All My Children Update Monday 8/13/01


All My Children Update Monday 8/13/01

By Glynis

Liza and Ryan are kissing in the woods after their individual tragedies. They are not sure that they should be doing this, but that doesnít stop them and they fall to the ground for more passion. Liza tears at his clothes as they roll around on the ground. The forces are unstoppable now.

Dixie questions JR as to why he thinks that he is responsible for David being freed. Tad tries to make him understand that they can be a family again and get through anything. JR reveals that his father told him not to say anything. Now, Dixie and Tad are really worried. He tells them that he did something-pretty stupid a while back. He broke into Davidís room a while back because he wanted to take some drug samples from Davidís medical pack. It was Sweeneyís idea and JR went along with it. This is the same stuff that Ken overdosed on. David told JRís father that he was going to get JR in trouble for what he did if they donít get him off. He tells his parents everything about David taping him. He tells everything but the part about Adam kissing the judge. JR is really sorry and goes to wait for his mother downstairs. Dixie wants Tad to do nothing about this. He needs to really let this go. David was trying to get something out of Adam and not JR. The bottom line is that David is not after JR, he was just trying to clear his own name. They have enough going on as it is. Dixie is running around like a maniac and Tad is living like a witness that needs to be protected. She wants him to promise that he will not go running off like a mad man on this issue. They have bigger fish to fry. She only wants him to get home to her again and start building what they had again. Tad wants that too. She asks him again to swear to her. Tad tells her that he will never do anything ever to risk her and the boys ever again. He promises that he wonít let her down. She is glad that the television is broken because the only thing that is on the tube is David being interviewed. She doesnít like what David did, but she understands it. Tad hates that the kid has been used as a pawn in Adam and Davidís game. He wants her to avoid the news as well. He tells her to stay calm and he will be fine. She has to pick up the slack. JR was fine with Tad, like old times. Tad kisses her face and tells her to get out of there. She leaves walking past the FBI guards. Once alone, Tad sits and has a drink. His mind is churning and he canít help it. He remembers his son telling what happened and he breaks the glass in his bare hand without thinking.

David is at SOS and Vanessa shows up ordering a drink. David is his same sarcastic self. She tells him that they have to toast his victory. She recounts how he managed to get out of his jam. David tells her that he had good lawyers. She is not buying it. She thinks that maybe he gave the judge a little something to get off. She doesnít like that they always fight like this. David doesnít know, but he doesnít want to be with her just then. She will not leave him; she is worried that he is going to be alone. He tells her that he isnít going to be alone. He came there because he thought that Dixie was going to meet him, but Vanessa reveals that she was the one that called him and made the dateÖ Mateo learns that Rosa is missing. He calls Edmund and he hasnít seen her either. Gabriel isnít there either. Mateo isnít sure where the teens are. Mateo decides to tell Edmund that he had to let Gabriel go. Mateo tried, he really did. Gabriel seems to have a thing for Rosa and he lost it. Anna walks into the room as Edmund is talking to Mateo and she hears the tail end of the conversation. Edmund tells Anna that Gabriel was fired because he was inappropriate with Rosa. Mateo canít even find her. It seems like Gabriel didnít want to take no for an answer. Anna tries to defend him. Edmund knows that he has been abused and neglected all his life and he is trying to understand that Gabriel wouldnít hurt Rosa. His instincts seem to come from a lack of social understanding. Edmund is willing to help. The maid comes in to tell Anna and Edmund that there is a fire on the grounds. Anna and Edmund run to stop the fire.

Gabriel is in the park. He was warned to stay away from Rosa, but he couldnít help himself. He only wants to protect her and he would never hurt her. She means so much to him. He knows that Marcus wants to hurt Rosa like he hurt Shannon, but he is not going to allow that. Mateo can threaten him all he wants, he will look out for Rosa. He has to. He hears people struggling and canít see who is in the boathouse. He calls out, "Rosa, are you okay?" No one answers. Gabriel can hear someone running off and he immediately enters the boathouse to find Marcus lying on his stomach unconscious or maybe worse. Gabriel stands frozen when he is. He goes over to the body and picks up the oar that has blood on it and is sitting beside Marcus. Shannon runs in and finds Gabriel standing over the body holding the oar in his hands. She asks him what he is doing. He doesnít answer. She figures that he has killed Marcus and she goes running off.

Vanessa is still with David at SOS and she tells David that she wishes that he wouldnít be mean to her anymore. She wants to be a family with him. He finds her to be ridiculous. They are not like a regular family. Look at them all! He wants her to get over it. She wants her sons to love her, but her sons donít love her. She made them into the horrible creatures that they are today. She canít get to her son, but at least Leo is getting through to his brother. Her boys are getting along nicely and Vanessa is grateful for that. David tells her that Leo and he canít stand the sight of her so getting the family together will never workÖ Mateo is still making calls when Gabriel returns. Mateo is stunned to find Gabriel there. He just fired him not too long ago. He wants to find Rosa and talk to her and he is shouting and acting irrational. Mateo is interested in Gabrielís claims because he was sure that Gabriel was with Rosa somewhere. Mateo grabs him and quietens him down. He sees the blood on Gabrielís head and asks him what is going on.

Ryan and Liza are going to do it. They are going to make love and vent the anger that they are feeling. Soon it is over and the two get ready slowly putting their clothes back on. They hear people in the distance and turn to greet Anna and Edmund. Anna and Edmund have stopped the fire and Ryan explains that he was the one that started the fire because he was waiting for Gillian. Edmund and Anna find the confession very strange and look from Liza to Ryan searching their faces for better answers to their questions. Lizaís face is blank as ever and she says very little. They all go back to the house, but Liza and Edmund and Anna are very understanding about what has happened. Edmund tells him that the hurt for Gillian is never going to go away, it just gets diffused. It is nice when Edmund wakes and thinks that he is going to find Maria lying next to him, but then he realizes that he is only dreaming. Liza says that she was there because she needed some air. Anna finds her to be a guardian angel. Edmund and Anna want to take care of the two for a few minutes and they both leave the two surprise lovers alone. Liza gets her phone to check her messages and make sure her daughter is okay. She dials and gets the message left by Adam telling her how much he loves her and is going to make love to her at the next meeting that they have. She listens and then she slams the phone down on the floor. Ryan watches this and says nothing. Ryan tries to apologize for their making love earlier. He was a little out of control. He saw her and thought that she was Gillian, but only for the first 5 seconds. She feels that he is trying to absolve her. He didnít take her anywhere that she didnít want to go. Edmund returns with clothes for Ryan and Anna returns with some food. Liza wants to get going and Ryan offers to drive her. Mateo calls and tells Edmund that Rosa was found and is okay. Mateo is with the police and Shannon at SOS and he warns Edmund that he better get down there right away because he thinks that Gabriel is in trouble. Edmund gets off the phone and Anna and he leave right away. Liza turns to Ryan and tells him that she knows that he is feeling bad, but she doesnít want him to. She insists on driving herself. He wants to say more to her, but she is really intent on leaving.

At SOS, Gabriel is in a corner with Rosa and she is telling him that she doesnít know what is going on. He tells her that no matter what; she is not to say anything. Shannon comes over with the police and she tells everyone that Gabriel was the one that hurt Marcus. She saw him with a bloody oar. The cops look at his hands and see the blood on it. He is immediately read his rights and all Gabriel can do is stare at Rosa, the woman that he loves. Gabriel is being led out when Edmund and Anna arrive and get the story. Anna knows that her brother wouldnít do this. Gabriel tells her to leave him alone. She doesnít believe this. Gabriel walks out cooperatively with the policeÖ Shannon is really proud of herself for this one. Mateo gives her a look and walks away from her.

Dixie returns to get her date book and finds that Tad is gone. She calls the guard and he checks to find that Tad has gone down the fire escape. Dixie can only hope now that Tad is not going to be a jerk.

David is getting ready for a massage and he is lying on a table getting the first soft rubs of a good massage. Suddenly, the towel that David is lying on is wrapped around Davidís neck and Tad tells him that if he ever hurts his kid again, he will have his neck snapped.


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