All My Children Update Thursday 8/16/01


All My Children Update Thursday 8/16/01

By Glynis

Laura lets Bianca into the house and Bianca is upset because the police came to her house. They were looking for Gabriel and Rosa. Marcus is in the hospital and the police think that Gabriel did it and that Rosa was in on it. Laura is glad to see her since she hasnít seen her friend for a long time. Bianca didnít want to intrude because Laura is a newlywed. There are shopping bags everywhere. Laura shows her some of her new nightgowns. Bianca gets quiet. There is a problem. Bianca canít do this anymore with her friend. The girly wedding thing is making Bianca feel like a liar. She is looking at things that Laura wears when she is intimate with her husband and Bianca doesnít like that. Laura has missed her a lot. Bianca doesnít believe that Laura misses her. Bianca tells her that there are thinks that she wants to say to her friend. She didnít think that certain things were her business, but she is not going to lie anymore. Leo and Laura married is hard for Bianca to handle. She never got used to that idea. Laura canít understand. Bianca lied for her friend, but she is going crazy pretending. Laura was really sick and Leo was great. Laura believes that Leo loves her and still does. Bianca thinks that she has said too much already. Laura wants her to know and believe that Leo loves her. Bianca thinks that Leo cares for Laura, but she is sure that Leo hasnít gotten over Greenlee. Bianca doesnít think that he is lying to her. He is a good guy, but his heart isnít free. She told her friend that Leo was hers, but now Bianca is afraid that they might stay together and that may not be the best thing for them. Laura had her doubts, but she doesnít doubt him anymore. He loves her and she believes that he wonít hurt her. Bianca doesnít believe that. Laura knows that Bianca doesnít believe her because she doesnít want them to be together. Laura thinks that Bianca wants her to turn to Bianca for comfort instead.

Leo is off alone looking at magazines and he reads something about marrying young. HE remembers seeing Greenlee kissing Jake in the window. Greenlee walks in the office and finds Leo sitting there ready the magazine. Leo is there waiting to see Brooke in her office. Greenlee is there doing work for Erica. Greenlee is turning into a worker bee she says. She acts like she gets up and comes to work and then goes home again. Leo doesnít believe her one bit. She is angry that the things that she should be sitting around waiting for him. Brooke comes to the door and hears what Greenlee is saying to Leo. Greenlee tells him that he wants to get out of the marriage so badly that he can taste it, but she knows that he is not going anywhere. Brooke stands back and listens to the conversation outside the door. Leo tells her that he loves his wife and being with her is the smartest thing that he has ever done. He tells her that the sex life with his wife is the most beautiful thing that he has been experienced. He says that he loves getting lost with Laura. Greenlee doesnít believe that she was wasted time for Leo. Brooke chooses now to enter the office. Greenlee delivers her papers and leaves the office quickly. Leo apologizes to Brooke, but she isnít upset with him. She likes what he said about Laura. Leo denies that he thinks about Greenlee. Brooke was out the night before and she saw Leo watching Greenlee kissing Jake in the window. She thinks that Laura is very happy to have Leo. She really believes that. Brooke thinks that Leo needs something to do and she offers him a job at her workplace. He needs more confidence in himself and this will give him that. Leo agrees to take the job. Brooke is really happy. Brooke gets a call and she has to take it. Leo should leave now, but he is going to start working right away from her.

Ryan is telling Liza that she is a lot stronger than she thinks she is. She helped him a lot. He was going to leave town and she finds that to be normal. He thinks that they were both overreacting. Now, Ryan isnít going to leave and he is going to help her with her husband. Ryan wants her to move forward even if it means doing Adam in. He should get to work, but he wants her to let him know what he is supposed to do for her when Adam gets back. She doesnít want him to leave the office. She canít believe that she is acting the way that she is. She thinks that she is needy and Ryan knows what that feels like. She should take the day off. She doesnít want to. She will have to face her daughter and that is not something that she wants to do right now. She will appear sad. She wanted Colby to be proud of her father. She wonders how she is going to protect her daughter until she is old enough to know about her father. Ryan has an idea. He wants to order some food. Their hands touch as he hands her some menus and she thanks him for his help. They order Chinese food and eat in her office. They are having the food hot and Ryan wishes that they were having it cold and naked in the kitchen. He is very sweet. They kiss.

At the gym, Marian shows up and finds Mia there working. She goes over to the girl and is surprised to find her working there. She was supposed to leave town. They had a deal, but Mia didnít make any promises. Marian wants her to go and never come back again. Mia has to wonder if Marian treats all of her family this badly, maybe Marian just wants to treat her that way. Marian paid a lot of money for Mia to get lost. Mia thinks that maybe she should tell some people who she really is. Marian tells her that she hasnítí heard anything yet. Mia thinks that her father should be ashamed of her and not she. Her father went back to Marian and Liza the second that he was able. Marian gives her more money and tells her that she will get her some more. Mia wants $5,000. Marian wants her money back. She refuses to pay her anymore. Mia tells her that is fine with her. She wants to know where Liza is and tell her about their father. Marian begs her to keep her mouth shut. Liza doesnít know about Mia and Marian doesnít want her to know how her father was. Mia gets called back to work. The station is around the station. Mia walks away.

As Liza and Ryan kiss over Chinese food, Marian walks in and finds them together. She sees the kiss and asks, "What is going on here?" Liza gets with her mother and tells her that Adam is cheating on her. He has been screwing the judge and that is why the charges were dropped. Ryan is gone now and the ladies can talk in private. This was a cause and effect thing and her marriage is over. The day that David was set free, was the day that she figured it out. The thing with Ryan was completely random. She was hurting and he was hurting and they were a comfort to each other. Marian can see that Liza has already slept with Ryan. She feels that without Ryan she would have been completely lost. That is the only thing that she can be sure of. Everything has been destroyed for Liza. Marian actually can understand how Liza feels. Marian starts crying and thinks that her mother has been hurt the same way that Liza has been. Liza canít let Adam get away with this. She has to go back to work. Marian begs her to stay away from Ryan. She is too vulnerable right now. Liza leaves.

Greenlee is at Jakeís alone and she wanders through the apartment. She sees that Jake forgot his jacket with his ID on it. She suspects that he is not really going to work. Bianca comes to see Greenlee because she knows that Greenlee is doing something terrible to Leo and Laura.

Ryan is at the gym and he bumps into Mia. She is very sad and crying and Ryan tries to reach out to her and comfort her.

Jake makes his way over to Leoís and tells him that he is sending Greenlee mixed signals. He needs to make up his mind and stick to it. Jake turns and leaves. Laura comes out on the porch demanding to know whom Leo was talking to just now.


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