All My Children Update Wednesday 8/15/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/15/01

By Glynis

Liza comes to the office and finds Ryan in his office. They didnít expect to see each other. She couldnít sleep. He is packing up his desk because he is going to leave. He feels that there is no reason for him to be there. He is thinking of leaving town. She canít believe that there is no reason for him to stay. She wants to know if he cares about her. She doesnít care about the job; she wants to know if he will stay for her. She wants to offer him money and a car in order to make her husband pay for the things that Adam has done. Ryan closes the door and asks what he is to do for her? She tells him that she wants him to ruin Adam for her. Adam has made her a fool. He has broken his trust again. She is not going to mourn forever for Adam and Ryan is not going to either. Adam stole Ryanís business away from him and Ryan should be angry with that. Ryan hasnítí any big plans these days. He wants to leave Pine Valley because he is too close to everything here. He almost burned down a building and he is on a collision course. Liza thinks that they owe it to each other to make things right. He canít bring Gillian back and he doesn't know what the point it. Liza felt sane making love to Ryan, and Ryan felt it too. Making love to him made things easier for a little while and Ryan has to agree. What do they do now? Ryan needs Gillian and she needs Adam, so Ryan canít see how they are going to get what they want. She thinks that they should be able to find something real. He reaches over and touches her hair. He doesnít know what they are doing. He doesn't want to be with Liza to make Adam angry. She wants to know if he wants to be with her for any other reason. Ryan thinks that her feelings are normal if Adam cheated on her. She doesnítí want to talk about what happened with she and Adam. She has to find a way to get on with her life without Adam and he has to find a way to get on with his life without Gillian. The night before she left Wildwind, Liza said that she didnítí have any regrets and Ryan felt the same way. HE will be her friend if she wants him to, if that is really what she wants. That is what she wants. He goes to her and kisses her lips.

Gillian is in heaven with Jesse and she doesn't want to talk right now. He tells her that she did the right thing the night before. He understands what she is going through. It wasnít easy for her to give Ryan up and let him live. He would have died in the fire is she asked him to. Jesse knows how badly she wants to be with him. She didnít want to watch her husband die. She wants to go to him and Jesse understands that. It wasnítí her time either, but she left and she thinks that this is a huge mistake. This is a joke. They took her heart and gave it away to someone else. She wants to know if he is happy now. She feels that they are all laughing at her stupidity. She is not going to be with him, but she might be able to help him if she wants. Gillian is afraid to believe that Ryan is going to be with Liza now. Jesse tells Gillian that he wonít let Liza go strange on Ryan. Ryan is vulnerable. Gillian has to open her eyes and see Ryan for what he is and where he came from. Gillian just wants to help Ryan. Jesse tells her that he is going to help her.

Jake and Greenlee are back in bed together and this time they are actually sleeping. She wakes and finds him staring at her. They slept well together and she tells him that they have to talk about last night. They have a good time together but now it is morning. She wants to make it clear why she is there. What is going to happen if they keep doing things like this? He shows her by kissing her face. Suddenly there is knocking on the door. Jake has to go and answer the door, but he refuses. The knocking starts again, but Jake is not interested in that. Greenlee gets up to answer the door and finds that her father is standing there. He sees that she looks radiant and came there only because he figured that would be the next place that she would be. He hopes that he is not interrupting and Jake appears telling him that he is interrupting. He wants to talk to his daughter and he does so in private. He tells Greenlee that he would like to do something nice for her. He feels that they have something in common now that she has broken up with Leo. He understands. He would like to help her succeed in her career and that will be his clumsy way of trying to get close to her. She hugs her father and he offers her a ride to work. He has given her a computer program that is going to help her at her job. She just has to run the program as soon as she gets to work.

Marcusí father is trying to get Gabriel put away. Gabriel has just confessed to hurting Marcus and Anna tells him that he cannot protect another person this way. She has a feeling that he is trying to protect Rosa for some reason and that is wrong for him to do that. He gave a confession and he is going to pay for the things that he did. Marcusí father demands that the commissioner does something. The guy has confessed in front of everyone and he needs to go away for a long time for the crime that he has committed. The commissioner decides to put Gabriel in lockup. Anna tries to fight that decision, but she canít. Anna can tell that Gabriel is covering for someone. Edmund wants to talk with Derek for a moment. He tells Derek that Marcus has anger management to deal with and that the boy, Marcus has his files sealed. There are things in Marcusí file that would indicate that more is going on than meets the eye. Marcusí father sees the two talking privately and he goes to a private room in the station to make a call to someone to have Marcusí things collected. If anyone asks, then they are to say that Marcusí watch is missing. Soon, Marcusí mother shows up with the things that belong to Marcus. The father comes out of the private room with his wife and they are standing by Rosaís purse. The wife says that Marcusí watch wasnít with his other things. The father thinks that Gabriel stole Marcusí watch and sold it for drugs. Derek tells the parents that there was no watch missing and there was no time to sell a watch. The father demands that Rosa be searched. The cops look in her purse and the watch is found. The father tells everyone that the watch that was just found is Marcusí watch. He thinks that he has painted a very good picture of what is going on here. Rosa stands there dumbfounded at what has happened. Rosa tells how Marcus took advantage of her and tried to get more from her. She told him no over and over again. She almost couldnít stop him from having sex with her. Marcusí father has no sympathy for her. She admits that Marcus tried to rape her.

Erica is with her driver in her office and they are discussing timeliness. She leaves him in her office and goes to run an errand. She tells him to go and see Val her assistant. She finds him amusing and she admits that. Once she is gone, he gets on the phone and makes a call talking about Erica. He is talking to his contact. He finds nothing that indicates that she is a drug trafficker. This has been a waste of time checking her out. Her office has been picked clean and there is nothing in there that is suspect to wrongdoing. So if she isnít the drug trafficker, then who is?

Jesse and Gillian show up in Ericaís office and Jesse tells Gillian to pay attention. Erica wants Mr. Stamp to help her with her inventory. Erica says that she is getting a huge shipment of soap and she wants to make sure that Greenlee did her job properly. Mr. Stamp is flattered that she trusts him to help her out. Her bubble bath shipment comes form China. Gillian has no idea what they are there for and she turns to Jesse to explain to her what is going on. The driver goes to the storage area to do his counting and he has to find 20 boxes, but there are 36 to check. All the boxes are from China and Mr. Stamp is mildly confused. He opens one package and looks inside. He finds two bags of drugs inside one of the containers. "WellÖ. Hush my mouth!" He puts the bags back in time to avoid being seen by one of the shipping guys. He pretends that he has found nothing and offers to help the guy take the boxes upstairs. His case is finally coming together. He goes to Ericaís office and Greenlee is there working in the office. Gillian and Jesse watch, but Gillian really doesnít get it. Jesse and Gillian return to heaven and Gillian demands an answer to what she has just witnessed. She wants Jesse to help her to help Ryan.

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