All My Children Update Friday 6/29/01


All My Children Update Friday 6/29/01

By Angela  

It's the next morning and J.R. shows up at the community center for his community service.  He is given a job folding a ton of laundry and he is not happy about being there.  Gabriel is also there looking for a place to live.  A lady who works there tells him to come back that night and there will be a bed for him.  Lt. Fry comes in and goads Gabriel.  He tells him that he comes to the community center to coach baseball and to get away from people like him.  He accuses him of being the cause of all the trouble at Wildwind.  Gabriel denies it and tells Lt. Fry to leave him alone.  They both leave and J.R. is left alone to fold the laundry.

Shannon, Heather and Mindy come in and tell J.R. that there's a party down at the boathouse in his honor for being a "straight up guy."  He is tempted to ditch his community service, but Lt. Fry comes in and tells him when he finishes with the laundry he has lots of weeding to do, dishes to wash, etc.  He tells the girls if they want to stay around he can find work for them as well.  They hit the door running at the mention of "work."  J.R. demands to know why Lt. Fry did this.  Derek says it's because J.R. needs to learn a thing or two about older women.

Dixie calls J.R. on his cell phone and questions his whereabouts.  J.R. assures her that he is at the community center.  Gabriel comes in and announces that he's going to the boathouse to swim.  J.R. remembers that Hayley told him to call her if he ever felt like using drugs again.  He picks up his phone to call her.

Hayley and Mateo are at the condo when Isabella calls, frantic because she can't find Rosa.  Rosa shows up at the door and Mateo tells Isabella that Rosa is there and to come over.  Before she gets there, Rosa tells Mateo that she told Father Tony that she wouldn't be back to school there next year and she would forfeit he financial aid.  Father Tony told Isabella and now Isabella is looking for Rosa.

Rosa begs Mateo to help her out because she really wants to go to PV High in the fall.  Isabella shows up and asks Rosa what she was thinking.  If she acts this way while going to a strict school, how is she going to act away from a strict school?  Rosa tells her that if she wanted to be wild, drink, party and get pregnant, a school wouldn't change that.  She wants Isabella to trust her.  Isabella asks Mateo what he thinks and Mateo tells her that she should let Rosa go to PVH.  Isabella gives her consent and Rosa swears that she will never lie again.  Isabella tells her if she does, she will lock her in the basement until she's 50.  (She says it in Spanish, but I found a great site that translates, and that was pretty much the gist of what she said.)

Rosa leaves to go swimming and Isabella gives her money for sun block.  After she walks out the door, she takes off her sweater and she's wearing a skimpy little top that Isabella would have had a stroke if she had seen.

Mateo and Hayley are soon left alone and Hayley has a contraction.  Mateo freaks out and insists that they leave for the hospital right away.  As the walk out the door, the phone rings.  The answering machine gets it and J.R. starts to leave a message and then tells Hayley, never mind--he'll talk to her later.  He leaves the community center. Rosa and Filomena Lacy arrive at the boathouse as Marcus, Sweeney, Kenny, Heather, Mindy, and Shannon arrive.  They push Gabriel around and tell him to leave before they beat him up.  He doesn't leave but he doesn't answer them either.  Marcus sees Rosa and introduces himself.  He is very interested in her.

(The scenes at the hospital happen very quickly, so it may be hard to keep it all flowing smoothly, but bear with me here--it's hard to know where to start)

Laura was resuscitated after she flat lined the night before and Brooke is there with her.  She asks for Jamie to be brought to the hospital.   She tells Bianca that she can see her at 30 and that she has someone in her life that loves her very much.  She tells Brooke that it's time for her to die, but Brooke begs her to hang on a little longer. 

In the ER, Ryan has locked himself in Gillian's room.  Leo finds out about Gillian and goes down to talk to Ryan but Ryan won't let him in.  He screams at Ryan through the door to let Gillian be tested because Laura needs a heart.  Ryan won't even listen.  Ryan continues to sit by Gillian's side and talk to her, convinced that she will wake up soon.

Edmund is with Brooke outside Laura's room when Brooke overhears Zora tell David that Laura's kidneys are failing.  David tells Brooke that there is nothing left for him to do--there is nothing for him to work with without a heart.  He asks where Leo is and Brooke tells him that Leo is in the ER because Gillian was shot in the head.  David darts to the ER and tells Brooke not to give up hope--they still have a shot with Gillian's heart.  (no pun intended there!)

He goes to the ER and tries to talk to Ryan.  Ryan gets angry with him and tells him he's done enough to Gillian and to go away.  David begs Alex, Dimitri and Jake to do something to convince Ryan but they say there is nothing they can do.  Leo stands up, goes over to the door, and kicks it in.

Security shows up and tries to take Leo away but Jake tells them to let him go.  Leo tells Ryan how sorry he is that Gillian is gone.  He tells him that he married Laura and she's really sick and will die without a miracle.  Ryan tells him he's sorry--but there's nothing he can do.  He's sure that Gillian is coming back to him.  Leo asks him to go with him to see Laura.  He doesn't want to leave Gillian, but Alex and Dimitri promise him that they will stay with Gillian until he gets back and they won't let anyone touch her.  He goes with Leo to Laura's room.

After Ryan leaves with Leo, David has Jake paged to get him out of Gillian's room.  He tries to convince Alex and Dimitri to let him at least get a tissue sample so they could go ahead with the tissue match test.  Dimitri tells him absolutely not.  It's Ryan's call. 

 Opal has arrived with  Jamie and Laura asks him not to go to Science camp, but to stay at home with Brooke because she was going to need him.  She tells him he is the best little brother in the world and that she loves him.  She says there will be a new star in the sky watching over him very soon.  Leo and Ryan walk in the room and hear the end of the conversation.  They walk back out into the hall where Leo begs Ryan once more.  He says that Gillian would have wanted it this way--she was kind and loving and generous and she would have wanted Laura to live--and a part of her would live on in Laura.  Ryan walks away.

Ryan walks back to the ER and gives consent for Gillian to be removed from life support.  He asks Jake if she's in any pain and if it will hurt when they remove her heart.  He wants to know if her heart will live on in Laura if he gives consent.  Jake assures him that Gillian is in no pain.

Jake tells David and David gets things started.  Alex and Dimitri leave Ryan alone with Gillian to say his final goodbye.

Back in Laura's room,  Jamie hugs her and Opal takes him back out of the room.  Leo comes and sits by her bed and everyone leaves.  She tells him to always remember that he's a good person.  Then she goes into cardiac arrest.  Zora comes in and yells at him to get out of the way.  She begins CPR, screaming for Laura to hold on.

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