All My Children Update Friday 8/24/01


All My Children Update Friday 8/24/01

By Glynis

Mateo is with Hayley and he has some great news. Shannon confessed for the coma. She is the one responsible. It was self-defense. That means that Gabriel is in the clear and the charges are going to be dropped. Mateo wants to call him mother, he will have dinner with her that night. She puts her hand on her stomach telling Mateo that she has news about the baby. He thinks that something is wrong but she assures him that at any moment she could have the baby. She is ready to go into labor. She gets him to do some breathing. He wants her to sit down but she doesnít want to. She is already one centimeter wide. He makes her sit down anyway. She is fine and her back has healed. She should stay active so that her labor will start. They can even make love that is good for the labor too. Everything is fine and all he has to do is stay close to her. The following day, they could be parents. It would be nice to have Rosa there to be a part of the babyís life right from the start. When the baby is born, Mateo is going to hold the baby and tell him how lucky he is to have her for a mother. She is going to do the same thing. She has been keeping a journal of the events of the baby. Mateo is going to be with her for the very first contraction. They donít have a name picked out yet. They talk about different names, but canít figure out what would be a good one. Mateo doesnít want to leave her, but she assures him that she will call him the second that she feels something. He will have his cell phone and that will make things all right. He kisses her and tells his baby that he loves him. He takes his phone and his keys and leaves. The baby starts kicking and doesnít want to stop. She bends over and feels something funny. It is time. That wasnít a kick. She sits down. That was a contraction.

Laura is with her mother in the park. She is worried about Leo taking the job at Tempo. Brooke thinks that Leo is very interested in his new job. He likes the pace and is good at what he is doing. Brooke is sure that he likes the challenge. Brooke is sure that Leo can take whatever is thrown at him. Brooke really likes him and thinks that he is great. Laura thinks that her mother should try being in love like Laura is. They are going to go to the office to bring Leo a present and have a visit. Myrtle and Bianca are walking in the park and Brooke greets them. Myrtle tells them that Bianca took her to the doctor and everything is okay. They thought that they would take a stroll through the park and get some fresh air. Brooke and Laura are very uncomfortable and have to go. They walk off and Myrtle notices the shortness. Laura is looking wonderful though. She has bright eyes and color in her cheeks. Myrtle is sure that Leo has something to do with that. Bianca is clearly unhappy. She knows that Bianca and Laura were good friends. They must have had a disagreement Myrtle thinks. She wants to know what happens. It is the same old story. Bianca gets too close to someone and they push her away. Myrtle looks at the lovely locket that Bianca is wearing. She wears the locket to be close to her father. Her father knew what a beautiful heart Bianca possesses. Her heart goes out to people and that is not being nosey that is someone caring. She wonders if she cares too much. It is difficult not to care though. People sometimes donít know what to do when they are given advice. Myrtle tells her that they are going to go home and have tea and let their hair down. They get up and leave.

Leo is at the office. Greenlee is sure that he was the one that got her sent to Paris. He denies that he had anything to do with it. He wants her to get on with her life and leave him alone, but she is sure that he still wants her for his own and that he will never be happy with Laura. Greenlee has just pulled Leo to her and has kissed him making him powerless. The reaction that he shows proves to her that she still has his heart and that he doesnít really want to be with Laura. She threatens to do that again in front of his wife. She wants him to stop Erica from sending her away. If he wants to be with Laura fine, but leave her alone! He tells her to go ahead and kiss him in front of his wife. It would be just like her to do a thing like that. She would really do a thing like that. She tells him that if he doesnít want her there he can kick her out. She knows that he wants her. Leo denies that he fixed it that she would be sent overseas. She canít stand the fact that he has found a life without her. She is wearing Laura down and will break her heart again soon. He used to love so much about her and now she makes him sick. He tells her that she disgusts him. She wants him to take that back but he doesnít want to. Laura has arrived and she is outside the door listening to the two talk inside. He tells her that he doesnít hate her. She knows that. Laura continues to listen. Suddenly, Brooke enters the room and finds out that Greenlee thinks that he is trying to send her to Paris for a transfer. Brooke says that she knows nothing about this transfer. Greenlee walks out and shuts the door. Brooke wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he knows that she was that set up the transfer. He wants her to stop this right now. She wonders where Laura is. She was outside the office with Brooke earlier. She was going to bring Leo a present. Now Laura is no where to be found. Leo goes looking for Laura and she is no where to be found. Laura didnít take her medicine with her when she left the house and that could screw up her heart.

Adam has just returned home and he has found Liza in bed with Ryan. This pisses him off royally and he enters getting ready to beat the crap out of someone. He slams the door behind him. Adam grabs Ryan by the throat and Ryan pushes him off. Adam knew that he couldnít trust Ryan. He has been working on Liza ever since his wife died. That is what Adam thinks. Adam tells her that he is using her to get to him. He thinks that this is all about him. He tells Ryan that he went too far. Liza admitted that she was the one that seduced him. Adam canít believe that she is saying that. She admits that this was her idea. Adam wants to know how she could do that. She tells him that he already broke her wedding vows. She tells him that she ran into JR running away from home and she saw the judge had dropped the charges. She went to the court and she heard her husband and the judge together. Adam wants to explain. She stumbled across their love nest. He tells her that it wasnít like she is thinking. He feels that he had no choice. It was very complicated. He tells Ryan to get out. Ryan doesnít want to go and Liza assures him that she canít be hurt anymore by Adam. Ryan leaves. This is about Adam and his lady judge. He admits that he had sex with the judge. She goes to the bed and makes it. He wants to explain why he did it. He wanted to help his son. He tells her the story of how David had the tape of his son. He had to save him from going to jail. That is not what Liza thinks that the boy needed. The boy needed some discipline. Control is Adamís drug of choice and he will do anything to get it. This time Adam sacrificed the both of them. Adam tells her that he was thinking of her when he was scamming and scheming behind her back. He really believes that. She thinks that he is plotting revenge and will get back at Ryan for hurting him. She got back at him with Ryan, but that wasnít about payback. Adam is sure that he will get over the thing with Ryan. They are no good without each other and he loves her and he knows that she still loves him. If they can get past this and go on they will be great. He wants her to tell him that she wants to go on and that she believes in him and that they have a future together. He can forgive her for what she has done to him. He is not trying to downplay this. He feels that he did what he did because he didnít have a choice. The end to him justifies the means. She doesnít know what he expects from her. She did what she did because she wanted to do that. He knows that he hurt her and she has a right to get back at him. She tells him that she didnít sleep with him only once, she did it before. He is sure that she only had to get that out of her system. He is sure that this is over now. She canít care for Ryan. He is the only one that she loves. HE wants her to tell him that Ryan means nothing to her.

Ryan goes out to the living room and he gets things to throw. Mia arrives and Ryan is not in the mood. She tells him to try some deep-breathing exercises. She came back to get her things and move out. Ryan is leaving too. He tells her that Adam caught him in bed with Liza. They are in the room right now arguing. Ryan is kicking himself. He knew that he should have left after the first time that he slept with her. He lost his heart when he lost Gillian. She goes over to the knife on the table and she brings it to him and tells him that they should put him out of his misery. She ends up walking out of the room.

Laura arrives at the park as Bianca and Myrtle are leaving and she doesnít have enough breath to call out to them. She falls on a park bench to cry. Later, Greenlee arrives at the park and finds Lauraís things all over the bench, but Laura no where to be found. Her cell phone in her purse starts ringing and Greenlee reaches in and gets the phone out. She turns it on and hears Leo asking if this is Laura answering. Greenlee smiles to herself.


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