All My Children Update Tuesday 7/3/01


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Sandra

Adam is infuriated at David blackmailing him with a tape of J.R. high and threatening to kill David. David lets Adam know that if he goes to jail so will J.R. 

Greenlee is leaving Wildwind when Leo comes crashing through the door and hits Greenlee on the head. As Leo is asking if she is okay Greenlee says she needs to tell him something that will change everything for them. 

At the Wildwind Chapel, Jake insists that Ryan let go of Gillian. Ryan says sheís not gone and refuses to listen to Jake. Sooner or later youíre going to have to accept it Jake says.

Gillian laughs at Jesse when he tells her she is dead. Jesse says heís trying to help her crossover. He explains she was shot in the head. She thinks he is being rude and tells him so. Jesse says he is the ambassador for the Tri-State area and tells itís his job to help her get to the other side and that she got ahead of him when she saw Ryan and Ryan saw her. Gillian starts shouting for help from the crazy man and Jesse looking upward yells that he doesnít want to do this! Gillianís yelling that sheís in some white hole and and that she needs help. Jesse insists that she listen to him. She thinks sheís been in another accident and that sheís in a coma again. Jesse keeps telling her that she is dead and she insists that she has a husband who needs her. Jesse tells her she has to let go so that Ryan can let go and begin to heal. Gillian tells him that she loves Ryan and that heís in pain and needs her and she will never let go of him.

Jake tries again to explain what Ryan thinks he is seeing and hearing. He thinks its part of the grieving process. Ryan says that he knows he saw her and again Gillian appears in the Chapel. Ryan can feel her presence. Jake unaware of Gillians presence says he was wrong to try to talk to Ryan because each person grieves in a different way and that Ryan needs to do it his way and he leaves.

Jake arrives back at the main house and see Greenlee with Leo and enters the room. Leo asks Jake to take a look at Greenlee because she bumped her head and is rambling. Jake pronounces her dazed and asks her to continue. Greenlee tells Leo itís more important that he find Ryan than to listen to her. Jake tells Leo that Ryan isnít in the mood to listen and Leo leaves saying heíll try to talk to him. Greenlee is angry with Jake for keeping her from talking to Leo about how she believes that Brooke paid Leo to marry Laura. Jake yells at Greenlee for her mouth running and starts to leave. Greenlee says she gets it. Get what he yells. She says she understands why he acting like he is. He says that she makes him crazy with the things she does and thatís why heís acting this way. She tells him that he wants her to tell Leo so that heíll be furious and that will get you what you want. Me. Jake looks amused.

David and Adam come a deal for Adam to help David. A knock at the door startles Adam but David says its room service, heís ordered caviar and champagne to celebrate his victory. When he opens the door its Liza much to both menís surprise.

Ryan is still in the chapel at Wildwind and he starts to talk to Gillian but Alex, Dimitri and Edmund come back from the interment. Gillian is begging with Ryan to hear her and Jesse grabs her shoulder and says he canít hear her anymore. Ryan tells the group to leave him alone because he hears her. Gillian calls out to him again. Gillian tells Jesse that he does hear her. Jesse says that they canít be together anymore at least not the way that either of them wants it to be. ďIt just canít be that way anymore. Iím sorry.Ē Gillian looks heartbroken and confused. Gillian with tears in her eyes calls to Ryan and tells him that she canít seem to come closer. She begs him to see her and listen to her. When Alex tries to comfort Ryan she tells Alex to stop treating Ryan like a baby. She tries to go to Ryan and Jesse ďmovesĒ her from the Chapel to the foyer of the Chapel. Jesse tells her she isnít in heaven because she refuses to let go. He says if she doesnít let go she will cause herself and Ryan a lot of pain that will be never ending. Jesse says he too had a hard time letting go because he loved Angie and Frankie so much. He says he made their lives miserable and his afterlife miserable. Jesse tells her she doesnít have control of the ending. He tries to tell her she wonít be forgotten. Leo comes into the chapel and she calls out to him but he doesnít hear her. She asks Jesse what will happen if she can never let go.

Leo asks Alex, Dimitri and Edmund if he can talk to Ryan alone. He tells Ryan he wonít ask how he is doing. He tells Ryan he has a message from Laura.

Liza asks Adam what he is doing at Davidís room. He says you want to know what Iím doing here Iíll show you and he decks David. David is furious with Adam. Adam is making faces to let David know it was just a show for Liza. David plays along. Adam tells David heís going to pay for this. Liza tells him heíll get his one day and David orders them out of their room. As the leave David swears to Adam that heíll get a pay back for the right cross. Room service arrives as they are leaving and David is obviously happy to see the chambermaid who has delivered his champagne. She pours him a glass and asks why Adam Chandler hit him. She asks to help him with his jaw and puts some ice on it saying sheís heard doctors make the worst patients. They flirt and are about to kiss when a knock on the door comes. She worries that sheíll get fired if sheís seen with him. She hides in the bathroom. David opens the door and finds Brooke. I need to talk to you she says and she asks if he is alone. He says he is and Brooke enters the room. She wants him to reassure her that the things she is hearing about him are not true. She is worried about Jamie seeing J.R. who is using drugs and she hears he is getting the drugs from David. He tells her of course he isnít giving drugs to J.R. Brooke tells him that if he is lying to her sheíll see him back in jail. He swears he isnít. His playmate sneezes and Brooke doubts his ability to tell the truth.

Jake and Greenlee continue fighting. Jake tells her he doesnít care what she does. He insists that he doesnít understand her need to tell the truth that will hurt so many others. He tells her to get a life. Instead she asks Jake if he thinks Leo will be mad for telling him what she knows which just makes Jake angrier. She goads Jake about sleeping with her and says he enjoyed it he should just tell the truth for once in his life.

Leo tells Ryan that Laura wants to see him. Ryan says he canít. Laura is upset about Gillian dying to save her and she feels guilty. Leo thinks Ryan talking to Laura will help both of them to begin healing. Alex who is listening agrees that this might be Gillianís final gift to Ryan to see her life living on in Laura.

Jesse says he understands that it is hard to leave her life behind but that she needs to leave this realm. She says itís her life and her heart. Jesse says that sometimes to move on you have to leave your heart behind. He tells her she will find peace by coming with him and that in time everyone in Pine Valley will find peace too. Jesse says she has to say sheís dead. I, Iím, I canít she says. Jesse tells her to come with him and they suddenly disappear. Ryan says ďGillianĒ but sees and hears nothing.

David opens the bathroom door and asks the chambermaid to leave. He says he didnít think protecting someoneís privacy could be considered a lie. Brooke asks David if he understands that if Jamie thinks J.R. is doing drugs that heíll be the next to try them. David insists that he didnít give the drugs to J.R. and she says she believes him. She apologizes for interrupting his tryst. Before she goes she says she isnít sure she likes him or that she should trust him. She says that on one hand he miraculously saves lives and then on the other heís hiding chambermaids in his bathroom. Maybe he should trust and believe in himself and then it would prove everyone else wrong.

Liza and Adam are playing with sparklers at the boathouse and Liza is approving of Adamís hitting David. He wants to know how she knew where he was. She says she figured it out and they talk about how she wants him to be honest but that she needs him to love her.

Jake says that she wants him to talk about his feelings when she canít understand her own. She tells him that he thinks she is a disaster area but that it didnítí stop him from sleeping with her. She says you intimated that it was great. He says maybe he was trying to spare her feelings. They trade barbs. She calls him a liar to which he respond that she is a diva. Control freak she shouts. Youíve lost your mind he says. You just want me that is what this is about Greenlee states. Jakes tells her ďWhen you go home tonight just hold on to that idea nice and tight because youíre going to be alone againĒ and he leaves. She shouts to an empty room ďLiar I know you want me.Ē

Ryan says he canít go see Laura right now. He says he saw Gillian and he doesnít know why he saw her but it was real and heís waiting here for her to come back. He says he doesnít care what they think or if they understand. They decide to leave him alone. 

Gillian insists on meeting with Ryan. She tells Jesse that he canít take her away. He tries to lead her to the door of the way station and she begs him not to take her. He asks her to look, just look. Ryan feels Gillian and calls out to her as Gillian is looking into the brightness beyond the doorway that Jesse opened. The doors to the chapel suddenly slam closed and Ryan tearfully says ďGillian donít go.Ē

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