All My Children Update Tuesday 8/14/01


By Glynis

Anna is at the police station with Gabriel and Marcusí father is very angry that his son is hanging on to his life by a thread. Derek tries to handle the situation, but the Commissioner comes over and takes over the investigation. The commissioner is a friend with Marcusí father and he guarantees to offer the best for this investigation. The commissioner tells the man that Gabriel will not walk for this. The father wants to know where Rosa is. He gives her name to the commissioner so that they can find her.

Leo and Laura are together and she can sense that he is not happy. He is trying to be responsible he says by following the doctorís orders. She is happy to be with him and he is not that thrilled it seems. She lost her virginity to him and she feels that she doesnít make him as happy. He tells her not to force it. They need some time and everything is going to be okay. They have only made love for the first time. She is ready to do it again, but he wants to be cautious. His head is cluttered and he wants to shake it loose. She agrees to give him time. She goes inside to take her medicine. He walks away.

Greenlee and Jake are together at his place and they are in towels. She has come over to his place saying that she thought that he was at the hospital. She had to use his shower because her water and electricity hasnít been on lately. He thinks that she wants to be there to be with him, but she tells him that she moved out because she was doing the noble thing and that she really didnít want to be with someone that was in love with her and she not being able to reciprocate. He isnít buying anything that she says. He moves to her smiling and she asks him what he is doing. He kisses her, as that is the only way that he can shut her up. She doesnít seem to mind at all that he is kissing her and she in fact kisses him back. They end up in bed together and it is wonderful. It was everything that she intended it to be. He thinks that she planned the whole evening and wanted to sleep with him from the start. She denies that saying that he doesnít know her at all. She gets angry that he thinks that she planned the whole thing and she gets up tying the towel around her and moving to the living room. Jake follows her and tells her that she wonít be able to forget the evening either. He admits to her that he may be in love with her too. He thinks that he is ready to be in love with her. That stops her in her tracks. What if he gets hurt? He is willing to take his chances. He moves to her again and they kiss.

Edmund goes to the hospital where Marcus is and Shannon is there waiting for news on Marcus. He tries to comfort her, but she doesnít know who he is. He reveals that he knows that she was the one that named Gabriel as the attacker. She says that Gabriel was just whacking Marcus with the oar. Marcus is everything to her. She is getting suspicious of his questions. He gives her his hanky. Edmund sees that Shannon has a bruise and he wants to know who hit her. She says that she bumped into something and that was the cause of her bruise. She realizes that she suddenly has to go and she goes rushing out of the hospital.

Gabriel is with Anna when Rosa is brought into the police station. Gabriel doesnít like that one bit. Mateo is there with her. He explains that Rosa has had a rough night and he wants to take her home. Marcusí father is ready to attack Rosa. He thinks that girls like Rosa are nothing but trouble. Mateo is very protective of her and Marcusí father finds that suspicious. Mateo tries to protect his sister and Derek explains that Rosa came down to the station of her own free will. The father believes that Rosa was the one that lured Marcus down to the boathouse and then Gabriel beat him up. Rosa offers to clear the air by answering any questions that the police may ask. Rosa wants Marcusí father to know exactly what Marcus did to her. Gabriel jumps in and tells everyone that he will be the one to tell the story for her. He says that he was the one that attacked Marcus at the boathouse. Rosa looks at him in awe because of what he is saying.

Laura is in the house when her mother arrives. She asks if her mother has seen Leo, but she hasnít. Laura is worried that Leo is gone to see Greenlee. Brooke tells her to stop doing these things to herself. Laura canít help it. She feels that Greenlee is between them. Brooke tries to set her straight and Laura wants to believe her but she is having some trouble. Brooke is sure that Leo is going to walk in with some ice cream and everything will be just great for them.

Leo has found his way on the sidewalk in front of Greenleeís building. He looks up at the building. He can see Greenlee through Jakeís window and he sees them kissing


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