All My Children Update Friday 8/10/01


All My Children Update Friday 8/10/01

By Glynis

Tad is sleeping and the television is on. He hears Davidís voice on the radio. He is being interviewed about getting off on the charges. Tad wakes up and turns to the television to see Davidís face. David is saying that he holds no ill will to those that falsely accuse him. Tad can stand it no longer and grabs something to throw at the television. The 2 guards outside the room come rushing in. Tad apologizes for scaring them. He calls out for Dixie and she is not there. He checks in the bathroom and wonders what happened to his wife. Tad wants to call his wife, but the guards donít let him. None of them know why she left when she did. Tad is sure that he has to get out. He canít sit there worrying about her. Suddenly, she walks into the hotel room and Tad is relieved. She didnít mean to worry him. She thought that she would be back before he woke up. She has brought a surprise. She opens the door and JR is standing there. JR hugs his father. They order room service and eat as a family together. Tad assures his family that he will be out of there in no time at all. Dixie wants to know what happened to the television. Tad tells her that he saw David on the television and that angered him. JR gets suddenly silent and thinks back to the time when he found his father with the judge kissing in her chambers. Tad thinks that David is no longer their problem. Tad wants to talk about JRís music, but Dixie kicks him under the table for bringing that up. JR tells him that he is out of the band because he missed so many practices. He feels that he doesnít need to sing but Tad think that he does. Tad tells him to go back to rehearsal and pick up like he used to. That is really important to Tad. JR agrees to go back. He feels guilty for causing so much problems. Tad tells him not to worry. He just wants to know that they will be waiting for him when he gets out of there. JR is worried that the drug dealers are going to get him. He knows that this is his entire fault. Tad thinks that they can all learn from their mistakes and leave the past where it is. JR remembers his father trying to explain what he did with the judge. JR tried to make him think of Liza, but Adam assured him that Liza will know nothing of what he has done. JR doesnít believe that things are going to be okay. He has been avoiding his father. He feels that his father is always up to something. Dixie wants to know what he is talking about. JR knows that they want to be a family again, but they canít be one if he keeps lying to them. He has to tell them the truth. He confesses that it was his fault that the judge set David free.

At SOS, Mateoís bartender is quitting. Mateo canít get him to stay because the man is going to get a better job offer. Mateo accepts the resignation and Jack walks in and hears what has just happened. Jack thinks that he can replace that bartender. Jack would rather work there instead of BJís. Mateo laughs because he suddenly realizes that Jack was the one that got the FBI to hire the bartender somewhere elseÖ Gabriel is working in the bar when Shannon comes over and tells him that he has to get Rosa away from Marcus if he doesnítí want her to get hurtÖ Jack tells Mateo that he should be glad that a FBI guy is going to be staying there. Jack wants to be there. He has a tip that something is going to be going down at SOS. Mateo is afraid of the press that his club will get if the FBI starts hanging out there. He leaves Jack and bumps into Edmund who is there for a beer. Jack gets behind the bar and offers Edmund a beer. Edmund and Mateo go into the backÖ Gabriel is leery about going to save Rosa. She told him to mind his own business before. Shannon tries to get his help by telling him that Rosa could be in danger. Gabriel really wants to stay out of itÖ Mateo comes back out from the back room and tells Jack that he has serious doubts that the FBI should be working in his bar. A woman comes up looking for the bartender. She used to talk to him about everything. Jack tells the girl that he can talk to people too. He convinces her to reveal herself. She does and he gives her advice. Mateo watches him with the girl and Philomena walks in to talk with Mateo. She congratulates him on his child coming soon. She wants him to name the child Christopher. Rosa walks in and Philomena goes over to her wanting to know what is making her upset. She canít talk right now she is crying. Philomena takes her to the back room. Marcus walks into the bar and meets up with his friend. He tells him that he was with Rosa at the beach just now. Gabriel overhears that conversation.

Rosa is at the beach with Marcus and they are kissing. He undoes her blouse and her bra is exposed. She stops him for a minute. He tells her that he loves her to make her feel that what they are experiencing is all right. He puts her on her back and continues kissing her. She pushes him off and tells him that things are going too fast. He doesnít care; he tells her that he is ready right no. She tells him again that she is not ready. He tells her that he is sorry. He is ready right now. She says that she is sorry but she has to go. She gathers up her things and runs off and away from him.

In Wildwind, Ryan is lying in the fire and he can see Gillian. She tells him to save himself. She tells him to save himself and go. He doesnít want to go he wants to be with her. He finally passes out and drops on the floor flat on his back. Gillian cries out to him, "Ryan!"

Liza is in her car surrounded by her thoughts. She is torn by the things that she has learned of her husband and the judge. She sees smoke and realizes that there is a fire at Wildwind. She tries to make her way over there and trips over a rock. She is still crying and she shouts out to herself, "How could you do this to me? How could you hurt me?" She hears someone in the bushes and she sees a figure. The man is walking towards her. "Who is there?"Ö "What do you want from me?" Soon she sees that she is talking to Ryan. He falls to the ground at her feet. He passes out and she revives him. He thinks that it is Gillian and then he sees that he is talking to Liza. She wants to know what is going on. She tells him that she saw smoke at Wildwind. He tells her that he was waiting and she didnít come. Liza realizes that he is talking about Gillian. Liza wants to call someone. He stops her and tells her that Gillian is gone and she is not coming back. Liza takes him in her arms and hugs him. He was so sure that she was going to come back to him and now she is gone. He knows that she is gone now. She is never going to see her again. Liza tells him that he is right. He was alone his whole life, but now he knows what it is to have someone love you and care for you. He doesnít know what he is going to do now. Liza holds him in her arms. She doesn't know what he is going to do now either. Ryan can see that something is wrong with Liza, but she denies that. She is crying but she doesnít want to talk about that. She says that nothing at all is wrong. Her problems donít compare to his. She doesnít want to live the way that she has been anymore. She wants to tell him to have hope. He is going to meet someone someday and life is going to be worth living. She believes that there was no one that loved each other like she and Adam, but she is going to have to make that stop. All that he has done to her is hurt her and lie to her. He is killing her and she canít let it go on anymore. She wants the pain to go away. Ryan wishes that he could make the hurt go away for her, but he canít. They hold each other and he kisses her head and her cheek and her nose and soon he is kissing her lips. She likes that and is comforted by that. Soon they are kissing passionately.

Gabriel goes into the next room to talk with Rosa. She doesnít want anyone talking to her just now. Mateo enters and finds Gabriel in there. He tells Gabriel to get back to work. Rosa tells Mateo that she is feeling good now and that there is nothing wrong. He presses her for more information and she says that Gabriel is always around her and pressuring her. Mateo tells her to stay there and he leaves to find Gabriel. He finds him out in the alley throwing garbage around the yard. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees Mateo standing before him. Gabriel can tell that Mateo is mad so he tries to run but Mateo grabs him and holds him up against the wall. Rosa comes out and tries to stop her brother from roughing up Gabriel. Mateo tells her to get inside. She runs inside and Mateo tells Gabriel that he is fired and he is not to go near Rosa again. Mateo goes back inside and Rosa tries to explain to him that she didnít want Gabriel to be fired. Mateo tells her that she shouldnít worry about that anymore. He sends her inside to fix herself up.


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