All My Children Update Thursday 7/26/01


All My Children Update Thursday 7/26/01

By Angela

Ryan accuses Opal of being drunk. Why else would she kiss him, he wants to know. She stutters around a bit and says maybe she needs to go home but Gillian yells "NO!" so Opal yells "NO!" too. Gillian tells her to say "I love you!" So Opal says "I love you!" and by this time, Ryan is just about as confused and flabbergasted as he can get. Even Liza is almost speechless. She suggests that Opal is upset about Tad and maybe she needs to go home and lie down. Opal runs out thinking she's losing her mind.

She goes to the park and sits down. She talks to herself about how she wanted Ryan. About his muscular arms, his hard stomach, forth and so on. About how she wanted to be with him and how she must be losing her mind. OR.....maybe there was someone else there with her since she didn't even feel like herself. She *talks* to *whomever* might be there. She comes to the conclusion that there is someone from the spirit world there with her but she can't understand what is being said. She tries to call Frederick the Psychic, but he's out. (Guess he wasn't expecting her call.) She leaves him a message to get back to her ASAP. She goes on trying to communicate. She tries to figure out WHO would be trying to contact her. Someone who loved Ryan very much, right? Well, it almost took a ton of bricks falling on her head, but she finally figured out that it was Gillian. She is eventually able to hear Gillian's voice and when she turns around, Gillian is standing in front of her. Opal can see Gillian standing there and Opal faints dead away.

Ryan, still in shock after being kissed by Opal, decides to take off so he can think about things. Or not think about things. Liza tags along with him. They go to the community center and he challenges her to a bet--$200 if she can sink a shot from mid court. She makes the shot (after playing like a dumb girl who doesn't know what a basketball is) and collects the $200 from Ryan. He is impressed and she talks about her father again and how he taught her how to play basketball when she was a kid. They leave the community center together.

Dixie gets the chicken fingers and knows that Tad is somewhere there at SOS. She goes looking for him but runs into David. She brushes him off and goes back to Mateo's office to find Tad. She goes in and Mateo leaves them alone. Mateo runs into David who is coming back that way. He ushers David back to his table, orders him a drink, and tells the waiter to make sure that he doesn't move from that spot. Tad and Dixie say a long goodbye. He tells her to make sure the armed guard is with her and JR at all times and he will be back with her as soon as he can. They kiss and Mateo comes and tells him that the alley is clear and it's time to go. She gives him her scarf to hold on to. He tells her to hold on to the star pendant that he gave her and to think of him each time she touches it. He then follows Mateo out. He thanks Mateo for helping him out and asks him to keep an eye on his family. Mateo promises him that he will.

Dixie leaves and is very upset. David comes over to her and offers to help. He says he will drive her home. She declines and tells him to bug off. He tells her he knows that even though their divorce will be final in a few weeks that Tad will always be a part of her life. She informs him that he is misinformed and that she and Tad are not only very much in love, they are back together and there isn't going to be a divorce. She stalks off after telling him again to leave her alone.

Tad is in the alley and he looks up and sees a star. He holds Dixie's scarf and says, "I love you Dixie."

Back in the parking lot Dixie holds on to her pendant, looks up and says, "I love you too." Major Kleenex moment for T&D fans.

Adam is with the judge and thinks that surely she is kidding. But no, the judge wants one night of unbridled passion with him in exchange for letting David off the hook. Adam tries to persuade her to take money but she ends the conversation. If he won't be with her again, and she's willing to take "no" for an answer, then he has to also be willing to take "no" for an answer. He asks her to rethink. She suggests that he rethink. He asks for some time to rethink. She tells him he has until tomorrow and he can meet her at a hotel room that she will book.

Adam goes to meet David to tell him "too bad, so sad!" and that the judge can't be bought for money. David figures out that she can be bought for sex and tells Adam that he'd better take her up on the offer or he will ruin JR's life. Adam tells him that regardless of whether he gets off or not, David has made a very powerful enemy.


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