All My Children Update Monday 7/23/01


All My Children Update Monday 7/23/01

By Angela

Greenlee can't believe that Jake doesn't want to have sex with her. And also that he might be in love with her. He tells her that he's not in love with her and doesn't want to fall in love with her because she's in love with someone else and he'll never make that mistake again. She daydreams about him taking her to announce their engagement to Tad and Dixie. Tad and Dixie tell him that she's not good enough for him--that he should dump her. He comes back from gathering wood and tells her that she can wash up in the lake. She wants to know where the bathroom is and he tells her that they are communing with nature and there's a tree somewhere out there with her name on it. She tries to go and get ready for bed but thinks she sees a snake. She insists on sleeping with Jake in his sleeping bag when he tells her that he's not taking her home. They snuggle in together for the night.

 Tad begs Derek to check in on Dixie and talk her out of meeting with Fiedler. Derek tries to tell him that there's nothing to worry about but Tad insists. Derek agrees to go and see her. When he gets there Dixie gives him the bum's rush--she's in a hurry and doesn't have time to talk. He tells her that it will only take a minute--please stay away from Fiedler and let Derek do his job. Dixie agrees with everything he says and tells him that she really needs to go. When he leaves she tells Fiedler that he can come out. She tells him that she'll pay him for information on who Sweeney's suppliers were. He tells her that she should listen to Derek and stay out of it--especially since Officer Sweeney is involved. In his opinion, with a cop's kid dead, Tad isn't ever coming out of jail. JR comes in later with a letter that someone gave him for Dixie. She opens it and it says, "See how easy it was to get to your son? Next time it might be a bullet." She screams for JR and he comes running and she grabs him and hugs him.

 Tad is sitting in his cell when someone comes by and announces that his food is there. He says he's not hungry. He looks up and Officer Sweeney is standing there with a covered dish. He unlocks the cell and walks in. Tad looks mortified and thinks that Sweeney is going to try and kill him again--and this time, there's nobody to stop him. He puts the tray down and walks out. Tad takes the lid off and it's a huge dead rat. Officer Sweeney tells him that he's going to be next. Tad tells Derek what happened and Derek tells him not to worry--but to play it cool because all of the PVPD are on Officer Sweeney's side since he's a fellow officer. He tells him that he's perfectly safe but he can't keep Officer Sweeney away. 

Rosa tries to talk to Gabriel but he's very angry at her. Marcus shows up and threatens him but Rosa tries to tell him that Gabriel didn't do anything. Gabriel leaves after telling Rosa that if her *boyfriend* comes near him again he'll be sorry. Marcus insists that Rosa stay away from Gabriel and quit her job since Gabriel works at S.O.S. He hugs her very tightly and suddenly, Rosa's eyes get really big and she runs off. 

Shannon comes out of the shadows and tells him that she's scored some XTC and wants to know if he wants to party. He smiles at her.

Back at the party, Phoebe asks Vanessa what Leo's intentions for work are. Anna talks to Brooke about Edmund. She says she thinks that Brooke is interested in Edmund and is jealous because he had his arm around her. She tells Brooke that he only sees her as a replacement for Alex and she's not interested so Brooke should take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and go for it. Brooke is non-committal. Edmund wants to offer Laura a job at Tempo as photographer but Brooke won't allow him to talk to her yet because she needs to concentrate on getting better and on being married. But she says they should try to find something for Leo. She suggests that he work in the advertising department. Brooke gives Leo a big check and he takes it. Bianca sees the exchange. She tells Leo that he'd better not hurt Laura. Laura and Bianca talk. Laura tells her that she loves her. Leo comes in and everyone leaves the party. He looks at the photo album she gave him and remembers a time when Greenlee professed her undying love for him. They go to bed and he holds her. It's obvious that he doesn't want to be there.


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