All My Children Update Wednesday 8/8/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Glynis

Opal is telling Ryan to let her out of the room on the yacht. He feels that she is his only contact to Gillian and he is desperate. She feels for him but he has to look at this from her angle. She feels that she is drowning from something. She gets weak and woozy from the experience and she doesn’t want to do it again. Ryan refuses to let her go and blocks her way. She is all that he has left. He is sure that Gillian wants to be with him. He will be with her some day but not now. Ryan will not accept that he cannot get to his true love. Ryan asks her about her daughter. What if this was her? How would she act if she knew that her daughter had one more day to say all those important things that she never got to say? Opal has to stop and think about that. She decides that she will give Ryan one more visit and then he will have to let things go. She agrees to that. One more time. Opal tries to reach Gillian again and she says things that she thinks will make Gillian hear her and come right down. She tells Gillian that she is ready whenever she is. Ryan too has his eyes closed and he is calling to Gillian to come back to him. She talks and talks and talks and they are even burning a candle for her, but she isn’t coming back. Ryan tells her to keep trying but she knows that she can’t reach Gillian this time. She doesn’t know what she is doing there. Ryan thinks that they are sending the wrong message. He decides to try to reach her another way. He gets out a piece of paper in a box. It is their wedding vows. Gillian made him write them out so that they could recite them every year on their anniversary. He wants Opal to read the vows out loud to bring her back. She thinks that is sacred to he and Gillian and she really doesn’t want to do it. He opens the paper up and closes his eyes for a moment before he begins. He starts reading from the paper…"We stood her and pledged our love…Today I know what love is. I am a better man because of you… On this day a lifetime ago…My world changed forever. If life is for learning, then love is for second chances and I am taking this as far as it will go. I am facing the future with you by my side and it is going to be one incredible ride." Opal is crying. She isn’t able to reach Gillian for him. She wishes that she could give him that one final wish, but she can’t. She just can’t do it. He can’t accept that Gillian is gone and he will never accept that she is gone. He gets up abruptly and leaves the room. Opal turns to the lit candle and blows it out.

Tad is taken to a room by Jack so that he will be safe. He is not to hang out in the lounge. Tad feels that he is useless in that room. He wants to be bait for the guys that are after him for Sweeney’s murder. Jack tells him that leaving the hotel room will certainly mean his death and then he will be no good to his kid. Tad doesn’t want to be a pain in the neck. He should let the pros do their jobs. He has no choice in the matter. Jack promises to keep Tad’s family safe. If Tad goes against him, he will be on his own. Jack has to leave because Erica is waiting for him and there is a guard down the hall if Tad gets into a scrape. He leaves Tad alone and Tad looks around the place and goes to the television hearing the broadcast of the dismissal of charges against David.

Liza bumps into JR at the airport. He is getting on a plane and leaving and he assures Liza that his mother knows that he is leaving town. Liza can tell that he is running away. She wants him to clue her in. He has nothing to say to her. She tells him that she was the original teenager from hell. No one screwed with her and they still don’t. She wants to know what is upsetting him and making him run like that. She tells him that Adam loves him and his heart would be broken if he knew that his son was running away. Liza and JR turn to see a TV explaining that David is likely to go free. They show a picture of the judge and Liza realizes that she has met the judge before. It was the day when she thought that she was going into a hotel room where Adam was and she found the judge there instead dressed in a robe. Adam greeted the judge, but it was clear that the judge was flirting with him. Liza asks JR if Adam knew about the judge’s decision. JR says nothing and that is an answer enough for her. She decides that something is going to be done to straighten this out and she takes JR with her to get her daughter.

David’s Hearing is in full swing and David is feeling particularly smug. The judge is doing what she promised to Adam and everything is going as planned. The charges have been dropped and there is no one on this earth that can hurt David anymore for the drugging of the guests at the party on the yacht so long ago. Dixie is stunned that the judge wants to drop all the charges. Palmer tells her that he wasn’t the one that stopped the judge from doing what she should. He couldn’t care less for David. He feels that he is one of the people that would love to see David behind bars. Jake is also stunned and he gets on his feet with his crutches and approaches David shouting out that he is guilty and he knows it. He takes one of his crutches and puts it against David’s Adam’s Apple pinning him to his chair. Vanessa tries to save her son from the crazy man and finally Jake stops attacking David. Palmer rises and tells Jake that he agrees with Jake all the way. The judge reprimands Jake, and Jake gives her a smart remark, but the judge ignores it. She feels that he is obviously under medical care and can’t help himself. Joe wants to know why the case will not go before the jury. She attempts to explain her actions. The videotape that was brought to the floor is inadmissible because the person in the tape didn’t know that he was being taped. That was a breach of his rights. There needs to be no trial for David. Justice in her mind has been served. David confessed but the confession was tainted because of the illegal videotape. There is no further recourse but a suit for punitive damages… Dixie finds it strange that Adam is not up at the front standing up to the judge. What kind of message is he sending to his son? Adam feigns surprise and says that there is nothing that can be done. Dixie can’t believe that Adam is acting like he has a conscience finally. How is JR going to feel thinking that his father doesn’t care about the verdict? Jack arrives at the courtroom and gives Dixie the keys to Tad’s hotel room. He tells her where Tad has been stashed and Dixie makes her way over there with the keys after thanking Jack for all of his help… Adam congratulates Leo on his brother being freed. Leo is more than shocked at hearing this from Adam of all people. Adam is not convincing to Leo that he is okay with the verdict. Leo expected a mini riot at least from Adam. Not this agreeable sort of person. Knowing that he has to make some sort of scene, Adam turns to the front of the court and addresses the judge. He tells her that he doesn’t agree with her decision and she promptly turns to him and tells him that she is citing him for contempt. Adam is glad that she is continuing to fake her role, but she really did go a little far this time… Erica goes to talk to David and she tells him that he hasn’t won anything that day. She is glad that he is not going to prison. She hopes that he is going to take this opportunity to turn his life around. She warns him not to waste this second chance. He goes over to the Martins and Joe tells him that he has no privileges at the hospital. Leo tells the Martins to back off from bothering his brother. Jake turns on him and they have a few words between them. Greenlee is watching the whole thing and then Jake suddenly shoves Leo making him fall to the ground. Jake calls him a loser and tells him that he hasn’t seen it yet. The fight is broken up and Greenlee goes to Leo to talk after Jake leaves. She tells Leo that he is pathetic. Greenlee reminds him that he is the happily married man and he should know better. She leaves him and Vanessa comes up to wonder out loud if Leo was just bucking heads over Greenlee… Jack arrives and finds Erica waiting for him. Jack thinks that what happened that day had nothing to do with justice. Liza walks in alone and asks Erica if she has seen Adam. Erica tells her that Adam was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs and that he is in the judge’s chambers at that moment. Liza walks away from Erica to go and find her husband. She finally gets to the door and she clearly hears Adam talking to the judge. "I want you to get this straight. I slept with you once, but I will never, ever do that again." Liza can’t believe her ears and she stops for a moment in her tracks.

Dixie goes to see Tad in his hotel room. She tells him that something strange must have happened for David to go free. Tad tells her that this is a joke. He is trapped in the hotel because of a murder that he didn’t commit and David is now allowed to walk the streets. Tad insists that he is leaving to find out what has happened and Dixie tells him that he is not going anywhere. She wants him to put the both of them first and forget about trying to fix some other mess. That is why Tad is in the hotel hiding out. He was trying to fix someone else’s mess. Now look at the trouble that they are having. Maybe they should let go and let fate deal with the Sweeney’s of the world. David is going to make his own hell and soon his past will catch up with him. His victory is going to get him arrogant and egocentric and he will slip up. Besides that, Tad has Dixie to worry about. Tad gets on top of her and they start kissing. Soon the lovemaking is over and the two lie at the bottom of the bed under the covers together. She tells him that they really should make time to be together like this. They should avoid the bad stuff that gets in their way and keeps them apart. There is nothing that can get between them.

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