All My Children Update Wednesday 7/18/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Angela

Tad is being booked while Dixie waits to see him.  Derek gives her a few minutes with Tad and they hug, kiss, and talk about trying to solve the mystery of who killed Sweeney, since it's pretty obvious that the police figure they have their man.  Derek comes in and tells them that their time is up and takes Tad to jail.  Tad is sitting in his cell with his head in his hands when JR shows up.  He tells Tad he is so sorry.  Tad tells him that they will all work it out together and the more he can remember about Sweeney and who he hung out with the better it will be.  He promises that the three of them (Tad, Dixie and JR----guess he forgot about Jamie) will work it out together.  JR asks him if he and Dixie are back together and Tad tells him that they are getting there.

JR leaves and runs into Dixie in the lobby.  He tells her how sorry he is for not cutting her a break and getting into trouble.  She says to forget it--they will start all over again.  JR can't believe that she can just forgive him so quickly.  He asks her if she and Tad are back together and she smiles and tells him that she's missed Tad very much.  WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL THE KID THE TRUTH???????  (I'm feeling much better now.)

Jake is examining Laura at her apartment.  He tells her that she seems fine and wants to know why she didn't call David.  She says that she didn't want to call David because he's Leo's brother, and she didn't want to worry Leo.  She asks him when she can have sex, since she didn't like David's advice that she should wait three weeks.  He asks her if Leo is upset about waiting and she says she doesn't think so, but she really wants to be with him.  She's also afraid that Greenlee is going to try and steal Leo away from her. 

Jake tells her not to worry about Greenlee because their relationship was a disaster, and she had her chance to marry Leo and decided not to.  Also, Leo has made his choice to be with Laura.

Meanwhile, at SOS, Greenlee shows up to meet with Leo.  He tells her that if she loves him like she says she does, she will NOT show up at the wedding reception that night.  She tells him that she knows that he only married Laura for the money and out of pity.  He tells her he's in it for the long haul.  He leaves and goes home to Laura, who is attempting to clean the house.  She puts the moves on him and he pulls away telling her it's too soon.  She has other ideas however.

Greenlee meets with Jake and apologizes for standing him up the night she found Leo drunk in the park.  He tells her he's gotten over it.  She invites him to the wedding reception as her date because she has a lot of people on her list to apologize to.  She leaves, but Leo's not buying it.

Erica is in her office talking to a man about the shipment she was supposed to receive.  He says the shipment is in the country but it's been held up by customs at the airport.  She demands that he get it to her ASAP.  He leaves and eventually comes back with the box.  She is excited and tells him that if it's the quality she expects that she'll be ordering 100X as much next time.  She asks him to leave so she can open the box alone.

Chris is in the supply closet listening since he's bugged her office.  He sets off the fire alarm.  Val comes into Erica's office and tells her they have to clear out.  Erica refuses and says until she smells smoke she's not going anywhere.  Chris bursts into her office and demands that she leave.  She refuses.  He tells her that he will throw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes if she doesn't move.  She flounces out.  Later, she sneaks into the supply closet to open her box.  She's just about got it open when Chris walks in and demands to know what's in the box.



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