All My Children Update Friday 7/20/01


All My Children Update Friday 7/20/01

By Angela  

Greenlee is standing in the door of Leo and Laura's love pad and everybody is staring at her.  Leo looks petrified.  Suddenly, Jake bursts in and grabs her, planting a kiss on her while she struggles to get away.  He keeps grabbing and kissing her while everyone looks on in amazement.  Finally he drags her out saying that they have a date with destiny.  They sit outside of the condo and Greenlee is very angry at him for pulling her away.  Erica walks by, makes an ugly comment about how Greenlee is not dressed in a way that would best represent Enchantment, and walks away.  Greenlee asks Jake to get her out of there. 

He takes her up to a campsite that he has somehow managed to get all set up.  He introduces her to the tree that he *met and named* when he first arrived in PV.  Some of you may remember this--it's the one that he decorated with Christmas tree lights when he met Liza.  She wants to go back home because it reminds her of being stranded on the desert island with Leo and the first time he said "I love you."

Jake talks to her about a new constellation that he read about in a Science magazine.  He tells her the story of the goddess that fell from Olympus, but got back up and went after what was hers.  He showed her the cluster of stars that made up the constellation and she gets very interested.  She asks him the name of the goddess and he says "Greenlee."  She realizes he made the whole thing up and they start to kiss.  She asks him to "make me feel like a goddess" and they lay down on the blanket and kiss.  He then pulls away and tells her that he can't do it--because if they make love he will fall in love with her.

Vanessa is trying to convince Leo to dump Laura because she doesn't have as big a trust fund as Greenlee does.  Palmer overhears and tells her to back off because Leo is finally taking some responsibility.  She assures him that she loves him, not just his money.  He tells her that that is comforting to know and the reason why he'll never put her in his will.

Laura is distressed (that's putting it mildly) because she saw the way that Leo and Greenlee looked at each other.  She asks him if he wants to go after Greenlee and he says "no" but he's not very convincing.  She takes off and he follows her to the park.  She tells him that they should end things now.  She's sorry that she didn't die because now she has to see him loving another woman.  If she had died she would have died happy.  He kisses her and tells her that they will be together for the next 50 or 60 years.  They head back to the party together.

Rosa is walking in when she sees Gabriel.  They just stare at each other when Marcus walks up with his mother.  He introduces her to Rosa and Gabriel walks off.  Phoebe, Marcus' mother, and Vanessa are standing around gossiping about Gabriel.  One of the maids at Wildwind told about Gabriel being kept in a cage.  They laugh about him.  Marcus gives Rosa a pair of earrings and insists (bordering on demanding) that she put them on.  She tells him that she's wearing the ones her father gave her for her first communion--that she wears them to all special occasions.  He tells her that she's not a little girl anymore and to put them on because it will please him.  She goes off to find a mirror.

She changes her earrings and puts on lipstick.  Gabriel comes over and tells her that she should take the earrings and the lipstick off because it makes her look cheap.  She yells at him to leave her alone and to go back to the cage that he lives in.

Gabriel is angry and thinks that Bianca told about him being held prisoner in the cage.  She tells him that she didn't tell anyone.  She goes to get something to drink and Marcus comes over and threatens him.  He calls him an animal and asks him if he wants a slab of horsemeat, etc.  Gabriel loses his cool and flips one of the food tables over.  He runs out.  Rosa follows him and puts a hand on his shoulder.

Brooke makes a toast to the happy couple and Laura gives him a gift--a photo album with pictures of them and lots of blank pages to fill up over the rest of their lifetime.

Myrtle shows up at the party with Chris.  Erica is livid that he came and accuses him of following her.  Myrtle tells her that she talked him into coming--he wanted to stay home and play cards.  Erica decides that she can catch more flies with honey so she goes to Chris and apologizes for being rude to him.  She says she wants to know all about him but he sees right through her and tells her that she's just trying to figure out what he's doing in Pine Valley.  Myrtle and Chris get ready to leave and Erica begs Myrtle to come home with her and spend the night.  Myrtle says no, she's looking forward to winning some money from Chris playing cards that night.

Derek, Jack,  Dixie, and an officer are in the cell with Tad.  Tad is trying to figure out who would want to frame him when Officer Sweeney comes in, grabs Tad and tries to strangle him.  It takes all of the men to pull him off of Tad.  Tad tries to tell him that he didn't kill Sweeney but Officer Sweeney assures him that if he ever gets out of jail he'll be dead because he's going to be waiting for him.  Derek takes him to one of the offices to cool down.  Tad is upset because not only is Sweeney's dad out to kill him, but his case has been moved to the top of the docket.  He feels like he's being railroaded because he won't have enough time to figure out who really killed Sweeney.  Jack promises to light a fire under his people to try to find out the truth.

Dixie tries to get Tad to give her the name of the informant that he was talking to in SOS.  He refuses, saying that he would rather spend the rest of his life in jail than put her in that kind of danger.  She tricks Derek into giving her his name.  Tad begs her to stay away from him but Dixie just tells him that she loves him and not to worry. 


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