All My Children Update Tuesday 7/24/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/24/01

By Angela  

Gillian is once again mooning over Ryan in pre-heaven and having the resident artist (who I assume to be Jeremy Hunter) drawing his portrait when Jesse shows up and shoos everyone out. He then calls Travis, Cindy and Natalie and they have an "intervention" for Gillian because she can't face up to the fact that life is going on....without her. Each tells about how they had a hard time leaving their loved ones and how hard it was to adjust, but how fate brought each one of their loved ones what they needed in life. Gillian isn't convinced. She's determined to get back to Ryan come hell or high water. She stalks off and runs into Ray Gardner in the outer chamber. He tells her that he is Tad's daddy and he will help her get back to Ryan--for a price. If she will use her influence (?) to get him into heaven, he will make sure she gets back to Ryan. Gillian is ready to take him up on the offer until Jesse shows up and makes Ray disappear. Then he tells her how evil Ray Gardner was and how he made Tad's life hell on earth and now he's living out eternity in the real thing. Gillian is crushed that she can't find anyone to help her. She goes off in search of Ryan with Jesse following along to keep her out of trouble.

 Ryan is asleep on the couch at WRCW when he is awakened by someone standing over him. It's the woman that he played poker with in Liza's office. She demands that he take back his accusations that she cheated. He refuses. She punches him in the stomach and they end up rolling around on the floor fighting like a couple of .....boys. Gillian is livid. How dare that tramp be anywhere near her Ryan! Marian shows up and tells him that she asked him to get rid of her, not kill her! She tells him that this is Mia, the "nightmare" she asked him to get rid of. Marian pays her another $5000.00 to keep her quiet and asks her to leave town. Mia refuses to leave town--the pay is too good in PV. Marian leaves and Mia asks him where his wife is and how she feels about him playing poker and sleeping at work. He gets mad and tells her to get out and mind her own business. She figures out that his wife is dead. She tells him that she lost someone on June 25. The exact date that Gillian died. She gives him the money she stole from him during the game and confesses to cheating. Gillian is afraid that Mia is the one that will help Ryan "get on with his life." 

Gabriel is working at SOS when Anna comes in and wants to talk to him about turning over the buffet table. He doesn't want to talk about it. Rosa comes in and they stare at each other. Then Marcus comes in and brings Rosa flowers. Gabriel is furious and Anna picks up on the fact that Gabriel likes Rosa. They discuss it. Rosa and Marcus kiss until Mateo comes out and breaks it up. He tells Marcus that Rosa has work to do. Also, he tells him that he knows what Marcus has on his mind because he used to be just like him. The "Mr. Santos" stuff isn't going to work on him and he'd better not do anything to Rosa or else. Marcus agrees. Gabriel tells Anna that Marcus' eyes are dead--just like one of his guards at Bryn Wyd. Mateo makes Marcus leave and when Rosa comes out she's upset. Mateo tells her that she can see him later. 

Marcus goes outside and runs into Shannon. She bad mouths Rosa calling her the "convent girl" and reminds him of how much fun they had the night before. He tells her he doesn't know what she's talking about and then he beats her up. She is hiding in the bushes and her mouth is all bloody when Rosa comes out and sees him quickly. Gabriel finds the card on the roses that say, "I think I'm falling in love with you." He tears up the card and goes outside. Marcus threatens him. Marcus asks him who's blood is on his hand. Marcus leaves after Gabriel threatens him and Gabriel hears crying coming from the bushes. He sees a scarf on the ground with blood on it. He goes to get Anna. 

Tad gets one of the guards to let him call home. He can tell that Dixie is hiding something from him, and when he hears Derek's voice he knows something is wrong. He demands that Dixie tell him the truth so she tells him about the note. She tells him that she sent JR to stay with Brooke and Jamie. Tad asks the guard to call Officer Sweeney and tell him that he wants to confess. Officer Sweeney shows up and makes the guard leave. The guard tells him that if anything happens to Tad he'll lose his job. Officer Sweeney tells him that he'll cover his back--just leave. Tad says it's okay. The guard leaves and Sweeney comes inside the cell. He pulls out his gun and loads it. He tells Tad he wants to hear his confession. Tad tells him that he didn't kill his son--but that his son was selling drugs and if he will let him, he'll prove it and find whoever killed his son. This makes Officer Sweeney even madder. Tad knocks him out, cuffs him to the bed and covers him with a blanket. He dresses in Sweeney's uniform and locks Sweeney in the cell. Dixie shows up as he's breaking out. He tells her that she's not to say anything and that she's to tell them that she knows nothing. He runs out and Derek runs in, sees Sweeney and puts out an APB on Tad. Tad goes to SOS and asks Mateo to please hide him. The police sirens are just outside.


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