All My Children Update Tuesday 7/31/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/31/01

By Angela  

Mateo is at SOS with Rosa and they are talking about how Mateo and Hayley can't agree on a name for the baby.  Rosa comes up with an idea for having someone else name it and Mateo takes the idea and runs with it.  He decides to have a contest and let the customers at SOS name the baby.  Whoever comes up with the best name wins.  This falls under the category of HAIR BRAINED SCHEME.  Yes, get your customers in there, give them a lot to drink, and let them name your kid.  Great idea!

 It's such a great idea, in fact, that Mateo lets Rosa leave early to go to a beach party with Marcus.  Rosa shows off the strap of her new swim suit to Marcus and he can't wait to see it.  He keeps trying to kiss her and press up against her and she keeps pushing him away.

 Chris shows up at SOS to check on the wiring job he did.  Mateo is surprised and happy that Chris is there to make sure things are okay.  But he gets suspicious when he finds Chris in his office--the one where Tad was hiding from the police.  He catches Chris there and asks him why he's there--after all, the fire was in the kitchen.  Chris says he's looking for other damage that might not be apparent.  Mateo asks him if he learned electrical work in the Army.  Chris plays dumb and says that everything he learned about wiring was from his old man.

 Chris leaves and makes a phone call.  He says that he knows that Tad had been there at SOS and he was sure that he would be back because Mateo was helping him.  He has bugged Mateo's office and is sure that they will be able to find Tad.

 Tad meets Dixie at the beach.  They have a quick visit while her security cop is checking in at HQ.  She tells him what Fiedler told her--that the person who set him up is new in town and is not who he seems to be.  Also, the drugs are coming in from China.   Tad leaves when Rosa, Marcus, Kenny and Heather show up at the beach. Rosa sees Dixie and comforts her.  She tells Dixie that she knows Tad is innocent.  Tad goes to SOS and walks into Mateo's office.  Mateo ushers him out to the alley and tells him that the bar is not safe.  He tells him that he suspects Chris.  From now on, Tad is to contact him by phone and they will make arrangements to meet somewhere else.

 Gabriel shows up to take Bianca to the beach.  Erica is so overjoyed that she's going with a boy to the beach that she has Coral pack a picnic lunch.  Bianca says they can get hotdogs at the beach, but Erica insists that Gabriel take a look in the basket--he will definitely like what she's packed better than hotdogs!  When Gabriel looks in the basket he starts screaming at Erica for packing dog food.  Erica is shocked and has no idea what the problem is.  Bianca looks and tells him that it's not dog food.  It's pate.  She explains to Erica that Gabriel has had a hard childhood and Gabriel apologizes.  Erica is still a little frazzled but she tells him not to worry.  Gabriel and Bianca leave for the beach.

 Erica goes to Myrtle's because Myrtle calls and is not feeling well.  She gets there and begs Myrtle to come home with her and let her take care of her.  Myrtle refuses and says that she has someone taking care of her.  Chris comes in with a bag and tells Myrtle that he's going to fix her up a cup of herb tea that will make her feel better.  He and Erica have another "spat"

 Meanwhile, back at the beach, Marcus is putting suntan lotion on Rosa and confessing to her that he is a "virgin"  I was laughing so hard at that, I almost missed Rosa confessing that she, too, is a virgin.  Gabriel and Bianca show up at the beach.  Bianca tells him to ignore Marcus, who is now being rubbed down by Rosa.  Gabriel goes over and stares at Rosa who stares back.  Marcus looks up and stares at Gabriel.  Gabriel runs off and Marcus jumps up and accuses him of kicking sand in his face.  They are ready to kill each other when Rosa and Heather manage to get them to stop.  Gabriel goes to swim and Kenny and Marcus cook up a plan.  When he comes back Marcus challenges him to a swim out to the pilings.  If Marcus wins, Gabriel has to leave the beach and never come back.  If Gabriel wins, Marcus will leave.  The girls look on as the boys race.  They are trying to figure out who is ahead but they can't really tell who is who.  Suddenly, one of them goes under.  The girls panic.

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