All My Children Update Wednesday 8/01/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Angela

Leo brings Laura a gift at the condo.  He tells her that it's a graduation gift.  She puts it aside and puts the moves on him for sex.  He urges her to open the gift instead.  It is a bracelet.  He tells her that he wants to take her to lunch at the Valley Inn and she makes some crack about him taking his invalid wife out to lunch.

 At the Valley Inn Greenlee is there trying to work on the books for Erica.  She is having some problems with some of the entries when an old friend of hers shows up.  He tells her that he knows Leo and knows that they are engaged and wants to know if Leo has backed out yet.  She tries to blow him off but he won't take a hint.  She tells him that Leo is not the marrying kind as Leo and Laura walk in.  He goes over to talk to Leo and Leo introduces him to his wife Laura.  Greenlee sees Roger and makes a break for it.  She goes over and asks him to have lunch with her.

 Leo makes a toast to Laura and eventually the friend leaves.  She once again starts having a pity party about how Leo would rather be hanging out with his friends in Europe than babysitting her.  He snaps at her and tells her to get over it.  He apologizes, telling her that he's tired of her assuming that he'd rather be anywhere else but with her.  He kisses her and they leave.  When they get home, she puts the moves on him again and they start to undress each other.

 Roger gives Greenlee a check--a down payment on the money he owes her from her trust fund.  She asks him to look over the numbers for Erica and he shows her how to do some creative bookkeeping so the numbers will work out.  Not sure what he did, but he juggled some of the numbers that had to do with that shipment from China.  Greenlee is very appreciative and offers to take him to lunch sometime.  He leaves as Erica and Chris walks in.  Erica yells at Greenlee for being in her office and Chris offers to throw her out.  Erica tells him to do it and he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and hauls her out of Erica's office. 

 Now I'm sure you are did Erica and Chris get to this point........Well, it all started back at Myrtles when Chris comes storming in accusing Erica of causing him to lose his job.  it seems that Erica called his supervisor and told him to give Chris duties in another part of the building because he was bothering her.  So the supervisor fired Chris.  Erica tries to straighten it out, but the supervisor has already hired someone else.  Myrtle suggests that Erica hire him personally to be her "Guy Friday and Driver."  Erica isn't happy about it, but she does, and that's how Erica and Chris ended up in Erica's office together.

 At the beach Kenny and Gabriel haul Marcus out of the water where he's almost drowned.  Marcus makes sure he's okay, and then he punches him out.  He accuses Marcus of trying to kill him.  Nobody believes Gabriel so Gabriel makes the statement that Marcus hits girls.  Shannon walks up and he tries to get her to admit that Marcus hit her.  Her lip is swollen and everyone is looking at her.  She tells them that her father has been hitting her and Marcus came to her rescue.  Gabriel is angry that she lied to protect Marcus.  At this point, not even Bianca believes Gabriel.  Bianca tells him that Marcus is a jerk but she's never known him to be abusive.  She tells him he needs to back off.  Rosa likes Marcus and there's not a thing he can do about it.

 Marcus goes to Shannon and thanks her for keeping her mouth shut.  Shannon tells him that he owes her.

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