All My Children Update Tuesday 8/28/01


        All My Children Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Glynis

Adam and Mateo bring Hayley to the hospital and Adam and Mateo are having a terrible time waiting for doctors. The doctors show up and everyone is acting calm. The contractions are 7 minutes apart. They are going to give her a preliminary exam first. Adam and Mateo have to wait. Mateoís mother and sister arrive to wait for the baby.

Leo and Brooke bring Laura to the hospital and Joe is there to meet them. Laura wants David to be Lauraís doctor, but Joe doesnít want that. Leo orders him to get David there or he will kill anyone in his way. Joe doesnít like being threatened. These are special circumstances and David is suspended. They will have to look over his shoulder if he is to be brought in there to work. Joe thinks that David is using themÖAdam is trying to reach Liza when David walks in. He thanks Adam for making him a free man. Adam wonders what he gets in return. He has lost Liza and the judge keeps coming on to him. David thinks that isnít his fault. David reminds him that they had a deal. He messed up his marriage on his own. David excuses himself; he is on his way to save a life. He leaves and Adam gets out his phone again.

Erica has called Jack and asks him about the background check on Chris. Jack didnít have the time to do the check. Erica has more questions about this man now. She thinks that Chris is stalking her. She wants to know where he came from. Jack thinks that she should just fire Chris if she is that nervous. She will not entertain that idea. Jack wants to know why she is reluctant to fire him. Maybe something is going on between the two of them. Greenlee shows up and she has missed her deadline. She was to get the design for the new lipstick case. Greenlee explains that she bumped into Laura and she was having an attack and is in the hospital. Roger enters and greets his daughter. Erica reminds him that Greenlee is at work. Roger turns to Erica telling her that she looks exceptional. Chris is nearby but not in the room and he listens to Roger talk to Erica. When Roger is alone with Greenlee, he gives her some more money to pay of what he owes her. He asks about the software program that he gave her. She tells him that she has been using it. Greenlee leaves and Rogers goes to Roger and stops him from leaving. They have a short talk and Chris lets him go. Chris goes into the office and makes a call. Erica comes in behind him and finds him using the phone. Gillian and Jesse watch Chris and Erica together. Chris gets off the phone and Erica tells him that it is time that they have a friendly chat. She thinks that since work is over, they can finally unwind. She offers him something to drink. She knows nothing about him and she would like to know more about him. Chris is evasive. He tells her that they should be on a first name basis, but she doesnít think so. Her calling him Mr. Stamp reminds him of his place in her life. She is keeping her distance and he doesnít like that. He feels trapped in a time warp. He wants her to give things a try. He wants her to call him Chris. She refuses and he gets up to leave. She finds him exasperating and impossible. She wants to know why he is there. Why did he come to Enchantment? It is an unlikely place for someone like him to be. HE is a manís man. He tells her that he used to be a janitor and he was happy doing that. He was vacuuming in that same room and he found some loose wires. The phone rings and it is her assistant telling her that they are running behind. She has to go outside for a moment, but promises to return. She leaves and he gets on her phone to make a call.

Ryan goes to the place where Gillian was buried and Gillian and Jesse are sitting there watching him. Ryan lights candles and he reads her tombstone. It is so cold in there and she always hated the cold. He tells her that he brought her a Gardenia, which is stupid, because she is not there anymore. He is not staying in town. He is leaving and he is not coming back. Gillian doesnít want to hear that. Jesse tells her that she canít stop him from leaving if he wants to leave. Ryan canít cry anymore. Gillian canít bear to listen to him. He will be more alone than ever if they leave him alone. He has done some stupid things, like sleeping with Liza. Gillian can follow him anywhere but she wants him to be with his friends. She wants to keep him there and make him stay. The key is her heart. That is the connection. Jesse tells her to give it a shot. She talks to the Gardenia. If only he could see her face one more time. She calls to him and he seems to hear her. She tells him that her heart has a problem and she needs him to help her. HE realizes that he really is hearing her. He calls out, "Oh my God!" He gets up and leaves. Gillian is really proud of herself that she got Ryan to act. She looks down at the Gardenia.

Mia goes to see Marian at her home and she tells her that Adam found Liza in bed with Ryan. Marian is very distressed over this news. Stuart comes out and hears that Adam is in trouble again. He knows that Adam was sleeping with the judge cause the judge tried to kiss him. She saw Stuart and thought that he was Adam and planted a big one on him outside of her chambers. Stuart is glad that Mia is a part of the family now. Marian is not so happy about the news, but she lets him think what he wants. He doesnít know any better. Mia wonders where Liza is now. Stuart hasnít seen her. Mia wants to find her because Liza owes her some money. Mia gets a call from Adam who asks her what she is up to. She does not want to talk to him right now. She was supposed to take care of David and she didnít do that because she was too busy with her own problems. She hasnít really been paying any attention to David since he is suspicious of her anyway and Liza has been giving her a hard time. Adam tells her to meet him outside the ER entrance in 10 minutes. Mia hangs up and tells Marian and Stuart that she will meet Liza later. Stuart hopes that everything works out for her in the end. Mia thinks that he really means that. Mia leaves. Stuart thought that Adam really learned it this time that you should always tell the truth. Stuart didnít help his brother. Maybe Adam needs to lose Liza before he learns.

The doctor returns with Hayley and he tells Mateo and Adam that the baby is not ready to come out now. He is going to keep Hayley for a while and make sure that she will be okay. Mateo and Hayley walk off together to practice breathing exercises. Adam thinks that Hayley should have something for pain, but the doctor explains that she doesnít need anything yet.

Laura is in the hospital and Brooke, Leo and Edmund talk about her condition. Bianca walks in and hears that Laura is sick and everyone is wondering if she is going to make it. Bianca goes to talk to Brooke saying that she knows that Leo doesnít love Laura and he shouldnít be forced to love her. Edmund overhears what Bianca says and after Bianca leaves, Edmund comes over and tells Brooke that he knows that Leo cares for Laura. He questions her getting Leo the job at Tempo. . Brooke is glad that Edmund is there for her that day, she only wants her daughter to get well. She will have her motives questioned some other timeÖ Ryan comes bursting into the hospital asking Brooke where Laura is. He says that something is wrong with Gillianís heart. David comes to tell them that Laura had a brief arrhythmia. The condition is not that serious. Laura just needs to slow down.

Mia meets with Adam and he wants to know what she has found out about David for him. Mia really has nothing to report. She has no choice but to do as Adam says. He tells her that David is at the hospital and she is going there to visit himÖ Hayley is walking with Mateo and Hayley thinks that her labor is progressing. The doctor will check her out and see if she has dilated some more. The doctor takes her off to have another look. Mateo and Adam go off together. Rosa and her mother are together and Rosa is uncomfortable because she doesnít like hospitalsÖ Jesse and Gillian arrive at the hospital and they see Ryan talking with Mia. She goes to talk with Ryan and he is very short with her. He talks with Mia for a while and decides to stay in town. This makes Gillian very happy. Gillian thinks that Ryan and Chris are connected somehow. Jesse asks her what she is going to do with that information now.

Leo goes in to see Laura and she is hooked up to machines again. She hates that she plays the invalid wife. He doesnít care, he is only there to be with her. She is better now and she is dressed and wheeled out of the hospital room. Laura is glad that Leo could be with her. Greenlee is there to see the happy couple.

Hayley is fine, but the heart rate of the baby drops when she has a contraction. The doctor assures her that everything is going to be fine for her. They push her off to the delivery room to monitor her closer.


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