All My Children Update Tuesday 7/17/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/17/01

By Angela

It's the next morning after the break in at Erica's and Jack is there doing a *security check* of her house.  She is dressed in a tiny little robe.  Jack goes upstairs to check things out when the doorbell rings.  Erica answers it and it's Myrtle.  Myrt tells her that she's brought her new border to reinstall the locks on Erica's doors.  He's young, good looking, likes to play poker, and if she were a few years younger she might go for him herself.  It turns out to be none other than Chris, and he and Erica get into a heated fight.  She finally agrees to let him change the locks on her door, and while she is talking to Myrtle, he taps her phone and plants a bug in the house.  He also returns the keys he stole the day before.  Erica sees him holding the phone and goes into a tirade.  How dare he use her phone without permission?!?  They struggle over it and her robe comes opened, revealing a skimpy black lace bra.  He tells her he is late for his other job and leaves.  When he gets outside he checks out the equipment to make sure it's working, intercepts a phone call from Erica's shipping department, and relays a message to his mystery accomplice that "Sweeney has been silenced and Erica Kane is next."

Tad is at the police department being grilled by Derek.  Tad swears that he only beat Sweeney up but he didn't kill him.  Dixie shows up and tells him that she's left a message for Jack but he hasn't called back yet.  (He's at Erica's doing a *security check*)  Was he there all night?  Who knows!  Derek tells Tad he can go because he really has no evidence to hold him there and his story is consistent with the cuts and bruises that Sweeney has.  Also, there is no murder weapon to account for the blow to the head with a blunt object.  Tad can go, but he's "not to leave town."  As he's leaving, one of the officers shows up with the murder weapon.  It's a crowbar.  Tad is relieved because this will clear him of all charges.

Tad and Dixie leave and get in their car.  Tad gives Dixie a heart pendant and tells her how much he loves her.  They kiss.  Suddenly, Derek jerks the door open and demands that Tad get out.  The weapon was dusted for prints--Tad's prints were lifted.  Tad insists that his jack is in the trunk of the car.  Derek demands that he pop the trunk.  Tad does and the jack isn't there.  Another officer brings down a warrant and Tad is arrested for the murder of Sweeney. 

Marcus, Shannon, Mindy, Kenny, and a new girl who I assume to be a replacement for Heather are at SOS.  (I guess SOS is serving breakfast now)  They are discussing Sweeney's death and who may have killed him.  Kenny suggests that he was probably swallowing the inventory and was short on paying his suppliers.  Phil and Rosa come in and Marcus runs over to ask Rosa to go with him to Leo and Laura's wedding reception.  She agrees to go and then tries to figure out what she's going to wear.  Phil suggests going to Lacy's to pick something out.  Rosa has no money, so she goes and asks Mateo again for a job.  He tells her no, she has a job at the rectory and even though it doesn't pay, it keeps her out of trouble.

She tells him how important it is to go to the party and be a normal 17 year old and he gives in.  He gives her $200 plus some to buy rubber gloves--because she's his new dishwasher and the $200 is an advance on her pay.  He also tells her that she's dressing too provocatively and that she needs to tone it down because Marcus might expect her to be like the other girls. 

Marcus tells Rosa that he can't wait to see her and to buy something with him in mind.  Shannon comes over and threatens to tell Rosa what Marcus likes to do on the first date.  He grabs her arm, drags her out to the alley, and threatens to kill her if she utters a word.

Bianca tells Gabriel about the story of Cinderella because he's never heard it.  She realizes that he's got a crush on Rosa and invites him to the wedding reception.

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