All My Children Update Thursday 8/02/01


All My Children Update Thursday 8/2/01

By Angela

Today's episode of AMC was just weird.  Ok, beyond weird!

 Ryan comes to Opal and tells her that he just can't get their meeting out of his mind.  Of course, Gillian shows up and stirs the pot.  She keeps telling Opal what to say but Opal is fighting her and not saying exactly what Gillian wants her to say.  Ryan tells her that he will get them a table (they are at the Valley Inn) and while he's gone, she has a rather heated conversation with Gillian, telling her that she needs to get someone else to do this because she's just not up for it.  Adam and Liza walk in and think she's lost her mind.  But Opal can get away with things like that since she's a "colorful" character.  Opal rambles about needing a steak and goes in to sit down with Ryan.  Gillian pops in (like a bad episode of Bewitched) and forces Opal to take Ryan's hand, utter some words of passion, and put his hand to her chest.  Ryan is mesmerized and he leans in to kiss Opal while Liza and Adam look on.  Ryan stops himself and leaves the table.  Liza follows him like the good girl scout that she's been with him lately and tries to figure out what's going on.  He tells her that he's drawn to Opal for some reason....that he wants to be with her.  "With with?" asks Liza.  No, not "with with", just close to.  He goes to the maitre D' and pays the check.  He asks him to tell Opal that he has to leave.  About this time Gillian is fed up with Opal refusing to be her "psychic connection" and moves in to Opal's body, making herself right at home.  The Maitre D' comes over and tells her that Ryan had to leave and "Gillian" calls after him.  She then announces "I am back!"

 Adam and Liza are having dinner at the Valley Inn also, when the judge shows up for dinner.  Adam nearly swallows his tongue.  He and Liza talk to her and comment on what a "small world" it is.  When Liza gets up to talk to Ryan, Adam gets up to talk to the judge.  She comments on how difficult it's going to be to explain what a small world it is when Liza sees who the presiding judge over David's trial is going to be.  It will be hard to keep all those balls in the air because when one falls, they will all come falling down around his feet.  Adam maintains that he has a contingency plan.

 David is at the beach moping when Mia shows up.  She fawns over him with praise and admiration for saving Laura's life, for putting everything on the line for love, and for just being who he is.  David falls for it.  He tells her that someone must have sent her--and it must be God who's decided that he's due for some kindness in his life for a change.  Mia leaves and goes to see Adam.  Adam tells her that they will take David down together.

 Leo and Laura get ready to make love when Laura stops things long enough to announce that she's a virgin.  She's never loved anyone enough to give herself to them but now she's ready to give it up to her husband.  After they make love she wants to go for it a second time, but Leo makes the excuse that he needs some recuperation time.  After she falls asleep, he thinks about Greenlee.

 Greenlee is at the loft with Jake who's injured his knee playing basketball.  Greenlee is storming around screaming about how she's' going to change her life--her clothes, her attitude--everything!  She's no longer going to be everyone's personal dumping ground.  She starts throwing clothes away--and ends up banging Jake's leg with the garbage can.  He screams in pain and she apologizes.  She tells him that Leo finally gave her some closure.  He accuses her of using him to make Leo jealous.  Greenlee is offended.  She says that she doesn't want to hurt him like Greenlee did because she really likes him.  So much, in fact, that she's moving out.  She packs what's left of her clothes (because Jake obviously hasn't gotten her stuff out of storage yet) and leaves to live in her unfinished penthouse with no door or electricity.  Not sure why she can't afford to go to the Valley Inn--or even the Pine Cone for that matter.

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