All My Children Update Thursday 7/12/01


All My Children Update Thursday 7/12/01

by Angela

Liza shows up at the yacht after Ryan punches Adam out.  Adam demands that Ryan get back to a man...get over it!  After all--Life (and business)  goes on!  Ryan tells him that he doesn't care anymore and Adam tells him to pack his stuff and get out.  Liza reminds him of how he acted when he lost Stuart.  She demands that he give Ryan a week to get his act together to decide if he wants to stay with Incredible  Adam finally agrees but he's not happy with Liza's involvement.  He stalks off.  Liza hugs Ryan and tells him how sorry she is.  He tells her that he doesn't need a week.  When he's lost the only thing that matters, nothing else matters at all.  He asks her to please leave and she does.  As she leaves, Marian walks in.  She has a job for Ryan and Ryan tells her to get out, he's through making dreams come true.  Marian tells him she doesn't need a dream to come true--she needs a nightmare to go away.  She gives him a piece of paper and tells him to take care of it, but Liza must never know.  She will be forever indebted to him, and so will Liza, although Liza won't know that she's indebted to him.

Dixie and J.R. return from his therapy session to find Tad gone.  Dixie wonders where he went and is worried that he went after Sweeney.  She tries to talk to J.R. about how much she loves him and how she's there for him, but he blows her off and goes to the kitchen for donuts.

Jake shows up to meet Tad because they are supposed to go running together.  Dixie talks to him about being worried about where Tad has gone.  J.R. comes in the room and Jake tells him that he can beat the drugs and not to forget that there are people who love him very much--don't block them out of his life.  Dixie walks Jake to his car and J.R. runs to the phone to call Sweeney.  He leaves him a message to meet him at the boathouse in an hour because Tad and Dixie found the XTC necklace.  When Dixie comes back in he lies and tells her that his supervisor from the community center called and wants him to come down and help out with an open house.  Dixie believes him and is pleased that he wants to help.  She tells him to go ahead.  He leaves to go to the boathouse.

Meanwhile, down at the boathouse, Tad has met up with Sweeney and is beating him to a pulp, threatening to kill him if he doesn't reveal his sources for the drugs.  Sweeney keeps refusing to talk, saying that if he tells they will kill him.  Tad tells him if he doesn't talk, he is going to kill Sweeney. 

Tad goes to S.O.S. to meet with a drug pusher that he used to know when he was a P.I.  He demands to know who is bringing the XTC into town.  The guy doesn't want to talk--he says his life will be over if he talks.  Tad tells him that he has a lot on him--if he doesn't talk he won't be able to sell a dime bag to a hippie at the grocery mart.  Derek walks in and sees them.  Tad turns around to look at Derek and the guy takes off.

Derek comes over and demands to know what Tad was talking to the guy about.  Tad is evasive, but then looks down and notices blood on his shirt sleeve.  He hides his arm from Derek and feigns ignorance at what Derek is talking about.  Derek tells Tad he knows he's done something he wasn't supposed to do.

Back at the boathouse, J.R. is looking for Sweeney.  Adam keeps calling him to see if he's okay and J.R. finally turns his phone off.  Finally he sees Sweeney sitting in the boathouse.  He goes over to him and Sweeney falls over.  He appears to be dead.

After talking to J.R., Adam is with Liza at the Valley Inn getting ready to order dinner.  They bicker a lot and he accuses her of being controlling and she accuses him of not sharing his feelings.  She tells him that if he doesn't shape up he can ship out.  Or more exactly, he can spend the night there at the hotel because he's not coming home with her!

At S.O.S. Mateo is preparing for B.B.Mack to play.  Rosa brings a bunch of PV kids to help set up in return for getting to see the band perform.  Gabriel is there because Mateo has given him a job  in return for saving the club.  He tries to help Rosa but startles her.  Marcus comes over and threatens Gabriel if he doesn't leave.  Mateo tells him to cool off and leave Gabriel alone.  Marcus hangs all over Rosa.  If Isabella were there she would have a fit!  Mateo obviously doesn't notice that he can't keep his hands (and lips) off of Rosa.  He wants to meet her after the show so they can be alone.  Shannon comes in and tells Rosa to get away from "her Marcus."  Marcus tells her that he is through with her.  Rosa leaves them to be alone and she tells Marcus that he "owes her" for "what he did to her."  He told her that she wasn't worth anything and everything he did to her she deserved.  She looks crushed.  Gabriel overhears the conversation.

Gabriel asks her later what Marcus did to her.  She tells him he shouldn't have overheard that.  After all, she got what she deserved.  Gabriel looks over at Marcus, who is all over Rosa.



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