All My Children Update Thursday 7/5/01


All My Children Update Thursday 7/5/01

by Angela

Tad apologizes for kissing Dixie and she tells him she liked it.  He’s afraid to get the boys hopes up about their relationship.  Dixie tells him that she misses him and he says the same. 

At the condo Leo and Laura are kissing when she pulls away saying she is out of breath.   He tries to turn on the lights but hasn’t had the power turned on.  He says it’s the first time he’s had to do this.  The phone doesn’t work either --- it’s a cordless and needs power to charge.  Laura complains that she needs to take her pills but can’t read the bottles.

Ryan turns toward Gillian.  She tells him she is home.  He walks right past her, he can’t hear her or see her.  He yells to Steven that he needs more bags to pack up Gillian's clothing.  Gillian thinks he is mad at her for leaving him she begs him to see her and hear.  She tries to touch him so that he will know she is there but gets a shock.  She looks at her hand while Ryan sits on the bedside.  Gillian keeps talking to Ryan and says she does not understand why he doesn’t hear her and see her like before.  She starts telling him about the way station.  She tells him she isn’t dead and that together they can prove she isn’t.  Again she tries to touch him and gets zapped.  She vows to reach him and when she does she’ll never let him go.

Gabriel arrives at BJ’s and asks to see the Manager.  He asks for a job.  The Manager says he could use some help but needs experienced help.  When Gabriel answers no to a long list of questions the Manager wonders why a 19 year old has no education or experience.  He jokingly asks if Gabriel grew up in a cave.  The Manager then tells Gabriel that they don’t like loiterers and that if he can’t pay for a meal to get out.  Suddenly Bianca says “Hey sorry I’m late” and orders burgers and drinks for them both.  Then she says to the Manager that if he’s afraid that she’s loitering too, she can pay for the meal in advance.  He apologizes and tells them to take a table.

Dixie and J.R. talk about his community service.  He complains that he isn’t having any fun.  Dixie tells him that having fun isn’t the point.  She really wants him to learn something from this experience but her words fall on deaf ears.  He asks to go home but Dixie says she has to clean up first.  J.R. goes to Sweeney who is also there and asks what he’s got for him. 

At the condo Leo is lighting candles.  Laura tells him that it is wonderful.  He shows her the flowers he got and when he puts them near her face she starts coughing uncontrollably.    When she stops he says that it’s good she is coughing since David says she should cough to clear out her lungs.  They go through her medicine and find the one she needs to take.  As she is about to take the medicine there is a knock at the door.  It’s Zora who is moving in to help Laura with her recovery.  Leo and Laura are taken aback by this information.  Zora quickly informs Leo to get rid of the flowers because standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria.  She informs them that Brooke paid for her to stay with Laura and help her get back on her feet.  When Leo asks how long that will be? She says about two months.  Zora goes off to her room and they joke about Madam Zora.  Laura asks for food and Leo magically brings a gourmet dinner for two.  Ribs and fries, which delights Laura since she is craving “real” food.    Zora smells the food and comes back and takes the food away because Laura can’t have it.  Leo and Laura look at each other frustrated.

J.R. is amazed at the things Sweeney has.  Sweeney says this stuff will get you higher than where you’ve been.  When J.R. helps himself Sweeney says “No cash, no stash.”  Sweeney reminds J.R. to be careful with how much he takes and J.R. sarcastically says he’ll eat it like candy (it looks like a candy necklace).  As he’s about to take a hit Dixie appears and asks what is going on.

Gabriel thanks Bianca for saving him and she tells him she heard just about everything.  Bianca tells him to learn a new strategy to getting a job.  She offers to give him a job…if she had a job to give.  She asks to know more about Gabriel’s story, especially since the joke about growing up in a cave really seemed to strike a nerve.  Gabriel informs her that he was kept locked in a cage until he escaped.  She wants to know if he was hurt since she’s noticed the burn marks.  He angrily tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it especially since she doesn’t even know him. She says there is something about him that makes her want to know him better.  She says she knows what its like to alone and lost.  Rosa comes in with Marcus.

Gillian begs Ryan to stop and listen to her with his heart.  She is shouting at him.  Steven appears with the bags for Gillian’s clothes.  He is putting her clothes in them while Gillian is shouting that she needs her things.  She angrily looks toward Steven when he is knocked to the floor.  She is encouraged and is trying to do it again when Natalie and Harold appear and Nat scolds her for doing what she is doing.

What do you want? Gillian asks.  “You hurt someone” Nat says,  “I’m here to help you.”  Ryan yells at Steven and then apologizes.  When he asks himself what he is doing he decides to get out there and stop putting off what he’s been putting off.  Gillian goes to follow him and before Natalie can tell her that there is an easier way but Gillian is already gone.  Natalie tells Harold to do his “tracking” duty and they both disappear.

Bianca notices Gabriel staring at Rosa.  She asks him what is wrong.  He tells her that he doesn’t trust Marcus and Bianca agrees with him.  Marcus sees Gabriel and tells Rosa that he thinks he is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Leo gets a glass of water so that Laura can take her medicine.  They are now waiting for organic take-out.  Laura asks him if he is willing to go through with all of this.  When he doesn’t understand, she says don’t you realize how much trouble I am.  We have no privacy and you can’t even eat what you want she laments.  She tells him he has a fun heart and that he should be out in the world not stuck in a sick house.  Are you kicking me out he asks?  She says no.  He tells her that wherever she is, is where he wants to be.  He made a vow and he meant it.  When they hear another knock at the door they think that the food is finally here.  Instead it’s Ryan.  He wants to make sure Laura is okay.  Gillian who has followed him is standing behind him as he talks to Laura and Leo.  Laura says she’s glad he is there because she really wanted to talk to him.  She says, “Thanks to you and Gillian I will make it.”  Gillian doesn’t understand.  Ryan says he wanted to come there to make sure he did the right thing and that he can see he did.  Seeing you better and Leo happy he starts, but Laura interrupts and says that when she puts her hand on her chest and feels Gillian’s heart strong and healthy that she wonders if she deserves it.  She loved you so much Laura tells Ryan.  Gillian begins to cry as she realizes that Laura has her heart and that she truly is dead.  Nat and Harold appear again.  If they took my heart how can I be standing here? she asks Natalie.  Nat explains that it is her spirit she feels not a physical body.

Leo and Laura thank Ryan for coming by and that it was good to see him.  Ryan leaves telling Leo to be good to Laura.  He’ll try he says and goes back to Laura.  She says she feels better, almost like Ryan was giving her his blessing.  Outside he leaves as Natalie and Gillian watch him.  Nobody has my heart but you Gillian says.

At the boathouse Jamie and Petey distract Dixie while J.R. puts his stash in a backpack sitting next to him.  J.R. introduces Sweeney as a friend from school and she says that he can’t possibly be in J.R.’s class.  He says no as J.R. interrupts and says that Sweeney was just telling him about teachers he will have next fall.  Opal and Myrtle decide it’s time to leave.  Opal tells Dixie that she should never have said yes that Petey could stay over with Jamie since she know they’ll never get any sleep and Petey will come home grumpy.  Jamie grabs his backpack and leaves with Opal. 

Rosa excuses herself and Marcus goes to Bianca’s table and asks if Gabriel is bothering her.  She defends Gabriel but Marcus threatens Gabriel.  Marcus starts in on Bianca being a lesbian and tells Gabriel that he’s wasting his time if he thinks Bianca will “swing” his way.  Gabriel grabs Marcus and shoves him to the floor.  Marcus is bleeding and goes after Gabriel as the Manager steps in and stops them.  Gabriel apologizes to Bianca and she thanks him for defending her honor.  But she advises him to walk away from Marcus next time since he holds grudges.  A cop shows up and asks what the problem is? Marcus says he was assaulted and has Gabriel arrested even though Bianca tells the officer that it’s not what Marcus says it was.

Gillian is angry that she can’t help Ryan.  She yells at Nat for not telling her what the task is and that they are keeping her and Ryan apart.  She is afraid that she can’t get back to Ryan.  Gillian suddenly disappears and Nat is frustrated.  Harold does his job and they disappear too.

J.R. is ransacking the remaining bags looking for his drugs and realizes that one of the boys must have it.  Meanwhile at Brooke’s Jamie and Petey find the necklace and wonder where it came from.  Petey asks if he can have some.  “Sure,” Jamie replies.

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