All My Children Update Wednesday 7/4/01


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By Sandra

Edmund finds Ryan asleep in one of the pews in the Chapel.  He wakes him and realizes that Ryan slept there waiting for Gillian.  Edmund tells Ryan that he had a hard time accepting Maria’s death especially since they never found her body.  He says that he still doesn’t fully accept her death.  After yelling at Edmund, Ryan apologizes and then leaves saying he’s going to get on with his life.

Carrying flowers, Leo enters Laura’s room but Laura is nowhere to be found.  He asks where she is and is informed but the nurse says “I’m sorry.”  Afraid that something bad has happened he takes out his anger on the nurse unaware that Laura and Zora have returned to the room.  Seeing Laura he rushes to hug her and Zora assures him that Laura is walking just as ordered.   Zora puts Laura to bed and then lets Leo and Laura have a few moments alone.  Laura wants to know if Leo talked to Ryan? He says yes but explains that Ryan isn’t ready to talk to her yet.  

Jake and Myrtle are getting ready for the Martin family picnic when Tad and Jamie arrive.  Tad asks where Greenlee is saying he thought they were “joined at the hips or thereabouts.”  Jake tells him that he couldn’t get rid of Greens fast enough. 

Ryan goes back to the “Fidelity” and goes to his and Gillian’s stateroom.  He starts grabbing Gillian’s clothes and throwing them on the bed.  Liza enters and asks what he is doing?  She urges him to take some time to grieve and he yells at her.   He asks her if she thinks he’s not mourning his wife properly and how does she think he should do it?  Liza apologizes for sounding like she was telling Ryan what to do, but she wants Ryan to know that Adam can handle while he takes some time off.  Ryan thanks Liza.

Jesse takes Gillian through the doors into the bright light.  There are a bunch of people moving slowly through the room and there is a fencer and a woman swinging on a large clock pendulum.  Jesse grabs two glasses of champagne and toasts Gillian to eternity, but she says she doesn’t want to toast anything.  Jesse tells her that it is her homecoming.  She tells Jesse that she doesn’t know anyone here.   "I don't belong here," she says.  Cindy Chandler appears before Gillian and presents her with a gardenia. She says that like Gillian, the flowers were her favorite. Gillian asks Cindy for privacy.  Cindy agrees and goes to the other side of the room and starts talking to some people. Gillian asks Jesse how the woman knows that she liked gardenias. Jesse explained that they all knew everything about her. Travis Montgomery introduces himself. He tells her she’ll get used to being dead.  Gillian has other ideas. She pinches herself and said that she was sure she would wake up and find herself in Ryan's arms.  When asked why she hadn't woken up, Jesse informed Gillian that she was "the deadest thing." Jeremy Hunter greets Gillian. Gillian recognizes his name and mistakenly calls him one of Erica's husbands. Jeremy corrects her and Cindy returns to Gillian and introduces herself. Gillian remembers seeing a picture of Cindy when she and Scott were seeing one another. Cindy says she knows that Gillian and Scott were going to get married at one time. Gillian tells Cindy that she was a different person back then.  Cindy explained that everyone has had the chance to change. Cindy promises that she would be in touch with Gillian again. Jesse receives a phone call from the person who was to be Gillian's "next guide."  Natalie Dillon and Harold (the Bearded Collie) are the next guides.  Natalie promises to help Gillian get through this.  Natalie says that the first couple of days she too had a hard time letting go of Trevor, Tim and Amanda.

Dixie and Tad go to the boathouse but can’t take a boat ride since the oars are missing.  However, they do get into the boat and start making small talk.  Tad starts to laugh at them saying it’s funny how they are talking to each other like they don’t know everything there is to know about one another.  Dixie says she is sure that they have things they don’t know and asks Tad if he knows that she now sleeps in the nude.

Vanessa is shocked at how well Laura looks.  David discharges Laura and David sets up an appointment to see her in one week.  Joe follows him out of the room and tells him to clean out his locker. Be gone tonight he tells David.  David declares Joe a sanctimonious old fool.  Name calling is a rather desperate measure Joe tells David.  David blames Tad and Jake for Joe’s decision.  Joe tells David to take a look in the mirror and he’ll find the reason.  He tells him that his ego is huge and that he is done and PVH and done taking care of Laura. 

Meanwhile Leo tells Laura about their new condo.  Laura is very excited and they discuss it while Vanessa asks to see Brooke.  In the hallway Vanessa thanks Brooke for giving Leo a chance and Brooke tells her that Leo is a wonderful man and had made Laura so happy.  Vanessa asks Brooke to help out Leo for a while financially since she knows that Leo really doesn’t have any skills and they don’t know the status of his job with Ryan.  Of course, she says, she and Palmer will help out as much as they can too.  Brooke assures her that everything is taken care of and that she even co-signed for the condo.

Dixie laughs at Tads face.  He says he’s sorry it’s just the image she has left in his mind…not that it’s a bad image or anything.  She prods him to share something with her but he doesn’t think he can top her little tidbit.  Joe arrives at the picnic and tells Jake about his run-in with Hayward.  Joe says he has a sneaking suspicion that they haven’t seen the last of David.  Jake says he hopes so “for their sake” and nods toward Tad and Dixie who have begun kissing after Dixie trips and Tad catches her.

After meeting Natalie, Gillian tells her that she has changed her mind and that she will have a glass of champagne.  As soon as Natalie leaves to get it, Gillian runs for the elevator and pushes the button.  When the door opens Harold is in the elevator and barks at Gillian.  Natalie tells Gillian she is lucky Harold stopped her since that is the elevator down, all the way down.  She begs for help from Natalie saying that there must be a way back to her life.   Natalie hedges.  “I knew it, I knew there must be a way,” exclaims Gillian.  Natalie tells her that there is a small loophole.  The loophole is that she can go back and perform a task but that she must search out the task.  Before she can explain everything, Gillian is anxious to go back and do her task.   Gillian promises to work hard and complete her task so that she can go by to Ryan when the task is over.  Natalie sends her to her task. 

In the stateroom Liza says goodbye to Ryan and leaves.  He promises her that he will be fine.  Ryan breaks down when she is gone and Gillian appears in the doorway.  “Ryan,” she calls.  He starts to turn toward her.

Tune in tomorrow…

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