Dixie remembers that there is someone that can help them get out of this mess. She reaches for the phone. She tries to reach Chris. She is unable to find him. Tad tells her that Sweeney is really dead. Tad is trying to find the bullet wound, but he can’t. Suddenly, the police burst in with their guns drawn telling Dixie and Tad to freeze.

Edmund returns to the family in the waiting area. Anna is not there. Edmund is now a new uncle. Anna will be just Anna to the baby. They finally get to meet the baby…Rosa’s mother holds him and Mateo smiles on…Adam returns and walks by them to see Hayley in her room. He tells her that the found a neonatal physician that is coming from Switzerland to look at the baby. She thanks him for doing this for her. They hug. She asks him not to tell Mateo so that he will not worry.

Outside the room, it is Stuart’s time to meet the baby. Mateo hold him as Stuart looks on.


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