All My Children Update Monday 7/2/01


All My Children Update Monday 7/2/01

By Sandra

Rosa leaves the funeral and goes back to Wildwind.  Gabriel follows and asks her why she left early.  She tells him that itís none of his business.  He leaves when she says she would like to make a phone call privately.  She calls Marcus and plans to meet him at the boathouse in fifteen minutes. 

At the boathouse, Sweeney calls J.R., telling him to come to the boathouse because heís got some dirt on Dixie and her Love Doctor.  When J.R. arrives, Sweeney tells J.R. that a friend saw Dixie sneaking into the Valley Inn to meet Hayward.  He gives J.R. a hit of ecstasy and they plan to go teach Hayward a lesson for messing with J.R.'s mom.

At Gillianís funeral, Ryan sees Gillian standing at the back of the chapel.  He walks toward her, then Alex and Dimitri ask what is wrong.  He says, "Look, itís Gillian-- sheís alive".  They try to convince him that they would love for her to still be with them too, but that sheís gone and that he needs to accept that.  Ryan freaks out when he can no longer see Gillian.  Grandmama (Eugenia) tries to calm him down by saying she will always be in their hearts.  But it is Edmund who calms Ryan when he says he believes Ryan.  Maria came to him and talked to him after she died, giving him the courage to live.  Gillian is not a spirit, Ryan insists.  He thinks everyone scared her away.

Rosa arrives at the boathouse and changes out of her funeral attire while Gabriel, who has followed her, watches.   Rosa is worried because heís late.  Gabriel shows himself and tells Rosa he was walking.  Rosa insists that he listened to the phone call and watched her undress.  She tells Gabriel that she doesnít like him watching her-- that it's creepy and you just donít do it.  She tells Gabriel that Dimitri was right about him, that heís trouble.  He starts to leave, but she stops him and asks him to tell her what he wants from her.  He leans in and they both kiss.

After the funeral, family and friends gather at Wildwind and there is discussion that they need to help Ryan get through this difficult time.  Alex and Dimitri ask Brooke if Laura knows yet that she has Gillianís heart.  She says no, not yet.  Erica is still obsessing over Dimitriís marriage to Alex and says she hopes he realize what a mistake he made by marrying her and the heartache it has brought.

Mateo canít find Rosa and asks Hayley if she saw Rosa leave.  He wants to know if she is okay.  She says she is, but she is worried about Ryan.  Greenlee asks Jake if he thinks Ryan has lost it, but he says no.  He realizes that Ryan and Gillian were just meant to be together and that they meant everything to each other.  Greens wants to know if Jake believes that people were destined to be together.  He says yes.

Liza says she is sorry for threatening to leave Adam about the David/J.R. situation.  He says it's okay.  He says that asking Dr. Hayward to save J.R. was wrong.  Liza says she should have trusted him.  He wants to know if she really would have left, and she says yes, but looking at Ryan she realizes how terrible life is without the person you love.

Tad brings Dixie a drink; she is planning on checking up with J.R.  Tad tells her not to, because heíll feel like she doesnít trust him.  He suggests that she give him a chance to prove heís back on the straight and narrow.  So she doesnít call.

David (who has blackmailed Sweeney into telling J.R. that Dixie is with David) is back at the Inn laying out a negligťe on a very rumpled bed.  The shower is running and he is wearing a bathrobe.  J.R. pounds on the door and David opens it.  J.R. wants to know where Dixie is.  David feigns ignorance. J.R. points to the messy bed, the negligee and the shower.  He wants to know who is in the shower.  Pointing out the perfume that his mom wears, he suddenly throws the bottle and attacks David, saying heíll kill him.

Ryan runs back to the now-empty chapel, looking for Gillian.  He kneels and prays for her to come to him.  "Princess, come back to me" he begs.  Dimitri and Alex arrive and want to know where he went.  He says he looked in the turret and the garden but insists she is coming back.  Gillian is in the mausoleum.  Ryan thinks she is physically there.  "Get out!" he screams at them.  Alex says they will all be at the mausoleum if he changes his mind.  He kneels again, asking Gillian to come back.  "Itís safe now, theyíre gone" he says.  "I wonít let anything happen to you again."  The candles flicker and Gillian appears in the doorway of the Chapel.

David insists that no one is with him and that he can check the shower.  J.R. calls out to his mom in the bathroom, but she doesnít answer.  David says that his new woman was there and he insists on checking J.R.ís eyes for drug use.  David tries to tell him that drugs are going to hurt him.  J.R. tells David to watch his back.  David is pleased with himself .  When J.R. leaves, David turns to a surveillance camera that caught the whole thing on tape.

Ryan turns and sees Gillian.  He holds out his hand and says, "Come to me".  She starts toward him and holds out her hand.  They are almost hand in hand when Gillian is suddenly in Heaven.  Ryan calls her to come back.  She is calling to him, too, but she hears no answer.  Gillian is frantic and wondering where she is, when suddenly she is greeted by Jesse, who introduces himself as an old friend. 

Rosa backs up and asks Gabriel why he did that.  He says because he wanted to.  He tells her that she does what she wants to.  Gabriel says she changed her clothes and fixed her hair.  He tells her to be careful.  Marcus arrives and asks if Gabriel is putting the moves on her.  She says yes, and asks Marcus to make Gabriel go away.  Marcus threatens Gabriel.  Gabriel leaves.

Greenlee wants to know how Jake knows when he meets that special someone.  She asks, "What if you already know her and you donít realize it?"  Jake says he doesnít want to be old and wonder about the one who got away and that heíll keep his eyes open so that doesnít happen. Jake brings Greenlee a drink.  She tells Jake that itís a done deal for he and that sheís already met her soul mate, Leo.  Jake tells Greens that Leo is married, Laura loves Leo, and she should leave them alone.

 Hayley wants to know why Gillianís father hasnít shown up for her funeral.  She says he should do the right thing, even though he was never there for her during her life.  Mateo asks her to calm down.  She muses about how life begins innocently and that she wants to protect their baby for as long as she can.  Adam plans to go away for the weekend with Liza and Colby, and they start to leave when Adamís phone rings. It's David who tells Adam to come to his room.  Adam tells him to go to Hell.  He tells Adam that J.R. paid him a visit, threatened him and was high on drugs.  He then tells him it is all on tape.  Adam bolts while leaving Liza to answer to Tad and Dixie.

Opal and Myrtle try to convince Erica that Alex hasnít been the trouble that Erica insists she is.  As Dimitri, Alex and Eugenia come back from the mausoleum and Gillianís interment, Jack tells her that itís not the time.  But Erica being Erica goes on saying that Alex has cursed the family.  Dimitri wants to make her shut up while Alex says itís alright and holds him back.

Ryan is begging in the chapel for Gillian to come, while in Heaven Jesse calls her Princess Andrashi.  Gillian says she is Mrs. Lavery now.  Jessie tells her he is from Pine Valley, too.  She wants to know where she is.  Jesse says sheíll find out, that she has all the time in the world to figure that out, but they canít keep the big man waiting.   They begin walking toward the doors when Ryan screams, "Gillian!" and she stops.

David opens his door to Adam and chuckles at how fast Adam got there.  David tells Adam that there is a penalty for failing to help him with his legal troubles.  They watch the tape while J.R. admits to being on drugs and threatens David.  David laughs and Adam realizes he has to bend to Davidís will and get the trial killed, or heíll destroy J.R.'s life.

Dimitri accepts Ericaís condolences and hugs her.  Alex comes over and asks if Dimitri said anything to Erica.  He replies that he didnít because she asked him not to.  She says that she is a curse.

Ryan hears a noise in the chapel and calls "Gillian!"  Itís Jake.  He wants to know if Ryan is okay.  Ryan insists that she is coming back.

Gillian asks if Jesse is taking her to Ryan.   Jesse realizes that Gillian doesnít understand and informs her that she is dead.


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