All My Children Update Monday 8/20/01


All My Children Update Monday 8/20/01

By Glynis

Edmund is outside Marcusí door talking to a nurse in the hospital. She is one of the people that take care of Marcus on the floor. He strikes up a conversation with her about the things that she must see during a day. It is a wonder that she can find time to take care of the patients. He talks about Marcusí property and how it is recorded. She tells him that the night that Marcusí property was taken out there didnít have time for inventory. They were really busy that night. He asks her if she remembers anything about a gold watch. The nurse thinks that there might have been a watch the night before. That makes Edmund very happy as that proves that a gold watch wasnít stolen from Marcus. This must be something that Marcusí parents are making up to be difficult and cause Gabriel and Rosa difficulties. Derek appears suddenly asking Edmund what he is doing there. Edmund tells him that he is there to make sure that Rosa and Gabriel are not put away. Derek warns Edmund that Marcusí father is a player in this town and they should expect him to pull strings with the commissioner. Derek saw Edmund talking with the nurse and he should stay out of it. Derek feels that the best that they can do is make sure that Gabriel and Rosa come into the station and give themselves up. Mateo is in jail and canít help the kids. Edmund feels that he has to help out. Derek promises that if Rosa and Gabriel are innocent, he will make sure that nothing happens to them. He wants them in so that some eager cop doesnít shoot them first. Derek leaves and Edmund turns to find one of Marcusí friends coming out of Marcusí room. He approaches the girl and tells her that he is doing a story and would like her participation. Edmund asks for the girlís nameÖ The interview starts and she tells how Marcus was a great soccer star and wrestling star. Shannon walks up and finds her friend Mindy talking to Edmund and she demands to know what she is doing.

Rosa is off hiding in the Santos family burial place. Maria is buried there. Gabriel returns with bread and water for the both of them. She canít eat. She is too scared being there. They are hiding from the police. Gabriel goes to her and puts his arms around her to comfort her. They try to figure out who would try to hurt Marcus that way. Rosa canít believe that Marcus is so terrible. Gabriel thinks that they should run some more. They are bound to get caught. Rosa feels that maybe they should just get out of there now before someone finds out that they are there. She wants him to wait for a moment before they go. She turns and goes to her sisterís grave. She kisses the plaque on top and says, "MariaÖPlease take care of momÖ. She must be so scared right nowÖI am soÖso sorry" She takes Gabrielís hand and they walk out into the night.

Laura and Leo kissing. She is wearing her peach negligee and she tells him that she is going to be what he wants. He doesn't want her to try. He is going to be her husband and he wants to be there. She says Chinese words that mean husband. She says ĎI love youí in Chinese and then they kiss some more. He is walking to the bedroom with her when there is banging on the door. Someone is shouting, "Leo! I want to talk to you right now." The couple stops in their tracks and stare at the door. It is Greenlee and she insists on being let in. Leo opens the door and Greenlee enters going straight to Laura and seeing that she is ready for bed. Leo tells Greenlee to get out of bed. Laura canít take this. Greenlee tells him that they are going to have this out right now. She wants to talk with Leo alone. Leo tells Laura that he feels that it would be best that she leave him with Greenlee to talk. Laura canít believe her ears. Greenlee tells Leo that she is upset that he tried to get her kicked out of town because he canít get over her. Leo denies that he had anything to do with that. He tells her that what he does is not her business. He wants her out of the apartment. She feels that he has just traded one check writer for another. He tells her that the best woman won and she canít take it. She tries to hit him in the face, but he stops her. Laura has gone to her room now, but returns to peek around the corner and she what is going on in her living room. Greenlee finally leaves and Laura walks out and she doesnít want to talk about Greenlee at all. She is really tired and she doesnít want to move. Leo is going to give her a little time to rest. He gets up to leave and Laura tells him not to leave her. She tells him not to ever leave her. Greenlee is outside the house watching through the blinds and she sees that Laura was able to stop him from coming to her.

Liza is at the gym with Marian, Mia and Ryan when Marian tells her that Mia is her sister. Marian tells her that Mia is really Lizaís fatherís child. Liza turns to Mia and sees that what Marian is saying must be true. Marian wants her to understand why she didnítí tell her he news sooner. Liza remembers that Marian was the one that stayed home night after night while Marian partied her life away. Liza doesnít even know if this could be true. Liza thinks that Mia just wants money and she is not going to get anymore. She tells Mia to go back to here she came from. Ryan thinks that they should go somewhere else to talk about this. Liza feels that Mia is snowing everyone. Liza is sure that Mia is not her fatherís daughter and makes a crack about Miaís mother. Mia grabs Liza and tells her that she canít make cracks about her mother. Liza refuses to fight with her. Ryan thinks that they should be able to talk. Marian feels that there has been too much information for Liza. Liza will not hear anymore about this ever. She leaves. Marian thinks that this is just what Mia wanted. She walks out too and Mia goes to the bag to practice punching and getting her frustrations out. She sits in a little while and Ryan goes over to her to sit with her.

Marian and Liza go to Marianís house. Marian wants Liza to stay with her for a while. Liza hasnít been sleeping very well and she doesnítí want to talk about Mia really. Marian says that the proof that she has came a long time ago. Liza thinks that Marian should need more than Miaís motherís word to buy this stuff. Miaís mother really loved Lizaís father. Liza canít believe that Marian is so accepting of what has happened. Marian hurt Lizaís father terribly and Marian knows that her father deserved a better wife than she was. All these years, Liza accused her mother of being wild and driving her father to his grave and yet, Marian didnít say anything. Marian wants Liza to forgive her father this one mistake and not dwell on this thing too much. Liza puts her head in her motherís lap and cries. Marian makes them some tea and Liza gets a picture of her father. She remembers him touching her forehead and kissing her and telling her that she was his little girl. He actually is just like Adam with his lies. Marian will not hear of it. She knows that they both love her. None of this makes any sense. Marian wants her to lean on her and Stuart and maybe not Ryan. Marian wants her to be careful of her feelings. She could do something that she may regret.


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