All My Children Update Monday 8/6/01


All My Children Update Monday 8/6/01

By Glynis

Anna and Brooke talk at BJ’s. Edmund was there but he ran outside to look at some proofs that Brooke has brought over to him. Brooke sits with Anna and the two ladies are polite with each other. Anna wants to know if Brooke has asked Edmund out yet. Brooke is shocked at that question. Anna thinks that this is a logical question, after all Edmund is single. Brooke tells her that they used to be in love once and Brooke hurt him. She married Tad for her son and left Edmund. Her marriage to Tad was very short-lived. Brooke has some questions of her own. She wants to know what Anna is trying to set Edmund up with her. Maybe Anna feels guilty. Edmund has been very supportive to her. They have thought about getting together but Anna doesn’t want to go there because she may not be single. She wishes him the world of happiness and she sees Brooke as a part of that world. Edmund returns and says that the material is fine for the magazine. Anna excuses herself from the table and Brooke asks him if he would like to go to the movies with her on a date. Edmund is shocked at that question. He tells her that he would be glad to go out with her on a date. She rises from her chair and they will discuss the details later. She leaves the restaurant and Anna returns saying that Brooke looks very happy. He can tell that Anna was trying to set them up. She wants Brooke to know that she isn’t a threat. If Anna’s husband is still alive, she has to find out and she thinks that Edmund shouldn’t be waiting for her when he has everything to lose. Edmund understands what she is saying.

Bianca explains to Gabriel that she is gay and he hit on her. He was drinking and made a move on Bianca. She is sure that he only did it because he was drinking. She explains to him that she likes women and that what he did wasn’t exactly the appropriate thing. Bianca is sure that no one has ever held him and told him that they loved him. No one has ever made him feel safe or held him. Bianca goes over to him and takes him in her arms. His mother was the last person to hold him before she died. She knows that he has a thing about being touched, but he lets her hold him anyway. She hates that this happened to him and she knows how he felt. She was in a cage once too. They both don’t have to be in a cage anymore. He can love anyone that he wants as long as he only thinks of her as a friend. He wants to know how she knows that she doesn’t love guys. She tells him about the story last Fall. She wanted to see if she could be straight, so she got drunk and wasted and she came onto a guy. She explains that the guy that she came onto was Marcus. She hopes that he will not hate her. Just then Rosa walks in and finds the two together. Bianca leaves the room to leave the two together. She knows that he likes her and always has. Bianca returns and Rosa decides to leave, but Bianca suggests that they go to the beach together. There is a full moon and there is nothing else to do. Bianca suggests that they leave a note there saying where they have gone.

Opal is back at the yacht with Ryan. She was trying to explain to him earlier that she was really Gillian inside Opal’s body, but Ryan wouldn’t believe her. Finally, he did believe her and now they return to the yacht together. He is finally convinced that Opal’s body has been taken over by Gillian’s spirit. ‘Gillian’ is happy that she is finally home. She remembers the last time that they were there and Ryan remembers it too. They had just made love and she was packing to go on their honeymoon. She recounts the whole thing and Ryan is astounded at her remembering all this. She tells him that she loves him so much. Ryan tells her that he loves her too. He can’t believe this is happening. She tells him to feel her and to touch her and know that she is real. She walks over to a silver platter and looks at her image in the platter. She wonders now if she is really herself. If she is really herself at all. He didn’t want to let her go and he explains to her why he let her die. He was talking to her and he didn’t really want to do it. ‘Gillian’ is sad that he had to save Laura’s life. She tells him that the way that he knew her doesn’t exist anymore. He tells her different. He fells in love with her spirit and her soul. He still loves her and will love her until the day that he dies. They fall into each other’s arms. She begs him to make love to her before something else happens and they are separated again. Just then Jesse appears, but only to ‘Gillian’. He tells her to step back and move away from Ryan. Ryan doesn’t see Jesse, but ‘Gillian’ does and she tells Ryan that she has a feeling that they are not alone. She starts talking to Jesse and Ryan is not sure what she is doing. Jesse warns her that she doesn’t know what she is doing. She tries to explain to Ryan what is going on. He senses that something else is going on. Jesse tells her to get out of that body or she is going to be shut down. She turns to Ryan and tells him again that she loves him and will always love him. She kisses him and Gillian steps out of Opal’s body, leaving Opal standing limp. Ryan goes to Opal and tries to understand what is going on. Gillian is upset that she came very close to making love to her husband and missed it. Jesse tells her that she is never to take possession of anyone’s body again without their position. He leaves the room with her. Opal wonders out loud how she ever ended up there. Ryan can see that his wife is gone. He explains to her that Gillian was inside her. He grabs her and shouts, "Come back to me." She tries to calm him and she gets up to leave because she is feeling very weak now. Ryan grabs her arms and holds her there. He has a frantic look in his eyes. She tries to explain to him that she is Opal and not Gillian. She has to get home to her son. She tells him that Gillian must be gone again. She wishes that she could help him reconnect with her, but he has to let her go. He asks for her forgiveness and tells her that he is sorry. She is sorry too. She doesn’t know how this happened and she doesn’t know what this means. The present is a gift. She kisses him and rises to leave the yacht. After she is gone, he lies on the bed and Gillian and Jesse return. They are unseen by Ryan. Jesse just wanted her to see the damage that she has done. Ryan is a wreck. Gillian looks at him and can see that he is sad. Now he has lost her twice.

Dixie, Tad, Mateo and Jack are at the park and they are trying sort out the problems with the murdered drug dealer and Jack. They all hear sirens in the distance and all try to make a run for it. Dixie gets separated from Tad and he doesn’t get back to her because Jack grabs him and throws him down on the park bench. Tad looks up at him stunned. Jack wants to know if Tad really did kill Sweeney. Tad says that he didn’t. The sirens go away and all in the park relax. Dixie goes to Tad and they all relax. Jack doesn’t believe that Tad was the one that killed Sweeney. He is an agent and he has revealed himself to them. Jack hasn’t called for backup because Sweeney’s father is a cop and is after Tad himself to vindicate his son’s killing. Jack assures them that he is close to finding Sweeney’s killer. He might have to put Tad up in a safe house. Dixie just wants this all wrapped up quickly so that she can get her family back together again. Mateo and Jack leave them in the park and Tad starts in on Dixie. He told her that she wasn’t go come back there, but she didn’t listen. They hug.

Marcus is at the beach and Shannon is waiting for him. She tells him that he is late. She called him there to collect on their arrangement. She pulls him down on the sand with her and starts kissing him. He lets her. She pulls his shirt off and starts kissing his chest. Shannon is sure that Rosa doesn’t do that for him. She couldn’t possibly know what he likes. Marcus succumbs to her kisses and they fall on the sand together. They continue kissing when they hear people coming. They run to hide. Gabriel, Bianca and Rosa arrive and find the belongings of the couple that was just there. She finds Marcus’ shirt and recognizes it as the shirt that Marcus was wearing earlier that night at BJ’s.

Jack and Mateo return to BJ. Mateo wants information, but Jack is holding back. He knows his job and Mateo will just have to wait. Jack tells Mateo to go and make a phone call. Erica has just walked in and Jack offers her a drink. Mateo watches her from afar. Jack and Erica have a conversation and it is clear that they are getting on better together. He brings her some soup and he agrees to pick her up the following day. He gives her the drink on the house and she picks up her package and leaves. Mateo comes over to him and makes a joke about him pretending to be Erica’s handyman. He thinks that Jack is playing with her because he thinks that she is involved somehow. There is a chance that Erica is involved or if not, she is in danger.


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