All My Children Update Monday 7/9/01


All My Children Update Monday 7/9/01

By Angela

Today's theme of AMC could very well be, "Two guys sitting on a park bench with two bottles of Scotch getting plastered."   It all started with Leo going to the park to get away from Laura.  He got the pleasure of changing her dressing (because that's what Laura wanted instead of having Zora do it) so after tucking her in bed he took a walk.  Sitting there on a park bench with a bottle of Scotch was Ryan.  Leo sat down beside him and helped him finish off the bottle while talking non-stop about Laura, her heatlh and their marriage.  By the time he finished the bottle he was feeling no pain.  He didn't have to worry about the empty bottle for long--Ryan had another one stashed away and handed it over to Leo.  The conversation turned to the darker side of marriage--Till Death Do Us Part!!!!  {{{{scary stuff for Leo}}}}  Ryan comments that Leo wants out of his marriage, but Leo denies it saying that Laura is great.  Great.  Really great.  Nobody is convinced.  When Ryan leaves Leo is three sheets to the wind and passes out on the ground in the park.

Meanwhile, at the ER, Jake is told that he has a patient waiting who has ear pain and dizziness.  He goes in and finds Greenlee hiding under a sheet.  She tells him that she doesn't feel well.  He examines her and then tells her that he's afraid she has a brain tumor.  Then he yells at her for taking up hospital time but she sweet talks him into an evening of take out.  He sighs and says she drives him crazy and he doesn't see how he can be ready to kill her one minute and everything is fine the next.  When she leaves he thinks he's the one who needs the doctor.

Greenlee passes through the park on her way home and sees someone lying on the ground.  At first she thinks she should just keep on walking and ignore him, but she asks herself, "WWJD" or I should say, "What Would Jake Do?"  She decides to help the poor soul out and hopes he isn't dead.  She turns him over and finds that it is Leo.  She smiles knowingly.  Married barely a week and already getting away from the wife and getting plastered.

Erica is still at BJ's trying to get a ride home.  Mateo offers her a ride which she accepts graciously (for Erica) until she finds that Mateo is also giving Chris a ride home.  Erica says, "No, thank you very much."  She calls a cab and is appauled when they tell her she'll have to wait 20 minutes.  She demands a cab immediately and when she doesn't get what she wants, she threatens the operator's job.  Chris laughs at her and she accepts Mateo's offer.  They stop on the way at S.O.S. where Chris is going to look at the electrical problem that Mateo is having.  They open the door and see smoke, then hear Gabriel and Bianca screaming for help.  Chris tells Erica to call 911 while he and Mateo try to save them.  Instead, she goes into SOS and passes out.  Chris and Mateo break the door down and get Bianca out.  Gabriel insists on going with Mateo to find the source of the fire.  Chris can't find Erica and goes back into SOS and brings her out.  He starts to give her CPR (mouth to mouth) but she comes to and tells him "only in your dreams!"  He yells at her for being stupid and not doing what he told her.  Gabriel and Mateo come out and Mateo tells everyone that Gabriel put the fire out just in time.  He tells Gabriel that he owes him.  The fire trucks show up and Gabriel tries to run but Mateo promises him that he'll help him out but he needs to stay and face up to his problems.  The cop that Gabriel punched out walks up and sees Gabriel.  He says, "I've been looking for you!"

While all of this is going on, Erica goes to the hospital to get checked out and Chris makes a sinister phone call--Erica is hostile and it's going to be difficult to deal with her.  But he'll find a way!

Back at BJ's, Marcus is with Rosa.  He kisses her and relishes in the fact that he is her "first."  She informs him that she was not his first......In fact, he's the 2nd one that week!  She won't tell him who the other guy was and he gets very upset,  but tries to cover.  When she walks away to go to the bathroom to put her "Isabella approved" clothes on, he smashes a glass with his hand and yells at the waiter when he tries to clean it up. 

Dimitri gets a call from someone in Europe.  There is some information that has to do with Ryan and Gillian and Dimitri is determined to find out if it's true.  He and Alex plan to leave to go to England to begin their search for the truth, but tell Anna and Edmund that they are going to Vadsal to attend Gillian's memorial service and to represent the family.  Anna doesn't believe them and doesn't want Alex to go because she "has a bad feeling."  Alex tells Edmund to take care of Anna and that she's no longer jealous of him and Anna but she still loves him. 

Ryan shows up before Alex and Dimitri leave and asks them to tear down the turret.  He can't stand the idea of it being there.  Dimitri says he'll think about it.  Edmund says he'll blow the place up if that's what  Ryan wants but he thinks Ryan should think it over first.  Ryan walks around in a daze with a drink and a picture of Gillian.

Alex and Dimitri leave and Anna wonders where they are really going.


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