All My Children Update Monday 7/30/01


All My Children Update Monday 7/30/01

By Angela

Liza shows up at the Sleepy Hollow Inn looking for Adam and gets his room number from the desk clerk.  She shows up at the door as Adam and the judge are enjoying the "afterglow" of sex.  She starts banging on the door demanding that he "open up."  Adam leaps out of bed.  Liza is persistent and won't give up.  Finally, Kay opens the door in her robe and Liza is shocked to see a woman standing there.  Liza demands to know where Adam is and what is she doing in his room?  The judge tells her that she has the wrong room and the desk clerk must have made a horrible mistake.  Liza bumbles around but apologizes.  The judge tells her not to worry--she was "finished."  Liza looks mortified.  Kay smiles and says, "finished with my shower." 

 When she closes the door Adam appears in the hallway behind Liza full dressed.  There must be a back way out of the room!  She demands an explanation that resembles the truth.  He tells her that they accidentally double booked him in the hotel.  He had wanted to "surprise" her by bringing her there and he manages to cover nicely and  convinces Liza that it was all for her.  But since the surprise has been "ruined" he says they should go home. 

 They watch Colby sleep and then Liza tells him how much she loves him and how glad she is that he told David to go take a hike.  I wonder how surprised she'll be when she sees who the judge is in David's case?  She goes to get some brandy and Adam looks like he might be having pangs of guilt.  His cell phone rings and it's David, wanting to know if he "satisfied" the judge's desires.  Adam tell him to never dial his number again.

 Liza comes in and they start to make love.  Adam must have stock in Vitamin E and Viagra.

 Leo is laying out on the beach dreaming of who else?  Greenlee, when she shows up.  She wants to know if there's a chance for them and they start to kiss and roll around in the sand.  She stops and asks him if he will ever leave Laura for her.  He says he can't promise anything, he has no idea.  She tells him that she needs to know--because if not, she needs to move on.  He can't promise, so she leaves and he gets very upset and throws sand and a temper fit.

 Opal tries to tell Ryan that she's talked to Gillian but ends up telling him that she dreamed about her.  Gillian is behind her telling her she's doing it all wrong....and to have Ryan ask her a question.  Ryan is extremely perturbed at Opal but he's trying hard to keep his patience.  He yells at her to ask Gillian what she was doing at Wildwind the night she was shot.  Opal tells him about the gown that belonged to her grandmamma and how she wanted to present him to her family while wearing it.  Ryan is stunned but accuses her of getting that information from Stella or Alex and Dimitri.  He tells her to leave him alone because she is not helping.  He walks off and Gillian tells Opal they will keep trying.  Opal doesn't want to. She tells Gillian that she needs to pass over and let Ryan heal.

 Gabriel takes the blame for the cappuccino machine.  Mateo is angry that his $4000 Italian Cappuccino maker is busted and tells Gabriel that he's fired.  Gabriel asks him if he fixes it and cleans up the mess can he keep his job.  Mateo doesn't believe he can fix it--after all, it works like a well oiled Italian car.  But ok, if he fixes it, he can keep his job.  Gabriel fixes it with a screwdriver and a toothpick.  It seems that while he was locked up at Bryn Wyd, one of the matrons supplied him with Popular Mechanics magazines.  He memorized the pictures. 

Rosa wants to know why he's covering for her.  He says he knows she needs the job to pay him back for the dress and also she needs to prove herself to Mateo.  Also, Mateo is her brother.  Rosa's touched but a little annoyed that Gabriel knows all of this.  Mateo's impressed that the machine is fixed and let's him keep his job.  When he leaves he tells Rosa he knows that Gabriel is covering for her.  He tells her that Gabriel likes her but she says she's a little afraid of him.  He's too deep.  Mateo says that Marcus is about as deep as a puddle.  They leave together.


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