All My Children Update Wednesday 8/22/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/22/01

By Glynis

Liza is back to get Mia. She offered Mia a deal the night before and she fully expects Mia to live up to it. She will give her $100,000 if she gives up some of her blood to do a test to prove that she is really Lizaís sister. She has the check for 100,000 dollars in her purse and she wants Miaís blood now. Ryan is there and he opens the door for Liza to enter. Liza goes to the bed and finds that Mia is not there. Mia has rigged the bed to look like she was sleeping in it, but she isnít there at all. Liza thinks that this is typical of someone like her. She isnít in the bathroom either. She turns out not to be there on the boat at all. Liza things that Ryan is hiding her and accuses him of hiding her. He just smiles at that. He canít believe how she is handling this. Liza canít find Mia anywhere on the boat. She is gone. Ryan is upset that she thought that he was hiding Mia. She did sleep there and he hasnít seen him since. Liza doesnít believe that she went to the health club that day. Liza thinks that Mia packed a bag and is gone. Ryan doesnít think that Mia is the type of person that would run from a fight especially for $100,000. He tells her that she is like Mia. Liza doesnít like that. Ryan wants her to stop this madness. He is sorry that she is having such a hard time. She wonders if he thinks that she used him. He admits that he used her and it almost didnít work. She just reminded him that he is able to care for someone. He wants her to just go. There is nothing that she can do for him now. She leaves the boat and he gets up to go and look at his wedding picture with Gillian. That is a whole other time now.

Gillian is upset because she is sure that Ryan needs her. Jesse reminds her that he told her to watch Chris and learn. He points her to Chris and Erica.

Chris is out by Ericaís house and he stops to sit on her stoop. Gillian and Jesse appear and she wants to know why they keep bumping into Chris. He is trying to figure something out, much like Gillian is. Chris goes to Ericaís door and Gillian guesses that Chris has something in common with her. Gillian thinks that she will be able to figure this out herself. Jesse tells Gillian that if she wants to help Ryan she should pay attention to everything. Bianca lets Chris into the house and Gillian follows to see what is up. Bianca tells Chris that Erica is really mad. Chris is not afraid at all. He shouts up the stairs, "Woman of the house are you ready? Or do I have to come up there and slide you out from the sheets?" Erica appears and is angry at the way that he has summoned her. He gives her a compliment and she is immediately putty in his hands. He gives her a hard time for being late. She reminds him that he never showed up the night before when she needed him. She had a fundraising dinner and she waited for him until it was too late for her to make an appearance. He didnít know that he was supposed to be on call 24 hours a day. She is beautiful but he has his own life. He tells her that she didnít miss a thing the nigh before. The benefit was for the ballet. Bianca stands by and watches her mother go at it with Chris. He tells her that if she is going to fire him to please do it right away so that he can go to the game. She smiles at him. She likes that he is honest and direct with her. He offers to cook for her. He wants to make her an omelet with fresh herbs. There is some growing outside and he takes her outside to get some. Bianca comes down to find that her mother is not in the house. Someone else is in the house and she turns her head to have that person put his hand over her mouth to stop her from making any noises. It is Gabriel and Rosa. Gabriel wants her help in figuring something out. Erica and Chris return to the house with wild thyme. Bianca hides her friends and greets her mother. Gabriel and Rosa are in the closet and Rosa canít breathe in there. She seems to be having an attack of some type. Erica can tell that something is upsetting Bianca and she tries to get her to open up to her. She is unable to and Erica and Chris go and have the omelets together. Later, Erica calls for Bianca, but she is not anywhere to be found. Erica is worried about her, but Chris tells her that she is only experiencing teenage stuff and that he will always be there for her if she ever needs him. He thinks that they should go. Erica decides to stay home that day and work and they will meet up later. Chris leaves and Erica stops to think that Chris has been trying to charm him all morning. She is not going to let him mess with her. Nobody messes with Erica Kane. Chris gets on his phone outside the house and he tells his contact that Erica is going to find out that he is up to something. Gillian is watching Chris with Jesse and she wants to know what he is up to. She would prefer it if Jesse just told her what she was supposed to figure out, but he will not.

Derek is at Wildwind to search the premises. He has been looking for Gabriel and Rosa for the longest time and he has a suspicion that they are hiding on the premises. Anna tells him that the kids have done nothing wrong. Derek reminds her that harboring a criminal is a crime. Derek sends the police to start searching. Edmund tells Derek that he will tell the police where Gabriel and Rosa are hiding. Anna turns to him with fear in her eyes and she asks Edmund, "What are you doing? He promised her earlier that he wouldnít give up her secret, but he wants the kids to be safe from the police or taking off never to be found again. Everyone waits for Edmund to say what it is that he feels that he must say. Edmund tells him that the kids are not armed and that he should have come to him earlier. He says that he hasnít seen the kids lately but the night before they were in the Tack Room in the stables. Derek and his helpers go off to check the stables. Anna turns to Edmund and tells him that he is brilliant. Anna is going to tell the kids to take off. Edmund gives her some money to help them out for a while. Anna goes running to the kids to tell them the news.

Derek returns to the house and tells Anna and Edmund that they could go to jail for aiding and abetting criminals. Marcusí father shows up wanting to know if the criminals have been found yet. The man will not accept that the two teens are missing. Marcus is still in a coma. Edmund tells him that he should be at the hospital seeing to his son. He wants to know why Edmund is protecting the teens. Edmund loves the teens and wants to protect them. Edmund tells him to get off his property or he will be escorted off. Marcusí father tells Derek that he better know that his job is on the line. He leaves the hunt the animals himself. His kid is in a coma and yet he is running around with a vendetta. Everyone is a little jumpier than he would like him or her to be. Derek understands what they did, but he still has a job to do. Derek turns and leaves upset with the couple for not helping him out. Anna is sorry that she put Edmund in this position. It seems like there is no way out of this position. Mr. Dunn said that there was an eyewitness who seems to be Shannon, but Edmund thinks that Anna can get Shannon to tell the truth.

Anna goes to the hospital to put her plan into action. She goes to look at Marcus and Shannon is there. She tells Shannon that she thinks that Marcus is going to make a great recovery. That is not what Shannon heard. Anna tells her that there is no reason why Marcus shouldnít get up and start talking anytime now. Shannon leaves the room. She suddenly feels very sick. Edmund walks up to her and she tells him to go away and leave her. He says that he was out of line with her the day before. She is really disturbed. Anna comes out and tells Edmund for Shannonís benefit that there has been a change in Marcusí condition and that he should come into Marcusí room right away. Edmund gets up and goes into the room with Shannon watching from behind. Edmund soon comes out of the hospital room and Shannon goes running to him. Edmund says that Marcus has come out of the coma and he told them everything. Shannon stares at him with fear in her eyes.


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