All My Children Update Monday 8/27/01


All My Children Update Monday 8/27/01

By Glynis

Adam and Ryan get into a fight and Liza is accidentally knocked over. Adam revives her and things immediately that she is pregnant, but she denies it. She thinks that he would love that so that he could continue controlling. She tells him to go away so that she can get herself together and think. She gees back to the conversation of him sleeping around behind her back. She is embarrassed to even go to therapy. Adam demands that Ryan leave the room, but Liza wants Adam to leave. He was the one that broke their vows. He loves her and he would do anything for her. She doesnít want to hear that. She wants to hear nothing from him. He was going to keep this a secret to the grave. She canít live with him anymore. She needs him to go away and leave her alone. He tells her that this isnít over. They are not going to be over for a long time. He leaves and she shuts the door behind him. Ryan goes to her and rubs her shoulders. She turns to him instead. She is thinking about everything. She gets up and has dressed now. She walks by Ryan and he canít get an answer out of her.

Gabriel and Rosa are at the police station and everything has been resolved. Rosaís mother is there and tells Rosa that Shannon has confessed everything. Rosa didnít mean to cause any troubleÖ Bianca arrives and hugs Gabriel happy with the result of everything. Anna thanks Bianca for hiding her brother and Rosa. Jack appears and it is only a matter of time before Gabriel and Rosa can leave. Mateo shows up and is okay with leaving Hayley alone because he has his cell phone and she can call him if the baby arrives. Shannon is led into the room and Shannon is there with handcuffs. She is denying now that she hit Marcus at all. She says that she never touched Marcus at all. Shannon says that Anna and Edmund framed her. She turns to Mr. Dunn and Mateo sees the look between them. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn say that they know Shannon over the years and she wouldnít hurt their son. Shannon tells that Edmund and Anna told her that Marcus came out of the coma when he really hadnít. She feels that she was tricked and she went along with their game because she was scared. Jack was at the hospital too. She told him that she didnít mean to hurt Marcus. Mr. Dunn tells Jack that he is a liar. Shannon tells everyone that Jack doesnít like her, so he would lie too to screw her over. Mr. Dunn thinks that everyone that accused Shannon has no credibility. Derek asks Shannon to tell the truth right now. She refuses. Until they get this thing resolved Gabriel and Rosa have to remain in custody.

Greenlee is at the park waiting for Brooke and Leo to show up so they can all look for her. Brooke is upset that Greenlee is looking through Lauraís things for a clue. Leo see the name plate that Laura bought for him. The plate is broken and Leo blames Greenlee for it. Brooke tells Greenlee that Laura is in trouble. She left her medicine at home and could be in danger if she doesnít get it soon. Leo blames Greenlee for Laura missing. Leo demands that she tell them what it was that she saw earlier when she got there. Greenlee tells the story again. Her keys and wallet are there so she wasnít mugged. Brooke thinks that she should call the police. Greenlee offers to wait there for them to try and find Laura. Brooke gives her the cell phone number and she walks off to find her daughter. Leo leaves too.

Hayley calls her doctor and reports that she thinks that she is in labor. She will start timing her contractions and see how close she is to having the baby. Someone is at the door and she struggles to go and see who it is. It is her father looking as miserable as possible. He enters and she asks what is the matter. She tells him that she has been having twinges lately. She is fine and she has called the doctor who thinks that she may be having fake contractions. He came over for a sympathetic shoulder. He tells her that he had a fight with Liza and it is serious enough for her to want nothing to do with him ever again. He tells her that he made sure that JR was not convicted for doing and stealing drugs. HE did that to make sure that his son would have a future. She will understand when she has her baby. She is an addict and she understands that you donít get anywhere in life if you donít look your mistakes in the face. JR has a problem and Adam has to realize that. He thinks that she doesnít understand. Liza must want to kill him. Hayley doesnít blame Liza for wanting to kill him, but she will forgive him because he tried to bribe a judge and she knows that now. She can tell that there is more that has happened, but he wonít tell her the specifics. She guesses at what else he may have done. At least it wasnít illegal. She asks who the judge was. Adam tells her. Hayley remembers that woman as someone that always flirted with her father at the country club. Hayley suddenly puts it all together and figures it out. She keeps looking at her watch and now she knows that she is having her baby for real. Adam tells her that they are going to the hospital right away. Adam gets her bag. She really wants her husband with her and Adam promises her that they will find him on the way.

AT the police station, Brooke shows up announcing that Laura is missing and they have to look for her. Those that are able to leave do to help. Mateo stays behind and talks to Shannon. He warns her to tell the truth for the first time in her life. She denies that she is lying. Mateo tells her that he knows that she thinks that she is stuck. He knows why she did what she did and why she is doing what she is doing. She knows the truth and she is hiding it. She wants him to stop talking to her. Mateo doesnít want her to go to jail. He knows that Marcus has been hurting her and has been for a long time. Marcus was violent to her and his sister. He urges her to clear this up. Shannon has to make a statement and Mr. Dunn has to wonder what she will put in it. Mr. Dunn warns Shannon to make sure that she minds her fatherís economic future. Shannon realizes that for the first time, she has to look out for herself. She is willing to cooperate and write the right thing in the statement. That means that Gabriel and Rosa are free to go. Everyone in the room, except for Mr. And Mrs. Dunn are happy at the thought that Shannon is going to do the right thing and expose Marcus for the fiend that he is.

Greenlee is still waiting at the park when Leo shows up. Neither has seen Laura. Greenlee wants to know if maybe Laura knows that they had a moment earlier in his office. He hopes that Laura didnít see them earlier. Brooke and Edmund show up saying that they couldnít find Laura. Suddenly she shows up well and asking, "Hey! What is going on?" Brooke is happy to see her daughter. Leo demands to know what happened. Laura thinks back to hearing Greenlee and Leo talking in his office. Leo presses her to tell him what happened to her. She says that she is okay and that she is sorry that they were all worried. Laura explains that she went off to pick wildflowers while in the park. She felt really awful about the plaque that she broke in the park. Leo goes to her and hugs her. Laura doesnít know what is wrong with her.

Mateo is contacted and meets up with Hayley and he takes her to the hospital coaching her to breathe. He announces to the staff that they are having a baby now and they need soma help.


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