All My Children Update Thursday 7/19/01


All My Children Update Thursday 7/19/01

By Angela

Laura is determined to have sex with Leo, even though he keeps telling her that it's against doctor's orders and he's afraid he'll hurt her.  She insists that she doesn't want to wait any longer.  At one point she cries out in pain and Leo stops, but she tells him that she's okay and she wants to make love.  They are interrupted by a knock on the door.  It's Brooke and when she sees Leo's shirt unbuttoned and Laura fumbling with the buttons on her shirt, she is very perturbed. 

 Laura goes to get dressed and Brooke gives Leo lecture #356 about how he doesn't care about Laura, otherwise he wouldn't be putting her life and health in danger.  Leo gets angry with her and tells her that Laura wanted it, and he was afraid that rejecting her would be more stressful than making love.  He storms out of the apartment.  Laura comes out of the bedroom and tells Brooke that she owes Leo an apology.

 Laura tells Brooke that she doesn't want to wait any longer--and three weeks is too long to wait.  The caterers show up, along with Palmer, Vanessa and Phoebe.  Laura goes to get dressed and Vanessa goes to look for Leo.  She goads Leo about how his marriage is a joke.  He tells her that no good deed goes unpunished.

 Greenlee is making a big production out of getting ready for the party.  Jake tries to convince her to go out with him instead of going to the reception.  She says no and  tells Jake about how fabulous she's going to look in her new Paris original and then runs off for her hair appointment.  While she's gone, he calls someone to come and pick up all of her clothes except for her jeans and her underwear.  She is furious when she gets home and sees that she has nothing to wear.  She screams that she's going to the party anyway and storms out.  Jake takes off after her.

 She runs into the apartment and everybody stares at her.  Jake runs in and grabs her and kisses her, shocking everyone.

 Bianca is at the party with Gabriel, who cleaned up rather nicely.    He thinks he looks like a dork.  He starts to run off after Bianca goes in but then he runs into Rosa.

 Erica and Chris are in the storage closet and he keeps demanding to know what's in the box.  He grabs it away from her and they play a rather sick game of "keep away."  She uses big words and offers to define them for him.  He tells her that he knows what the words mean and doesn't need her looking down on him.  She demands that he get out---he insists that this is his "office."  She tells him his "office" is in her building and he should leave.  She finally decides to leave when he starts changing his clothes, but changes her mind because, after all, he's seen her with very little on.  Finally she leaves (sigh of relief) and goes to her office.  She opens the box and then smiles.  This "item" is going to make Enchantment a lot of money.  She locks the box and it's contents, including the brown wrapping paper (?) in her desk and leaves.  Chris sneaks in, opens the drawer, and takes the contents out.  He smells the vial, tastes it, and then says in disbelief that surely she can't be on to him!  This is obviously not what he expected it to be.

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