All My Children Update Wednesday 7/25/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/25/01

By Angela

Adam meets David in the park.  He tells David that there's not much he's going to be able to do past maybe getting him a reduced sentence.  David tells him that he will get him off or he will deliver information that he saw JR at the scene the night that Sweeney died.  He tells him to do whatever he has to do to pay the judge off--and he has until tomorrow.

Gillian and Jesse show up in Liza's office.  Gillian is angry that Mia is there.  Jesse insists that they leave just as Liza comes in.  She demands to know what is going on in her office.  Mia pops up from behind her desk where she is picking up her cards.  She tells Liza that he name is Mia.  Just Mia.  She knows who Liza is.  She finally leaves and Ryan tries to convince Liza that nothing sexual was going on between the two of them.  There's no way he could betray Gillian that way.  Liza hugs him just as Adam walks in.  Adam and Liza end up in an argument when Liza gets a call about Tad's escape from jail.  Adam tells him that he knew about it and Liza can't believe that he didn't tell her.  Adam stalks out.

Adam goes to see the judge who is a woman.  She assures him that David will be doing a lot of time for his crimes.  Adam pleads David's case and says that he has lost a lot over the situation and the fact that he's a gifted doctor who's saved a lot of lives should count for something.  In other words, he's willing to do anything to get David off.  The judge has definite ideas about what Adam can do for her, but it's pretty obvious that they don't have anything to do with money.  She wants Adam!

Tad begs Mateo to hide him.  He gives Mateo a quick run down of what has happened and pleads with him to help.  Mateo takes him to the back and hides him there.  Mateo's not sure that Tad isn't guilty--after all, if somebody was selling his kid drugs, he wouldn't think twice about killing him if he had the chance.  Tad swears his innocence.  Dixie and Opal show up at SOS looking for Tad.  Mateo comes out and tells them that he hasn't seen Tad but he'll let them know if he does.  They go out and sit at a table.

Gillian and Jesse are in the alley behind SOS when Officer Sweeney shows up.  He is talking on his cell phone saying that he will get Tad Martin and make him pay.  Jesse tells Gillian that he worked a case with Sweeney when he was a cop and Sweeney is often going off half cocked and always goes too far.  He is worried for Tad  Gillian tells him to do something about it but he tells her there is nothing he can do.

Sweeney goes inside and throws his badge around demanding to know where Mateo is.  He goes to the back and starts beating on the supply room door demanding that Mateo open up.  Tad begs him to keep his whereabouts a secret and although Mateo really doesn't want to, he agrees.  He comes out and tells Officer Sweeney that he has no idea where Tad is.  Officer Sweeney asks him what's in the room and Mateo tells him it's just a supply room and he just set off a bug bomb.  Officer Sweeney wants to look but Mateo suggests he get a search warrant first.  Officer Sweeney threatens to come back with Derek and a search warrant.  Mateo plays it cool.  He goes back in and Tad wants to get a message to Dixie to let her know that he is okay.  Mateo has the waitress deliver Dixie a plate of chicken fingers and when she sees them, she knows that Tad is nearby.

Gillian and Jesse are now inside SOS and Gillian is pestering him about being with Ryan.  Opal makes the statement that she wishes Jesse were still around.  Gillian says that Opal can feel Jesse's presence--after all, she has psychic abilities.  Jesse says it's just a coincidence.  Gillian puts the idea to order onion rings in Opal's head.  She starts to crave onion rings.  Jesse tells Gillian that it is against the rules to use humans for their own purpose.

Ryan and Liza come in.  Gillian comes back without Jesse and tells Opal what a wonderful man that Ryan is--how strong he is--how handsome he is--how loving he is.  She tells him to go to Ryan and tell him that she (Gillian) loves him.  Opal walks over as if she's in a trance, grabs Ryan, and lays a lip lock on him that will probably melt his socks!


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