All My Children Update Wednesday 8/29/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/29/01

By Glynis

Tad gets kidnapped and is brought on a plane. He is blindfolded and tied up and he is trying to act brave, but it isn’t working that well. The captors leave him alone and he tries to free himself, but he just can’t. He is on the floor when Dixie arrives. Tad hears her voice and she kneels before him and she removed the blindfold. Chris never said anything like this was going to happen. What is she talking about Tad is thinking. She tells him that this was all a very interesting surprise for him. Tad tries to understand what has happened. He relives the events of his being kidnapped and Dixie tries to play it down. She didn’t know that Chris was going to go all this extra trouble to make his kidnapping real. Chris didn't want him to get killed and that was all that he was trying to do. Tad is upset at the lengths that Chris went to so that he could pull this off. She thinks that he should think of this as a second honeymoon. She tells him that practice makes perfect. She starts kissing his neck. She doesn’t want to undo his ties. She likes him better this way, completely at his mercy. They start getting passionate. They don’t’ know it, but they are being watched by someone that means to do them harm.

Erica sees that Chris has a gun and Chris tells her that he has the gun for her protection. To him he needs a gun. It all goes with the territory. Her fans are not rabid she thinks. She never wanted him to carry a gun, but Chris really thinks that it is necessary. She reminds him that he has admitted that he lied to her about who he is and what he wants from her. She picks up the phone and says that she is calling the police for his carrying a weapon. He stops her from calling and tells her that he didn’t tell her the truth because he didn’t think that she could handle it. He tells her that he is in love with her. Greenlee enters announcing that they have to get some things straight. Greenlee sees that she has walked in on something and she asks for more details. Erica only tells her that she is still going to Paris. Erica tells her to get out of the office. Greenlee turns and walks out. Erica turns back to the conversation at hand. She can’t believe that Chris has just admitted to her that he loved her. He tells her that if she had known the truth she wouldn’t have acted right. He tells her that one day he is watching television and he sees her face in the screen. He was hooked from the start. That was a couple of years ago. His meeting her was part of his plan to meet her. This makes her sure that he was stalking her all along. She tries to run out, but he stops her. He really is a janitor and he got a crazy thought that maybe if she got to know him, it wouldn’t matter that he wasn’t the classiest bloke on the block. He asks her if she could go for a guy like him. She finds his question inappropriate. He is not fired. He admitted that he had feelings for him. She expected him to have feelings for her. She is flattered. He admires her. He tells her that he feels more for her than admiration. She tells him that they have to keep things strictly business. She wants the subject closed. He promises to stop talking about them as a couple. They shake hands and he goes back to work. She warns him before he leaves to get rid of the gun.

Laura is fine now and she is brought home. Leo and Brooke are happy that she is fine and they try to take care of her, but she assures them that they don’t have to surround her day and night. Brooke thinks that Leo can work from home. Laura loves that idea. She would have him there all day and that makes her feel better all ready. Leo acts like he is happy with the idea. Laura would like to take care of Leo, but Leo makes her understand that at this time, he is to take care of her. Brooke has to go back to the office. Brooke is sure that Leo is going to take good care of her. Leo walks Brooke out. Laura goes to take her medicine. Outside, Brooke thanks Leo for being everything that he should be. Brooke is going to speak to Erica and stop Greenlee getting sent out of town. David arrives to see Laura for a moment to make sure that she is okay. Brooke has to go and she leaves. Leo tells David that Laura is all right, but Leo wonders if Laura is going to fully recover. David finds that hard to say. She is young and strong, but David has to wonder why Leo is asking that question. He says that he is asking the question for Laura’s good. Laura is alive because of Leo. Laura comes to the door and listens quietly. She hears Leo asking if he is part of her getting better. David tells him that naturally Laura would be devastated if Leo left. David thinks that what he has done for Laura is really special. David leaves him and goes to see Laura inside. He examines her and she is doing fine. They go over how she is to take her pills and she tells him that she thought that she was going to die earlier in the park. David warns her not to miss one dose. Leo comes in and she tells him that she is making progress.

Hayley is hooked up to a heart monitor and she is worried that the baby will not be fine. The doctor enters with a nurse. Hayley is scared. The doctor will try to explain to her what is up. He explains that every time that Hayley has a contraction, the baby’s heartbeat goes down. The doctor is not necessarily worried at this point. Another contraction comes to her and she breathes as calmly as possible. Outside the room, Adam and Mateo’s mother wait for news. They only find out that she has stabilized…Inside the room the baby’s heart beat slows as she goes through her contraction. Mateo tries his best to take care of her. They try to move her position to ease the pressure on the baby, but it isn’t really working. They are going to attach a monitor to the baby’s head so that they can get a better reading of the baby’s condition. The doctors prepare for the procedure and Mateo holds Hayley as she goes through yet another contraction… Marian arrives and finds out that something is wrong with the baby’s heart. Adam can’t take waiting anymore and he bursts into the delivery room and sees his daughter pushing and breathing. The doctor takes Adam out of the room and follows him to tell the waiting group that Hayley needs an emergency C-section. He is not sure about the baby right now. The baby’s head has the umbilical cord around it. The doctor leaves the group and reenters the delivery room and the nurse tells him that Hayley has dilated far too much for a C-section. The baby is on the way and they have to deliver it. Hayley tries her best to do her breathing exercises with Mateo’s help… Outside, Joe arrives and hears that Hayley going to have her baby. Joe tries not to worry. The baby is in good hands. Joe goes to walk away when a nurse comes up to Joe and tells him that Marcus is coming out of his coma. Joe finds him to be a lucky young man. Rosa overhears the news and she is suddenly upset. Her mother comes to her to talk but Rosa doesn’t want to talk about it ever. She walks away from her mother. Her mother follows her and tells her that this thing that Marcus has done is not her fault… Marian and Adam talk. Adam tried to call Liza and Marian doesn’t know where she is. Adam doesn’t believe that she doesn’t know where Liza is. Marian tells him that he will be lucky if he ever sees Liza and his daughter again. A nurse comes out to tell Adam that Hayley is pushing the baby out. She was going to have a C-section, but the baby didn’t want to wait. Hayley is exhausted and she can’t do this anymore. Mateo talks her through this. He tells her that they can do anything together and they can do this. She tries to push again for him. She is doing an amazing job.

Inside that delivery room, Hayley is pushing with all her mite.

Outside the delivery room, Adam is having a terrible time waiting for news on Hayley. Marian reminds him that Hayley has her husband with her and that she is going to be just fine. Mateo is a very lucky man.

The baby is born and Mateo brings him over to Hayley so that she can see him. The nurses are all beaming around them. They have a son now. Mateo gives the bundle to Hayley and she introduces herself. The fat little bundle cries and cries. Mateo loves her and she loves him too.

As Chris is leaving Erica’s office, he bumps into Brooke. He leaves and Brooke enters telling Erica that she doesn’t want Greenlee pushed out of town after all. Brooke changed her mind because she realizes that Leo really loves Laura. She was wrong to mistrust Leo. As the ladies talk, Greenlee hears Brooke and Laura talking. Erica tells Brooke that she has already told Greenlee that she has to go to Paris. Erica wants to know why Leo can’t let Greenlee go if he doesn’t care for her. Outside the office, Greenlee is intently listening when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns startled to find Chris standing over her. "Oh Greenlee…my what big ears we have!" She tells him to go. He tells her to leave quietly or admit to her that she was sneaking up on her. Greenlee walks off in a huff… Inside, Brooke is explaining that she made a huge mistake. Erica hopes that she is wrong that Brooke doesn’t know what she is saying. Erica has a concern for her daughter as well. Erica agrees to tell Greenlee that the transfer is off. Erica warns her that she owes her big time and Erica will collect.

Erica calls Greenlee into her office and tells her that the transfer is off. Greenlee is happy and she leaves the office and immediately calls Leo to thank him for stopping the transfer to Paris. She tells him that Pine Valley will be the center of her operations. Chris overhears her conversation and finds her words very strange.

Laura is home with Leo and he is doing everything to make her at home and happy. He gets her a pillow and she considers calling Greenlee, but then decides against it. She decides to make sure that he stays away from Greenlee. She gets her pills and thinks quietly to herself.


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