All My Children Update Monday 7/16/01


All My Children Update Monday 7/16/01

By Angela

Okay all you Tad and Dixie fans out there.....are you sitting down? TAD AND DIXIE MAKE LOVE!!!! Dixie leaves Tad a message to meet her at the Pine Cone Motel. When he gets there she jerks him into the room and tells him that they need to get their stories straight because Derek thinks he murdered Sweeney. Tad is shocked. First of all, that Sweeney is dead, and second of all, because Dixie is prepared to give him an alibi. He swears to her that he didn't kill Sweeney, he only roughed him up a bit. They talk about how he might have died and he promises that he will always keep her and JR safe. He tells her that he will come clean with Derek and tell him the whole story about meeting with Sweeney and beating him up. That way, they have nothing to hide. They kiss. Then they make love. At the Pine Cone Motel. It's not the Pine Valley Inn, but all you Tad and Dixie fans out there probably don't care--just as long as they are back together. They decide not to tell JR right away that they are back together. They think it might look too contrived. They go back home and JR is there. Tad tells him that Sweeney is dead and JR plays dumb. In fact, he claims to not have known Sweeney that well. He tells them he only saw him at a couple of parties. Tad asks him if Sweeney sold him the drugs. Before JR can answer, Derek shows up and wants to take Tad down to the station for questioning. Tad asks if he's under arrest. Derek shows him the business card that was found by Sweeney's body. Tad says he can explain the whole thing. JR looks sick. 

Liza is in her office listening to a news show do another story about Gillian Lavery: The death of a Princess. Ryan comes into her office and demands that WRCW stop all coverage of Gillian's death or he will sue the station. Liza promises to talk to the station manager and then invites him to have a drink with her. While they are drinking and talking, one of their advertisers calls and wants to know why her ads are only done at 4am. Ryan takes the phone and tells her that he saw her ad on the Judge Betty show. He charms her and tells her that he will talk to the ad person and see that she gets some extra spots for her ad. When he hangs up, Liza offers him his old job back. He's not sure he wants it until Adam comes in and gets angry at him for not being at the yacht working at Ryan resigns, effective immediately, and leaves. Adam is angry at Liza for stealing Ryan away. He says anyone else he gets to run will be worse than Ryan.

 Leo and Greenlee are talking at SOS when Laura shows up with Brooke. Greenlee corners Laura and Brooke corners Leo. Brooke is angry that he came there to meet Greenlee. He tells her that he only came to tell her that it was over and to leave him alone. He says he's devoted to Laura and he'll stay committed to her. Brooke doesn't buy it. Greenlee tells Laura she wants to give her a wedding reception to show the town that she has given them her blessing. Laura declines the offer, but invites her to the wedding reception that Brooke is going to give her. Greenlee accepts but after she walks away she screams in frustration.

 Bianca and Gabriel are also at SOS. They dance for awhile and then are sitting at a table and talking when Erica rushes in. She says that she got an email from Bianca to rush over to SOS. Bianca says she didn't send an email. Erica brushes it off and forgets about it when she realizes that Bianca is with a boy. She tells Gabriel how handsome he is and how he must come over for dinner sometime. Gabriel just stares at her like he wants to throw up. Erica tries to convince Bianca to stay out as long as she wants, but Bianca says she's ready to go. When Erica goes to get the car, Gabriel asks if Erica was "flirting" with him. She says yes, but not for the reason he thinks. She says she's going to have to have a long talk with Erica about that "Gay to Straight myth." 

She and Erica go home but they are not there alone. Chris is there skulking through the house. He cuts the lights and Bianca goes to find the circuit breaker. Erica hears a noise and grabs the fireplace poker. Chris realizes there's no way out. He puts his ski mask on and makes a run for it. Erica clocks him good with the poker a couple of times but he manages to run out. Bianca runs in and she and Erica hug.


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